HDFC Bank Mobile Banking: App, Login, & Registrations

HDFC Mobile Banking refers to financial transitions and communication between HDFC bank and its customer using a smartphone or tablet. For instance, the bank may send a mobile alert on the customer's registered mobile number to inform them of a debit or credit to their account. The customer may also use their mobile phone for bill payments, paying credit card dues, transferring funds, and checking the account balance.

HDFC bank provides its customers with a new-age banking channel, the HDFC mobile banking app, to access top-notch banking services. It is a convenient, safe and secure mobile banking app and is indispensable for customers who are always on the move. It allows customers to use the banking feature from their smartphone or mobile browser to affect over 75 transactions anywhere, anytime.

The mobile banking service is easy to access. For the HDFC mobile banking login, the customer only needs to download and activate the app using their customer ID and IPIN. Alternatively, they can use their biometrics or set up a Quick Access Pin (QAP). 

Features of HDFC Mobile Banking

The most prominent feature of HDFC phone banking is the HDFC mobile banking app. It is simple to operate and access and allows customers to do more than 100 transactions from their smartphone or smart handheld devices such as a tablet. The HDFC mobile banking app has a custom design for each operating system (OS) and provides high-level security. In short, the HDFC mobile banking app simplifies banking.

Continue reading to learn the features of the app.

Timely Updates

  • Customers no longer need to visit the bank to know the status of their bank account, deposits or debit or credit card. The HDFC mobile banking app will notify the customer as transactions occur.
  • HDFC phone banking effectively controls fraud as timely alerts inform customers of every debit entry to their accounts. Suppose the entry is fraudulent, they can immediately alert the bank, and the bank will stop payment.
  • The customer can now ensure that the credits to their account come in at the right time. If the creditors delay payments, they can remind them immediately. The customer can do all this from home or the office at the click of a button with the HDFC mobile banking app.
  • HDFC phone banking provides detailed transaction history, account-related information, and maturity date of Fixed Deposits, and customers can check it whenever possible. It thus enables customers to find out irregularities faster and makes rectification easy,
  • Customers reduce the circumstances that lead to the dishonour of cheques by checking their account balance on the dashboard before effecting payments, using debit cards or issuing cheques.

Simplification of Fund Transfer

  • The HDFC mobile banking app provides the NEFT/RTGS or IMPS facility to help customers transfer funds from their HDFC account to another account in the same bank or another bank almost immediately.
  • HDFC phone banking facility is time efficient as it allows the customer to apply for a credit card or loans directly through their HDFC mobile banking app.
  • It has share and download options. The customer can download their fund transfer receipts and share them via social media as payment proof.

The HDFC Mobile Banking App is Secure

The customer must always use a secure internet connection to access the HDFC mobile banking app. That is because an insecure connection could lead to the leak of personal information resulting in fraud or theft. The HDFC mobile banking app is a secure app that safeguards the customers' principal amount and ensures that they receive timely interest too as follows: 

  • The HDFC mobile banking app uses customer biometrics such as Face ID and fingerprints.
  • Customers who transact through the app receive an OTP on their phones. HDFC bank honours the transaction only after completing the 2-factor authentication and receipt of the OTP. 
  • To ensure complete security for all transactions, the app sends the customer the transaction confirmation by email.
  • The customer can log in only with their Customer ID and IPIN.
  • HDFC mobile banking app protects account information with 128-bit SSL.
  • If the customer enters the IPIN incorrectly 5 times, the bank will block access.

Miscellaneous Security Features of the HDFC Mobile Banking App  

The other features of HDFC phone banking include:

  • An ATM locator to quickly find an ATM in an unfamiliar locality.
  • Instant alerts and notifications for transactions and wrong passwords.
  • Connection with HDFC bank with 24x7 account access. 

HDFC phone banking is so secure that customers need not worry even if they lose their phone. The HDFC mobile banking app does not save or transfer data to the phone, so the finder cannot access the HDFC bank account.

The HDFC Mobile Banking App is Convenient for Paying Bills

Use the HDFC mobile banking app to transition from the age-old mode of making payments by cheque. The customer can now use the HDFC phone banking facility to pay bills by checking the payment history to know the pending payments. Customers can cancel or stop payments through the HDFC mobile banking app.

There's no need to write out cheques anymore. The customer only needs to:

  • Use the HDFC mobile banking login.
  • Use the automatic bill payments option. 
  • Effect payments by just a tap on the option that activates the payment.

Timely Payment Reminders

Customers must fulfill their financial obligations, such as timely payment of EMI or utility bills. They may also express written consent to the HDFC bank to transfer funds to their investment accounts, such as insurance premiums or SIPs. Failure to keep such commitments can result in a penalty.

The timely payment reminders from the HDFC mobile banking app enable customers to maintain sufficient balance in their HDFC account and avoid complications. The HDFC phone banking facility is of utmost prominence to people who could forget their due or payment dates, and it makes it easier for them to manage their account-related tasks.

Simplify the banking process through the HDFC phone banking facility as follows:

  • Check for the banking to-dos list.
  • Add every frequent or recurring transaction to the to-do list.
  • Use the Favourites tab on the app and add the banking to-do list to it.

Even Customers with Low Internet Access Can Use the HDFC Mobile Banking App

HDFC bank even provides customers who have low internet access with the LITE version. Scroll down to learn the specifications of the LITE HDFC mobile banking app:

  • The LITE version requires only 1MB of the mobile phone's storage space. 
  • Customers without an internet connection can use the LITE HDFC mobile banking app through their browser.
  • Customer can check their account balance, transact more than 125 transactions, pay their credit card dues and use it to recharge their phones. 
  • The LITE version has multilayered security such as password, encryption and masking and provides 24X7 services to customers.

Other Features of HDFC Phone Banking

Customers don't need to go to retail outlets or personally visit the bank unless they want to, with the several HDFC phone banking features available. The HDFC mobile banking app is a safe space for the bank's customers that provides their every banking need. The other HDFC phone banking features are as follows :

Missed Call to Recharge the Phone 

This allows customers to list several mobile numbers and recharge them through the user's registered mobile number. 


mPassbook is a recent update to the HDFC mobile banking app. It enables customers to update their passbooks from their smartphones without taking the trouble of visiting the bank. However, it is presently available only for Android and IOS users.

HDFC Mobile Banking Card for iPhone Users

iPhone users can link the HDFC mobile banking Card to their Apple Wallet and check their account balance. The customer does not need an internet connection to access their bank-related information through the HDFC mobile banking card.

SMS Banking

The service enables customers without a working internet connection or those who do not use a smartphone. The customers send an SMS to view the bank statement or account balance.

Compatible Devices for the HDFC Mobile Banking App

It is perfectly compatible with devices using IOS, Blackberry and Android systems. IOS and Andriod users can also customise the list of favourites on the menu with a minimum of 10 frequent transactions making it easy to transfer funds or pay bills.  

Another plus point for Andriod users in India is that they can choose to use the HDFC mobile banking app in Hindi.

What Happens if the Smartphone is Stolen?

The HDFC mobile banking app does not store any account-related information on the phone or SIM card. The best thing to do in such a scenario is not to panic but to alert the bank immediately by calling the customer care number. The bank will deactivate your IPIN and issue you a fresh IPIN. So, the thief will not be able to access the HDFC mobile banking app.

Register to the HDFC Phone Banking Facility with 4 Easy Steps

The HDFC mobile banking services offer several benefits to their customers. It is the most accessible mode to transact for those who are always travelling. Listed below are 4 easy steps to register for HDFC mobile banking services.

  • Register to the HDFC net banking facility.
  • Download the HDFC mobile banking app on your mobile phone from the play store.
  • Use the HDFC net banking customer ID and password.
  • The customer can now use the HDFC mobile banking app to transfer funds, clear credit card payments, view bank statements or account balances etc. 

HDFC bank provides customers convenience through the impressive HDFC mobile banking app. HDFC bank customers no longer need to visit the bank to deposit or withdraw money. They can quickly find an ATM for liquid cash, transfer funds to another account or even shop online from any place convenient through HDFC phone banking services.


With the latest updates, customers can carry out more the 125 transactions with the HDFC mobile banking app. The primary advantage of the HDFC phone banking facility is that the customer can access, manage and monitor their account with a couple of clicks on their smartphone. The installation, registration and HDFC mobile banking login are simple to do. And if the customer gets stuck while using the app EVA the chatbot addresses their queries with apt solutions.


What are the different types of HDFC mobile banking apps?

HDFC bank simplifies banking for its customers by offering them several mobile banking apps–  HDFC mobile banking app, PayZapp, eKisan Dhan, Insta Account and Smart Hub.

How does the HDFC mobile banking app help a customer?

By downloading and logging in to the HDFC mobile banking app, the customer can pay bills and credit card dues, transfer funds, make UPI payments, view bank statements and account balances and invest in FDs and RDs through their mobile phone or any other handheld device.

How does PayZapp help the customer?

The HDFC bank customer can use PayZapp to book and pay for bus and flight tickets or even book accommodation. They can pay their utility bills online. The customer enables these facilities by linking their credit or debit card to PayZapp. It is a secure app that does not store data on the website or operating device.

How to use the HDFC mobile banking app?

The customer downloads the HDFC mobile banking app to their smart gadgets and logs in with the customer ID and IPIN. They can then access their bank account to know their balance and credit card information and transfer funds to HDFC and other bank accounts. A simple method of logging in to the HDFC mobile banking app is to enable biometric login by setting a 4-digit QAP.

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