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Shareholding Info
  • Promoters
    72.92 %
  • Foreign institutions-FII
    6.39 %
  • Other domestic institutions
    5.21 %
  • Retail and other
    12.69 %
  • Mutual Funds
    2.79 %

About Wipro

Wipro is a leader in technology services and works as a consulting company. Its focus is building innovative solutions that meet their more than 1,300 customers' complex digital transformation requirements from across the globe.The comprehensive portfolio of capabilities is used in consulting, design, operations, engineering, as well as various emerging technologies that are helping customers recognise their boldest ambitions while they build sustainable businesses which are ready for the nextGen. Having a global presence in 66 countries and a workforce of more than 250,000 employees is recognized worldwide for its holistic portfolio of services, impregnable commitment to sustainability and good corporate citizenship.Older than independent India, the company is over 75 years old and was incorporated in 1945 in the aftermath of World War II by Mohamedhusain Hasham Premji with the manufacturing of Western India Vegetable Products. It wasn’t till 1979 that the business got into the manufacturing, developing and marketing of Infotech products.

Core Activities & Products

The core products and services provided by the enterprise are:-
  1. Applications The company’s Application Services help create digital solutions that are future ready with the intersection of cloud, mobility and analytics. Having a global presence and 80+ industry and strategic relationships with vendors helps in doing the best for their clients.
  2. Artificial and Augmented Intelligence: Business Leaders across the C-Suite are benefited by its AI powered customizable solutions, as it helps to deliver new or improved products and services. The AI platform helps in accelerating the growth and being the leaders in transformation.
  3. Business Solutions: Their business solutions are customer centric, easy to deploy and are designed to increase businesses by reducing time and the cost of operations, to help clients implement the tools they require to build the future. Some of the business solutions provided are AI & Automation, Cyber Security, Cloud, Crowdsourcing, Analytics, Smart Workplace, Industry Platforms etc.
  4. Cloud: Their vast experience in Cloud, large ecosystem, focus on business outcome, esteem of the organisation and the implications of the operating model on moving to cloud, helps to create cloud-led, sustainable solutions designed to meet the customer requirements.
  5. Consulting: They are the leaders in digital transformation and consulting. The fortune 500 companies are their clients as they deliver integrated strategy, domain expertise and use analytics to help clients increase their value. Based on the customer needs the employees work globally at flexible hours to deliver results.
  6. Cyber Security: Their cyber security is a step ahead and provides design and implementation of security without any disruption with cutting edge security secured  by experts.
  7. Data and Analytics: Their data and analytics helps clients create new business models and increase revenue streams ensuring the data is secured. Their cloud technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and advanced analytics, help customers in decision making and process automation.
  8. Design and Experience: Their design service helps clients with newer digital marketing solutions using their expertise, brand and marketing to create an awesome user experience.
  9. Digital Marketing and Interaction: Their digital marketing team which is a mix of strategists, creative directors, designers, writers, media strategists helps to reach the customers at the right time on the right platform. They are confined to creating brand experience in the initial stages.
  10. Digital Operations & Platforms: Their Digital Operations and Platforms (DOP) makes them the leaders in nextGen technology. Their extensive core business knowledge combined with leading technologies helps create powerful business intelligence further helping to improve the business visibility and allowing business leaders to act faster to changing market needs.
  11. Engineering: Their engineering platform helps create a competitive edge using science, technology, and expertise to solve real problems, enhance productivity and increase growth.
  12. Infrastructure: Wipro’s vast knowledge and expertise in IT Infrastructure and Cloud technologies helps them partner with clients in digital transformation. “HOLMES” the automation platform takes efficiency to the next level. With over 700 customers, and more than 30,000 professionals placed worldwide to help clients enhance their digital journey.
  13. Sustainability: Before 2040 the company has committed to achieve zero carbon emissions taking environmental and social aspects into consideration.

Board of Directors

  1. Mr.Rishad Premji: Executive Chairman
  2. Mr. Thierry Delaporte: Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director
  3. Mr. Aim Premji: Founder Chairman
  4. Ms. Ireena Vittal: Independent Director
  5. Mr. Patrick Dupuis: Independent Director
  6. Dr. Patrick J. Ennis: Independent Director
  7. Mr. Deepak M. Satwalekar: Independent Director
  8. Ms. Tulsi Naidu: Independent Director
  9. Ms. Paivi Rekonen: Independent Director 

Key Executives

  1. Mr. Thierry Delaporte: Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director
  2. Mr. Jatin Dalal: Chief Financial Officer
  3. Ms. Stephanie Trautman: Chief Growth Officer
  4. Mr. Saurabh Govil: Chief Human Resources Officer
  5. Mr. Sanjeev Singh: Chief Operations Officer
  6. Mr. Srini Pallia: ACEO - Americas 1
  7. Mr. Angan Guha: CEO - Americas 2
  8. Mr. Pierre Bruno: CEO – Europe
  9. Mr. Anis Chenchah: CEO - APMEA ( Asia Pacific, India, Middle East & Africa )
  10. Mr. Nagendra Bandaru: Managing Partner - iCORE Business Line
  11. Mr. Rajan Kohli: Managing Partner – iDEAS Business Line


Wipro has about 250,000 dedicated employees and a client base across 66 countries located in 5 continents - Americas, Middle East, Asia Pacific, Africa and Europe, recognised globally for its services and commitment.Registered Office:Doddakannelli, Sarjapur Road, Bengaluru


They use a set of actions to promote their brand and products that affect the Wipro share price. These are: 
  1. IT Services: Which include Business Process, Service Offerings, Applications and Data.
  2. IT Products: Hardware products include security, networking, computing while software includes database and integration.
  3. Digital Services: The digital services help to reduce complex problems and risks by technology enhancement.
  4. Industries: Wipro has a clientele based across the globe and all industries.
  5. Price: Their target customers are big industries worldwide requiring IT services with a diversified pricing policy. They offer prices lower than their competitors which make them preferable in the market.
  6. Place: The headquarters are in Bangalore. They have offices across major cities and can handle their business from any part of the world.
  7. Promotion: To stay ahead in the market a lot of the revenue generated is spent on promotional activities using television, billboards, radio, magazines etc. They also market on Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
  8. People: Their main focus is on their customers and employees, recruit their employees from the best of engineering colleges and have the best IT expertise.
  9. Process: They have a mix of experience and expertise which helps them in customer satisfaction. They ensure that the customer has no issues when they use their services and also guarantee free services to staff and clients.
  10. Physical Evidence: They have collaborated with many organisations worldwide and their primary focus is on urban and metropolitan cities from where they get their talent pool.
  11. Digital Media Presence: They are available on all Social Media platforms and have a strong market base.

CSR and Sustainability

Wipro is committed to develop backward regions and uplift the underprivileged society, promote green and energy efficient technologies and be socially responsible. Their mission is to grow their business while decreasing the environmental impact of their operations and increasing their positive social impact.


As per a few employee reviews the salary offered and hike is lesser compared to market industry standards. There is  also criticism of the delayed onboarding process in recent times.

COVID-19 Impact

Their priority during Covid was to ensure employee safety and productivity. Connecting with customers, partners and suppliers was important during this time and ensuring that the business must go on and making sure the remote working challenges were addressed.

Future Prospects

As per many experts, the future prospects look really good, the revenue has shown a growth of 8.9% CAGR over the last 10 years. The operating income and net income has also grown at 7.17% and 7.7% CAGR respectively. Wipro plans to invest $1 billion over three years in its FullStride Cloud business. Their  focus is on employee focused strategies as they want to retain the best talent to enable transformation.

Did You Know!

Initially Wipro was set up as a manufacturer of vegetable and refined oil. In 1977 the name of the company was changed from Western India Vegetable Products to Wipro Products Ltd. In 2018 Azim Premji took the 2nd place on the Forbes List but dropped to the 17th rank in the consecutive year because he donated 13.1 million to poor people in India. Azim Premji took over the company at a very young age of 21 after his father passed away. In Feb 2001 it became the first IT company to get ISO:14001 certification. Wipro technologies became the world’s first company that has a PCMM level 5 and SEI CMM level 5 certificationIn 2004, Wipro became the first to get the highest category ‘SVG1’ rating from credit rating agency IRCA for stakeholders value creation and government practices.

Initial Public Offering

In 1941, 8000 shares were subscribed for by the directors. Wipro's Initial Public Offering was in the year - 1946. In October 2000, Wipro raised gross aggregate proceeds of approximately US $131 million in initial U.S. public offering of its American Depositary Share. Wipro stock price in 1980 was around 100 rupees but in jan 2022 share price was 724 rupees and currently is at 436 rupees.

Equity Shares

Wipro Limited is listed under NYSE (New York Stock Exchange), BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) and NSE (National Stock Exchange). This IT major company’s shares have been in focus lately after the first quarter of FY23. The company’s consolidated PAT declined by 21% and the revenu climbed 18% as compared to the previous year. The attrition rate went down even though the company hired more than 15,000 employees in the period of three months. The Wipro share price is expected to rise 3 - 5% in Q2 as per the company board and they have announced a consolidated net profit teaming up to Rs. 2,563.6 crore.

Annual Financial Summary

 12 mths12 mths12 mths12 mths12 mths
Equity Share Capital1,096.401,095.801,142.701,206.80904.80
TOTAL SHARE CAPITAL1,096.401,095.801,142.701,206.80904.80
Reserves and Surplus53,254.3044,145.8045,311.0048,185.2041,357.80
TOTAL RESERVES AND SURPLUS53,254.3044,145.8045,311.0048,185.2041,357.80
TOTAL SHAREHOLDERS FUNDS54,350.7045,241.6046,453.7049,392.0042,262.60
Long Term Borrowings5.7014.1025.1022.0072.40
Deferred Tax Liabilities [Net]0.00130.500.0010.4046.30
Other Long Term Liabilities2,788.602,129.202,170.501,309.501,085.30
Long Term Provisions64.1088.50213.30119.60168.80
TOTAL NON-CURRENT LIABILITIES2,858.402,362.302,408.901,461.501,372.80
Short Term Borrowings7,673.405,791.205,001.905,052.204,647.70
Trade Payables4,685.104,348.504,542.604,765.504,176.20
Other Current Liabilities9,446.906,705.305,769.105,397.905,418.60
Short Term Provisions1,368.301,287.401,130.20929.00793.40
TOTAL CURRENT LIABILITIES23,173.7018,132.4016,443.8016,144.6015,035.90
TOTAL CAPITAL AND LIABILITIES80,382.8065,736.3065,306.4066,998.1058,671.30
Tangible Assets7,386.606,578.705,863.303,874.203,802.60
Intangible Assets651.10709.40776.10526.80564.40
Capital Work-In-Progress1,584.501,848.001,873.502,112.701,290.60
Other Assets0.
FIXED ASSETS9,622.209,136.108,512.906,513.705,657.60
Non-Current Investments16,557.208,206.707,735.008,250.305,841.60
Deferred Tax Assets [Net]53.3047.40433.30391.00452.00
Long Term Loans And Advances0.
Other Non-Current Assets2,377.902,966.602,911.904,112.703,752.80
TOTAL NON-CURRENT ASSETS28,610.6020,356.8019,593.1019,267.7015,704.00
Current Investments24,073.7017,495.2018,963.5021,998.8024,841.20
Trade Receivables9,295.408,046.209,257.0010,648.609,502.00
Cash And Cash Equivalents4,898.109,783.2010,444.0010,390.202,322.00
Short Term Loans And Advances1,913.004,201.50947.200.000.00
TOTAL CURRENT ASSETS51,772.2045,379.5045,713.3047,730.4042,967.30
TOTAL ASSETS80,382.8065,736.3065,306.4066,998.1058,671.30
Contingent Liabilities8,271.501,999.002,693.502,618.9010,123.10
Raw Materials0.
Stores, Spares And Loose Tools0.
Trade/Other Goods0.
Capital Goods0.
Expenditure In Foreign Currency25,960.2021,329.5022,949.1023,036.2020,783.10
Dividend Remittance In Foreign Currency----------
FOB Value Of Goods----------
Other Earnings54,849.0046,344.7046,079.4044,458.4039,180.70
Bonus Equity Share Capital1,094.341,094.341,141.181,205.19903.50
Non-Current Investments Quoted Market Value4.102.60------
Non-Current Investments Unquoted Book Value16,553.108,204.107,735.008,250.305,841.60
Current Investments Quoted Market Value19,090.2013,138.2013,546.1014,201.8015,289.10
Current Investments Unquoted Book Value4,983.504,357.005,417.407,797.009,552.10
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