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We're proud to announce that RKSV has taken a giant leap forward and is now Upstox.

Why mutual funds?

Mutual Funds are products designed to track the overall market or specific sectors of the market. They are made for investors who don't have time to track the daily movements of stocks but want to take advantage of the growth in the markets. Mutual funds are managed by the experts called the fund manager, who have a sound knowledge of the financial market along with the understanding where to invest, how to invest and at what time to invest.

Depositing via NEFT/RTGS

There are over 40 different mutual funds registered in India. You can invest in theme based mutual funds on areas such as Infastructure or size oriented ones such as Small Cap funds. Because the fund spreads your investment over different stocks, a fall in value on a few stocks may not affect your overall portfolio.

Start saving for retirement easily

Use a systematic investment plan with Upstox to invest a small amount of capital every month. Start as low as Rs. 500 and contribute every month or every quarter towards your goal.

comming soon

Upstox will soon offer all users equal access to mutual funds on our platform. Sign up to get updates and be on the list for mutual fund investments.

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