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KTDFC Fixed Deposit FD Calculator

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Number of years

1 yr
25 yrs

Interest Rate

1 %

Fixed Deposits Interest Rates - General Public

Tenure bracket KTDFC Regular FD rates (per annum)
1 year 6.00%
2 years 6.00%
3 years 6.00%
4 years 5.75%
5 years 5.75%

Note: The FD interest rates are effective as of 15 July 2022

Fixed Deposits Interest Rates - Senior Citizens

Tenure bracket KTDFC Senior Citizens FD rates (per annum)
1 year 6.25%
2 years 6.25%
3 years 6.25%
4 years 6.00%
5 years 6.00%

Note: The FD interest rates are effective as of 15 July 2022

This calculator is meant to be used for indicative purposes only. It is designed to assist you in determining the appropriate amount of prospective investments. This calculator alone is not sufficient and shouldn’t be used for the development or implementation of any investment strategy. Upstox does not take the responsibility/liability nor does it undertake the authenticity of the figures calculated therein. Upstox makes no warranty about the accuracy of the calculators/reckoners. The examples do not claim to represent the performance of any security or investments. In view of the individual nature of tax consequences, each investor is advised to consult his/her own professional tax advisor before making any investment decisions on the basis of the results provided through the use of this calculator.