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Shareholding Info
  • Promoters
    72.3 %
  • Foreign institutions-FII
    12.46 %
  • Other domestic institutions
    6.38 %
  • Retail and other
    5.38 %
  • Mutual Funds
    3.48 %

About Tata Consultancy Services

Founded in the year 1968, Tata Consultancy Services is a multinational information technology consulting company of Indian origin. It is a subsidiary of the Tata Group headquartered in Mumbai and operates in 149 locations across 47 countries in the world. It is the second largest Indian company by market capitalization and is considered among the most valuable IT service companies worldwide.  In 2018, TCS became the first Indian IT company to reach $100 billion in market capitalization and only the second Indian company ever to do so after its market capitalization stood at ₹6.793 trillion on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). In 2016-17, its parent company, Tata Sons, owned a 72.05% stake in Tata Consultancy Services. In 2018, Tata Sons sold stocks worth $1.25 billion in a bulk deal. As of 15 September 2021, TCS has a recorded market capitalization of US$200 billion, making it the first Indian IT firm to do so.  In 2015, Tata Consultancy Services was ranked 64th in the Forbes 'World's Most Innovative Companies' making it one of the highest-ranked IT services companies globally and of Indian origin. In 2018, it ranked 11th on the Fortune India 500 rankings. It was reported that as of July 2022, TCS crossed 6 lacs employees worldwide.

Core Activities & Products

The company serves a slew of industries from every sector such as Banking & Finance, Education, HiTech, Insurance, Public Services, Travel & Hospitality, Energy, Retail, Manufacturing, and many more. It provides a host of services. Some of their core activities are: 
  1. Analytics & Insights: Enhancing business outcomes for companies by harnessing ecosystems with a modern data-driven approach.
  1. Blockchain: Using a strategic approach to overcome challenges of net infinite value and blockchain adoption.
  1. Cognitive Business Operations: Helping companies design, enable and execute operations to generate consumer value.
  1. Cyber Security: Empowering enterprises to be more agile for transformation and growth with proactive measures against risk.
  1. Automation & AI: Helping enterprises harvest intelligence by maximising AI through using MFDM.
  1. Cloud: Enables companies to harness the power of the cloud by leveraging AI, machine learning, data and analytics, IoT, and edge.
  1. IoT & Digital Engineering: Tata Consultancy Services uses IoT to build purpose-driven, adaptable and resilient enterprises in an interconnected ecosystem of suppliers, partners, and end consumers alike.
  1. TCS Interactive: Collaborating with designers and UI/UX experts to discover innovative ways to enhance enterprises.

Board of Directors

  1. N. Chandrasekaran, Chairman.
  2. Aarthi Subramanian, Director.
  3. OP Bhatt, Director.
  4. Dr. Pradeep Kumar Khosla, Director.
  5. Hanne Birgitte Breinbjerg Sorensen, Director.
  6. Keki M. Mistry, Director.
  7. Don Callahan, Director.
  8. Rajesh Gopinathan, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director.
  9. N Ganapathy Subramaniam, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director.
  10. Dave Jordan, VP & Global Head, Consulting and Services Integration.
  11. Ashok Pai, VP & Global Head, Cognitive Business Operations.
  12. Akhilesh Tiwari, Global Head, Enterprise Application Services.

Key Executives

  1. Samir Seksaria, Chief Financial Officer.
  2. Suresh Muthuswami, Business Head.
  3. Susheel Vasudevan, Business Head.
  4. Krishnan Ramanujam, Business Head.
  5. Milind Lakkad, Chief Human Resource Officer.
  6. K Krithivasan, Business Head.


TCS's presence is spread across industries and all over the globe. It operates in 149 locations and counting across 46 countries. The company’s presence in Latin America is spread over 12 countries and has developed into a large operation in just five years. It caters to over 150 clients, employs 5,500 local professionals and generates 4.7% of the organisation's revenues. The company also boasts of a significant presence in South Africa, UAE, China, and Eastern Europe.


Tata Consultancy Services’ advantages look at the key facets of its business that give the TCS share price a competitive advantage in the market. Some of the brand’s strengths are: 
  1. They have a strong brand backing through their parent company - Tata Group.
  2. They have a high command on the local domestic market of India.
  3. They are pioneers in their ethical working.
  4. The market for consultancy services has recently taken off and new demand is still being created.
  5. The employee strength is over 3,00,000, which shows the size of operations.
  6. There is high demand for repeat services through existing customers.

CSR & Sustainability

The company's CSR commitment stems from the legacy of the Tata Group and its founder’s vision and commitment to improving the quality of life among the communities. It seeks to serve the community by creating long-term value. TCS believes that its CSR strategy leverages the best of the organisation’s expertise to create bespoke, contextual, and partnered solutions to address the needs of the many sections of the community.  The organisation helps empower people through environmental initiatives, ethical governance, and its CSR programme. Over the past few years, it has increased sustainability while ensuring business responsibility.


In 2018, Tata Consultancy Services came under fire when it faced the US jury over the sacking of Americans over South Asians. The company went to trial in California over racial discrimination claims by American workers who lost their jobs at the company in the U.S. because they weren't assigned to any clients. The company, though, denied unlawful bias. The jury's final found TCS not guilty of any wrongdoings.

COVID-19 Impact

The COVID-19 pandemic pushed TCS's digital transformation into overdrive almost overnight. While making the shift to working from home was not a big challenge per se, keeping the remote workforce protective, agile and secure was. But the company's implementation of machine learning and AI, the move was hassle-free.  In India, Tata Consultancy Services was a major contributor to Tata Group’s pledge of $200M to COVID-19 relief & response efforts. Supporting healthcare needs, they set up hospitals, isolation centres, and provided testing kits to treatment facilities. It also ran dedicated CSR programs throughout India, collaborating with a vast network of national and local organisations. In a matter of months, TCS's initiatives and support aided more than 180,000 people across the country.

Future Prospects

In the near future, TCS expects to achieve growth at a faster rate than the industry average. According to lobby groups, its IT sector revenue from software exports could see a growth of about 13-15% in 2022. The company has also announced that by 2030, it aims to bring in $50 billion in revenue. To reach this goal, however, they must grow at a CAGR of roughly 8.9 percent over the next eight years.

Did You Know

TCS has been ranked the No.1 Top Employer in the Asia Pacific, Europe, and MEA. As of 2022, it employs over 606, 331 employees around the globe. To put this into perspective, it had only 45,714 employees in 2005.  In 2019, TCS was ranked #22 on the Forbes 200 list of the World's Best Regarded Companies. In 2019, it also received the Overall Most Outstanding company in India by Asiamoney’s 2019 Asia’s Outstanding Companies poll. To add to that, TCS CEO was awarded the Best CEO in Investor’s All Asia Executive Team poll 2018. Last year in 2021, the company won 2 Microsoft Partner of the Year awards.

Initial Public Offering

TCS's IPO came out in July 2004 with the price band of ₹ 775- ₹900. The issue price of TCS shares was fixed at ₹850. From August 2004 till date, the company has issued bonus shares in the ratio of 1:1 twice. The bonus shares were issued first on July 28, 2006, and again on June 16, 2009. Not only has the enterprise helped many of its employees get richer, but has been a dream share to invest in for many of its stakeholders. In 2014-2015, TCS gave a total cash payout of ₹17,000 crores to its shareholders as dividends.

Equity Shares

Beating a 3-year revenue CAGR, TCS's annual revenue growth of 17.01% outperformed its 3-year CAGR of 9.0%. It has spent less than 1% of its operating revenues on interest expenses and 56.09% on employee costs in the year ending 31 March 2022. The company used ₹897.0 cr for investing activities which is a YoY decrease of 88.97%.

Annual Financial Summary

12 mths12 mths12 mths12 mths12 mths
Equity Share Capital366.00370.00375.00375.00191.00
TOTAL SHARE CAPITAL366.00370.00375.00375.00191.00
Reserves and Surplus76,807.0074,424.0073,993.0078,523.0075,675.00
TOTAL RESERVES AND SURPLUS76,807.0074,424.0073,993.0078,523.0075,675.00
TOTAL SHAREHOLDERS FUNDS77,173.0074,794.0074,368.0078,898.0075,866.00
Long Term Borrowings0.
Deferred Tax Liabilities [Net]129.00365.00347.00339.00424.00
Other Long Term Liabilities6,060.005,697.006,234.001,367.00643.00
Long Term Provisions0.
TOTAL NON-CURRENT LIABILITIES6,189.006,062.006,581.001,706.001,132.00
Short Term Borrowings0.
Trade Payables10,082.007,962.008,734.007,692.004,775.00
Other Current Liabilities26,442.0019,213.0015,057.0011,030.008,931.00
Short Term Provisions1,377.001,350.00235.00174.00171.00
TOTAL CURRENT LIABILITIES37,901.0028,525.0024,026.0018,896.0014,058.00
TOTAL CAPITAL AND LIABILITIES121,263.00109,381.00104,975.0099,500.0091,056.00
Tangible Assets15,506.0015,697.0015,883.009,522.009,430.00
Intangible Assets1,018.00362.00239.00139.0010.00
Capital Work-In-Progress1,146.00861.00781.00834.001,238.00
Other Assets0.
FIXED ASSETS17,670.0016,920.0016,903.0010,495.0010,678.00
Non-Current Investments2,405.002,405.002,189.002,189.002,186.00
Deferred Tax Assets [Net]2,779.003,160.002,219.002,097.003,051.00
Long Term Loans And Advances8.,503.00
Other Non-Current Assets4,209.003,734.004,468.005,685.005,416.00
TOTAL NON-CURRENT ASSETS27,071.0026,221.0025,781.0020,468.0022,834.00
Current Investments29,262.0028,324.0025,686.0028,280.0035,073.00
Trade Receivables29,852.0025,222.0028,660.0024,029.0018,882.00
Cash And Cash Equivalents13,692.003,142.004,824.008,900.003,487.00
Short Term Loans And Advances5,653.0010,486.007,270.007,018.002,793.00
TOTAL CURRENT ASSETS94,192.0083,160.0079,194.0079,032.0068,222.00
TOTAL ASSETS121,263.00109,381.00104,975.0099,500.0091,056.00
Contingent Liabilities2,050.001,609.001,869.004,721.008,355.00
Raw Materials0.000.000.00447.000.00
Stores, Spares And Loose Tools216.00241.00569.000.00768.00
Trade/Other Goods216.00241.00569.000.00768.00
Capital Goods0.
Expenditure In Foreign Currency63,689.0054,800.0051,748.0049,336.0033,014.00
Dividend Remittance In Foreign Currency----------
FOB Value Of Goods----------
Other Earnings155,240.00130,720.00128,501.00119,499.0092,258.00
Bonus Equity Share Capital334.35338.01342.58342.58151.15
Non-Current Investments Quoted Market Value----------
Non-Current Investments Unquoted Book Value2,405.002,405.002,189.002,189.002,186.00
Current Investments Quoted Market Value29,263.0028,324.0025,686.0028,218.0025,972.00
Current Investments Unquoted Book Value------2,252.009,101.00
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