IndusInd Bank Savings Account

Indusind Bank is one of the leading banks in India, with a presence of over 2000 branches across the country and 5000 distribution centres. As one of the banking partners of choice, IndusInd provides a range of financial products and services to individuals and corporate entities.

The private sector bank provides its customers with a range of banking and financial services, among which are loans, credit cards, debit cards, deposits, loans etc. It has a wide range of products and services available for its customers.

With a customer base of more than 2.5 crore customers, the bank is also one of the prominent NBFCs and asset finance companies. IndusInd Bank has the right solutions suitable for every customer who approaches it, from offering several financial services such as fixed deposits and personal loans to secured and unsecured loans and cards. Customer service is one of the main key factors in their success record.

Savings Account Interest Rate for IndusInd Bank (effective from October 18, 2022)

Daily Savings Account balance held by Indian and Non-resident categories of NRO and NRE Annual Interest Rate (per annum)
Up to Rs 1 lakh 4.00 %
Rs 1 lakh + to upto Rs 10 lakhs 5.00 %
Rs 10 lakh + to upto Rs 1 crore 6.00 %
Rs 1 crore + to upto Rs 100 crore 6.00 %

How to Open an IndusInd Bank Savings Account?

Opening an account with IndusInd Bank is quick, easy and hassle-free. You can open an account at any of our branches across the country as well as through our digital channels.

To open a savings account, you need to fill up an application form and submit it along with the required documents.

The following documents are required for opening a savings account:

  • ID Proof- Passport or any Government Identity Card (Aadhaar Card, Voter ID Card etc.)
  • Address Proof- A utility bill (electricity/telephone bill) or bank statement showing the same address as mentioned on your ID proof
  • PAN Card
  • Photographs

You can open a savings account with IndusInd Bank by visiting any of the bank's branches. You can also call the bank on its toll-free number or visit the website to make the application online.

After submitting all the required documents, you will be asked to deposit a minimum amount into the account within 30 days of opening it.

You can follow the below-mentioned steps to fulfil the process of opening the IndusInd bank saving account:

Step 1: Visit the bank's website and click on the 'Open a Savings Account' link.

Step 2: Select your nearest branch from the drop-down list and fill in the form with your personal details.

Step 3: Your identity will be verified by verifying your KYC documents, like your PAN card, Aadhaar card or driving license.

Step 4: You will receive an SMS on your registered mobile number with a confirmation link. Click on that link to confirm your account opening request.

Step 5: Once you have confirmed your IndusInd bank savings account opening request, you will receive a call from the bank representative who will guide you through the remaining process of opening an account with them, depending upon the type of savings account selected.

Different Types of IndusInd Bank Savings Accounts

Primarily, IndusInd bank has two modes of transactions, namely, manual and digital. The following types of IndusInd savings accounts exist depending upon the two modes:

1. IndusInd Select Savings Account

The program comes with a range of benefits to suit your needs, with customized solutions and services to suit every occasion. From banking, investments, insurance and loans, Indus Select has something for everyone.

It is designed to give you the best of both worlds - convenience and privileges. The program offers a host of exclusive benefits and services that will delight you with ease and comfort.

IndusSELECT comes with a host of features, which includes:

- Personalized service from our Relationship Managers (RM).

- 24x7 access to our RM through multiple channels, including phone, email and social media.

- Access to an exclusive suite of products and services that are tailored to your needs.

- Accredited by the Central Bank of India for good credit practices, Indus SELECT goes beyond just being a premium banking program. It is a way of life!

2. IndusInd Exclusive Savings Account

Indus Exclusive Savings account gives the best of both worlds to the account holders. There is a wide range of services and features which are customizable such as a dedicated manager who will handle your grievance and address your issues instantly.

Indus Exclusive Benefits:

  • Avail free movie ticket vouchers, lounge access and no markup on cross currency
  • Discounted rates for locker and Demat accounts
  • Up to Rs 10,000 off on the second home loan;
  • Accident insurance cover worth Rs 30 lakhs; and more!

3. Indus Maxima Savings Account

Indus Maxima Savings Account is unique savings account for those who want to save for the future and earn a good interest rate. The account combines the convenience of Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and 24x7 Customer Care Support. You also get access to our exclusive range of additional benefits with this account.

Indus Maxima Savings Account has the following features:

  • Savings Accounts with high-interest rates
  • You can enjoy up to 8.15% p.a interest on your savings balance with no minimum balance requirement at all times!
  • Extend the benefits to your family members as well with a zero-balance account
  • Avail up to 35% discount on the locker facility
  • Enjoy cashback, offers and discounts on every transaction

4. IndusInd Bank Privilege Savings Account

It is a savings account that offers you great convenience and stress-free banking. With this account, you can earn attractive interest rates on your savings and enjoy a wide range of discounts and promotions.


  • IndusInd bank savings account minimum balance with low balance maintenance
  • Avail up to 25% discount on the locker facility for one year, which can be extended to 2 years
  • Insurance coverage of Rs. 1.5 lakh is permissible

5. Indus Diva Women Savings Account

One of the most popular and prevalent savings accounts is the Indus Diva Women Savings Account. This account is specially designed for women and offers a host of benefits that are tailored to their needs.

It has been curated with features specifically keeping in mind the lifestyle of a modern woman. The savings account benefits the needs and requirements of the working woman. It is an ideal choice for all women who wish to have a safe and secure place to keep their savings.

Features of IndusInd Bank Indus Diva Women Savings Account include:

  • You can avail of the group account creation for up to 3 family members, including the primary account, and the average monthly balance can be maintained from any of the said accounts.
  • Avail up to 35% discount on the locker facility for one year, which can be extended to two years
  • Enjoy cashbacks, discounts, and 6X rewards on every debit card spend

6. Indus Stox 3-in-1 savings bank account

The IndusStox 3-in-1 Account will allow customers to link their savings account with their trading and Demat accounts, thus making it easier for them to manage their finances. The account also offers zero balance transfers from one of these accounts to another or vice versa.

Features of the 3-in-1 savings account include the following:

  • Upstox is the official trading platform for IndusInd savings accounts wherein the user can easily trade their stocks seamlessly. You can avail of their research and planning while building your portfolio.
  • You can use this account for all your savings banking needs - from depositing money in banks and withdrawing cash from ATMs to buying mutual funds online and investing in stocks online.
  • Enjoy cashbacks, discounts and the best deals for your debit cards with insurance coverage of Rs 1.5 lakh.

7. Indus Classic savings account

It is a flexible and convenient account that provides you with the best adaptability and access to your funds while allowing you to manage your funds in the Savings Account. The Indus Classic Savings Account is the perfect account for people who want to keep a constant watch on their savings.


  • Easy Access: With this account, you can make transfers from any IndusInd Bank branch or ATM network across India at no extra charge. You can also request cheques, debit cards and an internet banking facility.
  • Average monthly balance: A minimum balance account with low balance maintenance of Rs 1500 as an initial deposit
  • Avail up to 25% discount on the locker facility for one year, which can be extended to 2 years
  • You can earn rewards on every expenditure and discount across different categories of lifestyle and travel.

8. Indus Privilege Max Savings account

Indus Privilege Max Account is a premier savings account that offers you a gamut of financial services to meet your ever-changing needs and requirements. Indus Privilege Max Savings Account also gives you the feature to get your own Titanium or Gold Plus Debit Card which is easy to use, low on maintenance and high on the list of advantages.

The account offers you access to an array of benefits, including:

  • 24x7 access to your money through our 24x7 ATM network
  • Free chequebook storage facility at any IndusInd Bank branch
  • You can avail of the insurance coverage of Rs. 1.5 lakh with the Gold variant of the IndusInd bank debit card
  • Avail up to 25% discount on the locker facility for one year, which can be extended to two years

 9. Indus Senior Citizen Savings Account

This scheme is specially tailored for senior citizens who wish to save and earn interest on their money over a fixed period of time. The interest rate offered under this scheme is higher than our regular FDs, making it a lucrative option for senior citizens looking for higher returns on their savings as well as peace of mind.

Features include:

  • Hassle-free pickup of cash/cheque delivery by the bank executives
  • Family accounts where you can extend it to up to 2 family members
  • Avail up to 25% discount on the locker facility for one year
  • Higher interest rates for senior citizens

10. Indus Multiplier Max Savings Account

Indus Senior Maxima Savings Account is the most popular savings account in India. The account gives you the convenience of maintaining a single savings account and, at the same time, earning a higher interest rate on your savings.

The account offers you access to an array of benefits, including:

  • Average monthly balance requirement of Rs 10,000
  • The smart sweep feature can be triggered when the account balance exceeds Rs 20,000, which involves the automatic opening of a fixed deposit with no penalty charges for early closure.
  • Also, once the minimum account balance falls below Rs 10,000, the fixed deposit automatically breaks, and the funds get added to your savings account. Any lack of it
  • Enjoy cashback, offers and discounts on every debit card transaction

11. Indus Small Savings Account

A zero-balance account, the Indus Easy Savings Account is a no-frills account that allows you to open an account with a minimum process of documentation. With this account, you can avail of all banking facilities and services without any requirement to maintain a minimum balance. It's a limited usage account with transaction limits.

You need to maintain an average monthly balance of Rs 50,000. Also, the total amount of deposits per month cannot be more than Rs I lakh, while the withdrawal cannot be more than Rs 50,000. The Rupay debit card has to join, and annual fees are levied as well as ATM charges.

Wrapping Up

IndusInd Bank offers a variety of savings accounts that are designed to meet the needs of different types of customers. You can apply for an IndusInd Bank Saving Account or simply walk into your nearest IndusInd Bank branch.

The bank offers dedicated services to customers who want to carry out their banking needs in a relaxed atmosphere that also offers world-class service with the utmost privacy.

Opening an account is easy at any IndusInd Bank branch across the country. Submit your application for an account and make the initial deposit required to open the type of account you want.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a savings account?

It is a deposit account held at a bank. Savings accounts, in conjunction with fixed deposits, are meant to save money for future expenditures. Savings accounts are designed to help you save money. With a savings account, you can deposit money into an account and then use it later when needed. You can also earn interest on your deposits.

The best savings accounts will offer competitive interest rates on your balance, but they'll also come with limits on how much you can transact in and out of the account each day or month. This ensures that you can't spend all of your money at once but still have access to it when you need it.

State the eligibility criteria for starting an IndusInd Bank savings account?

To open a savings account with IndusInd Bank, you need to be an adult with a minimum age requirement of 18 years and a resident of India.

You can apply for an online saving account by filling out the online application form. You'll need your Pan card number, Aadhaar card number, and bank account details to complete the application form.

Once you've completed the application process, you'll receive an email confirmation from IndusInd Bank within 24 hours of submitting your application. You will also receive a welcome kit in the mail containing all the necessary documents that you need to open your new savings account.

You can also visit any branch of IndusInd Bank and submit your application form in person. The bank will issue you a passbook that shows all your transactions as well as provides you with ATM cards for withdrawing money from any ATM machine in India.

Which are the list of benefits that can be availed of by the users opening the IndusInd Bank savings accounts?

IndusInd Bank offers the following benefits for its savings account:

- Free savings account opening and maintenance charges

- No minimum balance requirement

- Online banking and mobile banking facilities, along with a 24/7 customer care service

- Easy access to funds through ATMs, internet banking, and NEFT/RTGS

- Chequebook facility

- Debit card facility for ATM withdrawals and point-of-sale transactions

What is the minimum balance requirement in the IndusInd Bank savings account?

The minimum balance is the minimum amount of money you have to keep in your account to avoid penalties. The bank can impose a penalty if you do not maintain the minimum balance. It may also charge interest on the shortfall balance.

It is common for banks to ask their customers to maintain a minimum balance in their savings accounts or current accounts, depending on which type of account you have opened with them. The minimum balance requirement is different from one bank to another and even from one branch to another within the same bank.

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