PRAN (Permanent Retirement Account Number) - Login & How to Get

The Indian government created the National Pension System (NPS) in 2004. Employed people may build a retirement corpus under this pension plan by making annual payments throughout their working years. The National Pension System (NPS) is a pension-combined investment plan. This program was first only available to government workers, but subsequently, it was made available to workers in every industry.

Individuals may make annual payments in a viable route that would provide market-linked returns via the National Pension System. These returns would build into a sizable corpus that people might use to finance their post-retirement lifestyle.

People must have a Permanent Retirement Account to which they may apply for a Permanent Retirement Account Number card, or PRAN card, to join the NPS.

Permanent Retirement Account Number: What Should You Know?

Each NPS member receives a personalized 12-digit number known as their Permanent Retirement Account Number. There may only be one PRAN active at a time per person. This number is traceable from any place in India and is operational for as long as a subscriber is a member.

Furthermore, a PRAN must be held by every NPS subscriber by law. Additionally, they may elect to own a Savings Schemes Universal Account Number. Under PRAN, there are two different kinds of NPS accounts. These are as follows:

  • Tier-I: This account, which is not withdrawable, is for retirement savings.
  • Tier II: You may withdraw money from this sort of account just like any other savings account. You cannot, however, get tax advantages.

The National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) also issues this number for a lifetime. As a result, a PRAN cannot be modified for a subscriber's membership duration once assigned. Additionally, customers can order physical copies of their PRAN cards following PRAN allocation.

To learn how to get a PRAN number through online and offline modes, refer to the details mentioned below:

How to Apply Offline for a PRAN Card?

Visit your nearby Point-of-Presence (PoP) under the National Pension System, which is often your bank, to submit an offline PRAN application. PoPs are authorized to handle various NPS-related tasks, such as receiving deposits, sending applications for NPS account transfers, partial withdrawal requests, nomination adjustment requests, etc.

Application Form To Obtain PRAN Card 

The PRAN card registration form is the same as the one used to sign up for the National Pension System (NPS) since PRAN (Permanent Retirement Account Number) is mainly granted to NPS subscribers. 

Essential details and sections in the application to be aware of while applying for a PRAN Card are as follows:

  • Details about the subscriber
  • Information about the subscriber's job
  • Information on the nominee's subscription
  • Details of the subscriber scheme
  • PFRDA subscriber's declaration (Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority)
  • Online Annexure S1 Form Download

Documents Needed to Apply for a PRAN Card - Offline Process

PAN, Aadhaar, a scanned copy of a canceled check, a scanned signature, a scanned picture, and a scanned passport are the papers needed to apply for a PRAN card; the latter is necessary for NRI applicants.

How to Apply Online for a PRAN Card?

On the NSDL or Karvy website, you may complete the entire account opening procedure online. They are the CRAs in charge of establishing and keeping track of NPS accounts in India. You may apply for PRAN using the website, either using your Aadhar Card or your PAN Card. 

The specific stages are listed below in detail. -

Online Application For PRAN Card Download Using Adhar Card

Utilizing Aadhaar OTP (Time Password) authentication, you may apply for PRAN using Aadhar NPS KYC. The cellphone number recorded in the Aadhaar database receives the Aadhaar OTP. Your demographic information and pictures will be immediately retrieved from the Aadhaar database and entered into the online form. You may have to complete all the required information online.

  • As part of the registration procedure, you need to provide a scanned copy of your signature in the *.jpeg/*.jpg format with a file size between 4kb and 12kb.
  • You can submit a scanned picture in exchange for the UID photo if you want to do so.
  • To make a payment using a debit/credit card or internet banking for your NPS account, you will be sent to a payment gateway.

Online Application For PRAN Card Download Using PAN Card

You must possess a (Permanent Account Number) PAN Card to apply for PRAN utilizing that card. 

The following are the main factors you should take into account while you apply for PRAN using PAN:

  • When registering as a subscriber via eNPS, you must have a bank account with the impaneled bank to undergo KYC verification.
  • Your chosen bank will carry out your KYC verification as part of the registration procedure.
  • The name and address given during registration must comply with the bank records for KYC verification.
  • The request may be turned down if the information doesn't match. The applicant is urged to contact the bank if the chosen bank rejects their KYC.
  • You must complete the necessary information online.
  • Your scanned picture and signature must be uploaded in the *.jpeg/*.jpg format with a file size between 4 and 12kb.
  • You will be sent to a payment gateway when using Internet Banking to make a payment to your NPS account.

The Process for Applying for an NRI PRAN Card

The processes below should be followed by NRI subscribers while applying for a PRAN Card.

  • Choose between a Non-Repatriable Account and a Repatriable Account for the bank account status.
  • Provide the NRE/NRO bank account information and a scanned copy of your passport
  • Choose your selected contact information. Foreign address communication at a foreign address would incur additional fees) or you can use your Permanent Address in India alternatively for communication purposes

Notifications Relating to PRAN Application

When the PRAN is created, the subscriber is informed through email and SMS on the email ID and mobile number registered with the CRA. Only the last four digits of the account number are shown in the communications as a security precaution.

Documents Needed To Apply Online For A PRAN Card in India

The following documentation must be provided to apply for a PRAN Card:

  • Your Permanent Account Number, often known as a PAN card
  • Digital image of a passport-sized picture
  • Scanned copy of checkbook or bank passbook
  • A digital representation of your signature
  • Scanned passport copy (mandatory for NRI applicants)

Important Note: Please ensure that the scanned copies of the papers, as mentioned above, must be between 4 and 12 kilobytes in size and only be in the.jpeg/.jpg format.

The Activation Process For PRAN Card

The quickest way to activate your PRAN number is to use the eSign feature to sign the paperwork electronically. Suppose you used your Aadhaar to produce your PRAN card. In that case, you might choose to eSign the document by performing the following steps:

  • When you choose the "eSign" option on the eSign/Print & Courier page, you will be taken to the next page to create the OTP needed to activate your PRAN Card.
  • You will get an OTP on your Aadhaar-registered mobile number to authenticate.
  • The registration form will be successfully designed upon authentication using the Aadhaar OTP, and a confirmation message will be shown.
  • You don't need to submit the physical copy of the form to CRA to activate your PRAN card after the paperwork has been eSigned.

Note: The eSign service costs Rs. 25.90 plus the appropriate service tax (including UIDAI charges of Rs. 20).

How to Monitor PRAN Card Dispatch Status?

A PRAN card is typically sent to the appropriate nodal office by the responsible authorities within 20 days of the CRA-FC office receiving the complete registration form. As a result, an applicant may speak with their specific nodal office about the status of their PRAN card. 

As an alternative, customers may check the status of their PRAN card online. To do so, users must go to the NPS-NSDL site and search for "Track the status of PRAN Card." They must visit the website, input their PRAN, complete the captcha, and click "Submit." The applicant is then able to see the status of their PRAN card.

How to Login to NPS PRAN Card Portal?

To access your NPS account online, enter the number written on your PAN card. The steps for the PRAN login process are as follows:

  • Step 1: If you already have a PRAN number, go to the NPS Login Portal and choose "Login for Existing Subscribers."
  • Step 2: Use your Permanent Retirement Account Number written on the PRAN card and your NPS account password to log in on the next page. Click on the "Generate/Reset Password" link if you need to reset your PRAN login password or if you wish to sign up for online PRAN card services.

How to Print a PRAN Card?

The following steps must be undertaken to print a PRAN card online:

  • On the eSign/Print & Courier page, choose the "Print & Courier" option.
  • Print the entire form, then put your picture in the appropriate spot. Do not attach the picture with staples or pins.
  • Sign only in the spaces given for signatures.
  • You must transmit the completed PRAN card application form and picture to the appropriate CRA (Karvy/NSDL) within 30 days of receiving your PRAN card.
  • By entering your NPS account and choosing the "Print ePRAN" option, you can also print your ePRAN (Electronic PRAN) card.

While generating an ePRAN is free, you must pay the necessary fees + GST to have a physicalPRAN card manufactured and shipped to your registered address.

PRAN Card - Balance Check

If you sign in to your National Pension System account, you may quickly check the amount on your PRAN card, as the PRAN number is mainly issued as a unique identification code for NPS members. You may view the amount in both the required Tier 1 account and the optional Tier 2 account given by the NPS pension plan after you've signed in.

What Is The Need For Obtaining a PRAN Number?

The following are some advantages of having a card with your Permanent Retirement Account Number:

  • Subscribers may set themselves apart from the competition and monitor their assets and savings.
  • With the use of a PRAN, important information may also be updated.
  • With this number, people may also find out the status of their PRAN cards.

The factors above make it clear that to get benefits, one must apply for PRAN online or offline.

Customer Service For Owners of PRAN Cards

The NPS customer care system also serves as the PRAN Card customer care system since PRAN Cards are provided to NPS subscribers. PRAN card customer support is accessible via phone, fax, email, online chat, and in person at a local representative office. 

Is It Possible for NPS Members to Have Multiple PRAN Cards?

The current NPS regulations only permit one NPS subscription (split into Tier 1 and Tier 2 accounts with the same PRAN) to one person; hence you can only know your PRAN number/PRAN Card.

Even if you switch jobs, you can keep contributing to your current NPS account without creating a new one. However, moving your NPS account from one place to another is also simple.

It should be emphasized that there is currently no integration between the NPS and NPS Lite/Atal Pension Yojana (APY) systems. As a result, those with NPS and APY accounts may get several PRAN cards that may subsequently be combined.


Each account holder in the National Pension Scheme has a unique number allocated to them called the PRAN. It helps distinguish one client from another, prevents duplication of information in situations of identical names or data, and enables members to see the balance of their NPS Accounts. 

One crucial element of the NPS is the service for Permanent Retirement Account Numbers. Due to factors including simplicity of processing, offline and online procedures, quick allocation, and universal application, PRAN is essential to the success of NPS. 

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Will I be informed when my PRAN is generated?

The Central Recordkeeping Agency (CRA) will inform you when your PRAN is generated. You will be notified either by SMS to the phone registered with the CRA or by email to the registered email address with the CRA. The CRA will only include your account number's last four digits in the message.

Is having a PRAN card required/mandatory?

Every NPS subscriber is required to have a PRAN. They may also have a PRAN card, the actual PRAN document, if they want. A subscriber to a Permanent Retirement Account may hold either Tier I or Tier II accounts. Under NPS, the previous account type is required.

How can PRAN Details be updated?

You must ensure the data on your PRAN Card is up to date. So, you must update the information as quickly as possible if your home, phone number, or email address change. To update your PRAN profile details, adhere to the information below:

  • Fill out form S2 to update PRAN information.
  • Download the form from the website.
  • Enter the information as prompted by the form.
  • Include the necessary documentation.
  • Send the administrative/nodal officer the completed form.

What are the advantages of obtaining a PRAN card?

Subscribers can switch from one investment choice or fund manager to another. Simple: A Permanent Retirement Account Number (PRAN) is issued when opening an account with NPS. This number is distinct and belongs to the subscriber for the rest of their life.

How can I change the NSDL NPS login password?

Your NSDL NPS password may be sent again using one of two methods mentioned below:

  • Using a Secret Question: You can construct a secret question and its answer at the login time- when you wish to reset the password, you must answer this question. Along with PRAN and the secret question's response, you must enter the captcha code in the password reset box. You will be able to reset the password if the response is approved.
  • Password May Be Instantly Reset: You can also instantly reset your password using an OTP (one-time password) that you get through SMS on your registered email address or cellphone number. To change your password, you must provide your birthdate, PRAN, and OTP.

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