EPF Claim Status 2023 - Online & How to Check

How To Check Your EPF Claim Status?

Employee Provident Fund (EPF) is a retirement canon created with the contribution of both employer and employee. After satisfying certain conditions, employees can withdraw the required amount from their EPF account before maturity. Every EPF member can withdraw or submit an EPFO claim online and offline. No matter how they have applied for the claim, they can always check their EPF claim status.

The EPFO claim status is one of the most advantageous facilities for checking the status of your provident fund (PF) withdrawal application. Once a tedious process, claiming a PF amount is now easy. It is all thanks to government online service providers and portals. The two most familiar methods to check the EPF claim status are going to their official website or logging into the UAN portal. You can easily track the EPF withdrawal position if you have a PF account number.

Checking EPFO Claim Status

One can start with the provided steps to check their PF claim status.

1. Click on the option of 'Click Here for Knowing Your Claim Status.

2. Pick the appropriate state and click the link below, 'Search for Establishment Code'.

3. If you know the territory of your EPFO branch, choose the last option of 'Establishment Under Office'. Select the area of your EPFO branch from the drop-down.

4. The entire list with the establishment code will materialise on the screen. The establishment code is a numerical form of your 7-digit member ID. It is further advanced with three characters known as the extension code.

5. Leave the domain of the extension code blank if your PF account number does not carry any extension code (3 digits).

6. Complete the form by filling up the office code and regional office.

7. Fill up the establishment code and code extension in the corresponding domains.

8. Type your PF account number.

9. Submit.

It will begin and dispatch the EPFO claim status to your registered contact information. The screen will shortly display the status messages as applicable to the EPF claim. One can download the status if they do not wish to track the claim status EPFO online.

EPF claim status can also be retrieved manually by filling up the above particulars in the application form and submitting it at the EPFO office. The application form can be recovered from the EPFO office. Further, EPFO provides different other facilities like UAN status and EPF claim status. Employees' Provident Fund is a well-known investment for salaried people. It is supported and managed by EPFO, India.

How Can One Check EPF Claim Status Online?

One can access the full lump sum payment of the EPF scheme only after retirement. But one can ask for partial withdrawal for major family reasons like repayment of a home loan, education purposes, ill-health of a family member, construction of a house, marriage purposes, etc., and full settlement and release from your EPF Account for grounds like discontinuation of employer's business, abroad settlement, etc.

Those who would like to withdraw partial payment from their PF account can file a claim and follow their EPF claim status online. EPFO has established an online process that drives the whole process very easy. The following are the various methods one can use to check their online claim status. 

UAN Member Portal 

It is one of the easiest modes to check the EPF claim status online. The given steps that you should follow – 

Step 1: Go to the Official UAN member portal website & login in with your UAN account, password and captcha code.

Step 2: Click on 'Online Services' after signing in to your UAN member profile.

Step 3: Click on the 'Track on Claim Status'.

Step 4: The next screen will show the EPF claim status. You can see 'Transfer Claim Status' as you scroll down. 

Official EPFO Website

Occasionally, applicants choose an offline claim procedure, where it gets challenging for them to follow their EPF claim status. Thus, applicants can select this mode and follow the below steps to check their claim status – 

Step 1: You should go to the EPFO Official website. 

Step 2: Select the 'Our Services' tab from the menu and choose the 'For Employees' tab. 

Step 3: As you scroll down, choose the 'Know Your Claim Status' tab under the title 'Services'. 

Step 4: On the next screen, you should click on the 'Click here to get redirected to the passbook application' tab. 

Step 5: Log in to your registered account using UAN, password and captcha code.

Step 6: Click on the 'View Claim Status' tab after logging in to display your PF claim status. 

Umang App

The following steps are to track your PF claim status through Umang App.

Step 1: You have to download the Umang App on your mobile phone.

Step 2: As you download, scroll and search for EPFO and click on it. 

Step 3: Select 'Employee Centric Services' from the available options. 

Step 4: Click on the 'Track Claim Option' 

Step 5: Now, you have to provide your UAN and select 'Get OTP'. 

Step 6: You will receive the OTP on the registered mobile number with EPFO. Enter the received OTP and 'Login'.

Step 7:  All details will get displayed on the next screen as you login, like – tracking ID, claim date, type of claim, and status. 

What is UAN?

The UAN is a facility provided by the EPFO to deliver better tracking and comfortable use of EPF by employees. It is a 12-digit account number that stays invariant regardless of the jobs changed by the employee. When an employee gets a new job and is registered on the EPFO website, a member Identification No. (ID) is assigned, which is linked to the UAN.

Through the UAN, an employee can get all his past, and current EPF accounts under one identification. The UAN system has also accomplished the requirement for employer consent to make a withdrawal from the EPF account.

Documents Required to Obtain UAN

Using these documents, one can apply for UAN and check its UAN claim status online. 

  • Details of Bank account – branch name, bank account number, IFSC code.
  • Identity Proof – certain photo ID proof issued by the Govt. like an aadhaar card, a passport, driving license, voter ID, etc.
  • Address Proof- ration card, electricity bill in your name, rental/lease agreement, or any of the ID proof cited above if it has your existing address
  • E-linking UAN of PAN card
  • A bank account with a linked aadhar card and mobile number is compulsory.
  • ESIC card

Modes to Track EPF Claim Status Offline

One can follow the EPF passbook claim status through offline mode using these facilities.  

EPF Claim Status Through SMS

Most users choose an online mode to check their PF claim status as it is easy and hassle-free and can get done instantly. Conversely, if the user is unsure about the online modes, they can use the alternative methods available. 

You can track your EPF claim status using a registered mobile number by sending an SMS to 7738299899. For example, EPFOHO UAN <enter your 10-digit number) LAN<type of language>. It will appear like EPFOHO 9087654321 HIN.

Given below are the particulars of different language codes

Language Code
English ENG
Hindi HIN
Tamil TAM
Marathi MAR
Bengali BEN
Malayalam MAL
Kannada KAN
Gujarati GUJ
Punjabi PUN

EPF Claim Status Through Missed Call 

You can track your EPFO online claim status through a missed call from your registered mobile number on the toll-free number 011-22901406. 

As soon as the call is disconnected, you will get an SMS on your registered number.

It is crucial to note that your Pan Card, Aadhaar card and bank account information are updated on the UAN portal. The mobile number should be functioning. 

EPF Claim Status Through Toll-Free Number 

You can also track your EPF claim status by phoning the toll-free number at 180011805, where you can heed the instructions and choose suitable options. 

You can also contact EPFO by sending an SMS through your whats app. The information on the WhatsApp number changes based on your state. You can download the whats app file.

When Can an Employee File for an EPF Withdrawal Claim?

EPFO authorises employees to withdraw from their PF account, subject to specific requirements before retirement. Additionally, there is Form 31 that conforms to the objective of withdrawal from the PF account. The full withdrawal is attainable only after retirement because EPF is a long-term saving scheme.

EPF claim status is the most delinquent information about the EPF withdrawal application. It provides an idea about the outcome of the claim procedure. Also, it allows people to take action when there is a delay or mistake during the claim process.

The following are the criteria for EPF claim status:

After Retirement

Users who are past the age of 55 years can claim the full EPF amount. Nevertheless, those who have chosen early retirement will not be entitled to claim the full value. 

Pre - Retirement

According to the EPF Rules, the retirement age is 58 years. But when you turn 57, you can withdraw 90% of the amount. Full withdrawal of the EPF funds is also achievable in case of unemployment for 2 months or more. A gazetted officer should verify the unemployment if it is more than 2 months.

Partial Withdrawal

The employee must have finished seven years of service for partial EPF withdrawal on the grounds such as education and marriage. Additionally, one can only withdraw 50% of the EPF balance. If one needs to withdraw to acquire land or construct a house, there must be at least 5 years of service. One can withdraw a maximum of 24 times the employee's last monthly wages for the land purchase and 36 times the wages for house construction. 

At least 10 years of service must be completed to withdraw the home loan repayment. For this reason, one can withdraw 36 times the salary. At least 10 years of service is needed for the major remodelling of the house, and a maximum of 12 times of salary can be withdrawn.

For Unemployment

According to the new ordinance, one can withdraw a maximum of 75% of the EPF amount if they are unemployed for more than a month. 

As per the new rule, account holders can withdraw up to 75% of their EPF corpus due to unemployment over a month. But they must transfer the remaining 25% to their EPF account as soon as they start a new job. 

How Do EPFO Withdrawal Claims Get Rejected?

Provided are five bases of EPF withdrawal claim can get rejected. Offering you some suggestions on what you should do to avoid a claim being rejected.

  • Faulty bank details

Keep in mind that the withdrawal claim will be transferred to the bank account registered in the EPFO documents. Hence, checking your bank details before filing a PF withdrawal claim is crucial. Faulty bank details will only become a hindrance in your fund's transfer.

  • Insufficient KYC

Another explanation for rejecting your EPF withdrawal claim is insufficient KYC. If your KYC information is insufficient and confirmed, the EPFO can deny your EPF withdrawal claim.

  • False date of birth

A common grounds for any claim rejection is a mismatched date of birth in different records of the EPFO and employer. It will lead to the rejection of your withdrawal claim.

  • Non-linking of Aadhaar with UAN

One can also file a coronavirus-related EPF withdrawal claim. To do so, they must verify their Aadhar and link it to their UAN account. If Aadhar is not linked with UAN, then there are high chances your claim will get rejected.

  • Non-completion of requirements

Certain requirements must be satisfied if a user is filing a withdrawal claim over a financial emergency. The conditions are 

(a) UAN should be activated 

(b) Aadhar is verified and linked with UAN

(c) UAN has correct bank account details with IFSC code


You need to register for EPF withdrawal to know about EPF claim status. Using offline and online methods, one can easily verify their EPF claim status once the process is completed. To track EPFO online claim status, you can either visit the online EPFO portal or use the UMANG mobile application.

Alternatively, you can opt for offline methods by sending an SMS or giving a missed call on the EPFO toll-free number. It is necessary to note that you keep different EPF-related particulars such as extension code, employer's information, employer's EPF regional office, UAN and an active mobile number with UAN handy before tracking your EPF claim status.


How to check the EPFO claim status?

Using the facilities provided by the government with online and offline modes, one can check the status of a withdrawal claim submitted. The only requirement is that one should furnish their Provident Fund account number and PF Office state to track the status of their claim. 

What does it mean in EPF claim status if it says under process?

EPF claim status has two types (a) payment under process or (b) approval of the claim. If it shows approval of the claim, it means that EPFO successfully accepted your application for withdrawal. If the payment gets delayed, it shows the EPF claim status as payment under process.

What is the period to settle the EPFO claim?

Once the withdrawal process begins using one of the given platforms discussed in this article, the EPF claim will likely settle within 5-10 days. 

What is EPF passbook claim status?

EPF passbook claim status works towards the deterrence of leakage of confidential data of members and to control the possibility of fraud. The current UAN-based investigation for claim settlement status has now been transferred to the member passbook application, where the registered member can log in and track the status of their claim settlement.

How can one update the details of a new family member in EPFO?

When a new family member is added, the EPF member must fill out Form No- 2 to update the fresh details in EPFO. One can submit Form No.-2 online as well as offline mode. 

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