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About Tata Power

Being India’s largest integrated power company, Tata Power also has a significant global presence. Formerly one of the three entities which jointly formed Tata Electric Companies, it is now a pioneer in adoption of technology and has always supported the country’s energy independence. Together with its subsidiaries as well as joint entities, the company has a generation capacity of 13,735 MW, 35% of which are coming from clean energy sources as well as presence in all segments of the power sector, viz Generation (thermal, solar, hydro and wind), Fuel and Logistics, Distribution, Trading and Transmission. The company is a pioneer that is credited with steering the entire energy sector on process, platform and technology.  Tata Power was established in 1915 under the Tata Group incorporated by Jamshedji Tata in the 1800s. Today, it's been over a century and the company has grown tenfold with its expertise in technology leadership, world class safety processes, project execution excellence, driving green initiatives and inclusive customer care services. The organisation is the visionary that is committed to ‘lighting up lives’ for many generations to come.

Core Activities & Products

Along with its joint entities and subsidiaries, Tata Power has a holding across the entirety of the power value chain of both conventional and renewable energy as well as next-generation customer solutions. The core products and services provided by the enterprise are: 
  • Renewable Energy: It is one India’s biggest renewable energy companies and the business is aimed at providing the entire country with energy that comes from natural green resources - wind and sun. Tata Power has the installed capacity of 932 MW of wind power generation through plants at Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan as well as Madhya Pradesh. The solar capacity is more than 750 MW of rooftop as well as distributed generation projects
across India. They also offer rooftop solutions, power packs, solar pumps and more. 
  • Conventional Generation: The enterprise has always enjoyed an unrivalled advantage of cost in electricity production that has been accomplished by regularly upgrading its thermal as well as hydro plants. This company has been behind the great city of Mumbai for over a century and also has generation capacities in West Bengal, Gujarat and Jharkhand. Ahead in the concept of sustainable and inexpensive energy, the hydro plant stations are mostly used to power industrial areas across Bhira, Khopoli and Bhivpuri in Maharashtra. The thermal power plants use very critical technology to supply cost effective power to both industrial and agricultural areas across Trombay in Mumbai, Maithon, Jojobera and Jamshedpur in Jharkhand, Kalinganagar in Odisha, Haldia in West Bengal, Prayagraj in Allahabad and Mundra in Gujarat. Lastly, Tata Power has also set up various plants at Jamshedpur and Haldia for waste heat recovery that is based on blast furnace as well as coke oven gases. These are waste gases from the steelmaking process and help in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Transmission and Distribution Services: The enterprise supplies electricity to more than 12 million customers that are spread across Delhi, Ajmer, Odisha and Mumbai. They also manage a network of distribution of over 4 Lac ckt KM and transmission across 3,531 Kms across India as well as transformational services to power utilities globally.
  • Next Gen Power Solutions: Being a future forward company, the organisation has paved the path with various innovations and assets that include Tata Power Solaroof, EZ Charge, EZ Home & Smart Energy Management. They continue to be forerunners in tech adoption, while being sustainable in their operations.
  • Trading: Tata Power is the first company in India that has been awarded a power trading licence by the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission and holds the Category 1 licence that empowers it to trade unlimited power. It has become a trailblazer in this arena with their own host of innovative initiatives. The company is uniquely positioned as to maximise all returns for its esteemed clientele. Besides this, Trading provides a variety of services like Coal Supply Facilitation as well as Advisory services covering project management, clean development mechanism, techno-commercial aspects as well as renewable energy certificates.
  • Value Added Services: These include beyond the metre customer service in Delhi, Mumbai, Odisha and Ajmer.

Board of Directors

  1. Mr. Natarajan Chandrasekaran: Non-Independent, Non-Executive Director & Chairman
  2. Ms. Anjali Bansal: Non-Executive Independent Director
  3. Ms. Vibha Padalkar: Non-Executive Independent Director
  4. Mr. Sanjay V. Bhandarkar: Non-Executive Independent Director
  5. Mr. Kesava Menon Chandrashekhar: Non-Executive Independent DirectorMr. Hemant Bhargava: LIC Nominee Director
  6. Mr. Saurabh Agrawal: Non-Executive Director
  7. Mr. Banwali Agrawala: Non-Executive Director
  8. Mr. Ashok Sinha: Non-Executive, Independent Director
  9. Dr. Praveer Sinha: CEO & Managing Director

Key Executives

  1. Dr. Praveer Sinha: CEO & Managing Director
  2. Mr. Sudeep Churiwala: Chief Finance Officer
  3. Mr. Hanoz M. Mistry: Company Secretary


Tata Power, with its expert knowledge and capacity has gone global and has an operational generation capacity in India of 13,515 MW along with retail power distribution that covers Delhi, Mumbai, Odisha and Ajmer. Across the globe, the company has presence in Indonesia, Georgia, Zambia as well as Singapore. Registered Office and Corporate Communication: Bombay House, 24, Homi Mody Street, Mumbai - 400001


The enterprise has many strengths that have an effect on its profitability, growth and Tata Power share price in the market. These strengths include: 
  1. Backed by an established brand - Tata Group, started by Jamshedji Tata.
  2. The company has high reserves and a low debt-equity ratio, which means there is scope for expansion.
  3. The company is a pioneer in new aged technology enabled resources.
  4. There are a varied source of power operated through the organisation - Thermal, Hydro, Wind, Solar and more.
  5. They are present globally in Malaysia, Kuwait, Zambia, Singapore, Georgia, Saudi Arabia and more.
  6. HIgh levelled employees only, with a small strength, making them cost and knowledge effective.

CSR and Sustainability

Ever since the industrial revolution has taken place, natural processes have been accelerated by humanity, which has changed the way our planet is balanced. This rate of change has a need to be addressed by future generations and big companies like Tata Power. The growing awareness of the stakeholders about climate change and global warming has posed serious challenges. As a response, Tata Power has committed itself to tackling these issues sustainably with a holistic model.  The company is leading the way in renewable, non-emitting sources of energy that are also low cost and reduce the overall carbon emissions. Tata Power has a 30% clean energy portfolio, which they plan to raise to 50% by 2025 through alternate sources to power the globe. The CSR and sustainability policy of the company is built in tandem with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These SDGs provide Tata Power with a prerequisite lens into the world’s needs and ambitions.  The organisation deploys development initiatives to help diverse communities through varied projects and interventions, which inturn builds a better and more sustainable society through the Tata Power Community Development Trust (TPCDT). The main aim of these interventions is to help transform the very lives if the community with a result oriented participation based approach. All the projects work with the concept - “Leadership with Care”. The main initiatives deal with education, livelihood, employability, drinking water, irrigation, health and sanitation, financial inclusivity and women empowerment. The company has running initiatives in locations across 16 states of India.


The company has not really received much criticism in its many years of working. But some are that they have a very limited share in the market due to the intense competition they face. They also have very limited presence in South India and no presence in Central India. Another issue they have faced is the fluctuating coal prices in the international market as well as the change of their import policies on coal and oil.

COVID-19 Impact

As part of their standard procedure, Tata Power is geared for disaster management. When the pandemic struck, the company immediately began a rota system for all the employees while also factoring in the backups. While they saw a few hiccups along the way, they were able to pull through effectively, being resilient as they were.

Future Prospects

As per many experts, the future prospects look really good, but the sudden hike in the Tata Power share price over the last few months has already captured the new information pouring into the market, which makes it seem like the bullish market may have overdone it already. So, the consensus is that, though the future is bright, the Tata Power share price is not to fall, but the hike in price will stay limited.

Did You Know!

Interestingly, Tata Power has been India’s number one solar roof EPC company in running for 8 years in a row. They installed the world’s biggest solar rooftop installation which was 12 MW for RSSB-EES in Amritsar. They also installed the world’s biggest solar rooftop installation on top of a cricket stadium of 820.8 KWP in Mumbai at Cricket Club of India. The enterprise is also known for installing the biggest solar carport of 2.67 MW in Cochin, at the International Airport. Recently, Tata Power installed the very first public electric vehicle charging stations, making Mumbai EV ready.

Initial Public Offering

Tata Power launched their shares first in the market in February, 1994. They did this jointly with Tata Hydro-Electric Power Supply Company Ltd. and The Andhra Valley Power Supply Company Ltd. Together they issued Global Depository Shares (GDS). These shares were launched in the International Market, finding listings on Luxembourg Stock Exchange as well as acceptance for clearance through Euroclear and Cedel.  In July 2009, the company raised USD 335 Million through GDRs (Global Depository Receipts) in the International Market through Euro MTF market of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange as well as IOB (International Order Board) of LSE (London Stock Exchange).

Equity Shares

Lately, Tata Power share price has been hitting it big as they have shot up by 70% in just June, 2022. They have had a spurt in volume as well as a bullish trend in the stock market. The main reasons for this rise in the Tata Power stock price are: 
  1. The electricity demand in India has picked up pace due to increased economic activity.
  2. The company is putting its efforts behind renewable energy and has many solar, thermal, hydro and waste management plants.
  3. They plan to raise their funds for the Initial Public Offerings of the company’s renewable energy unit.
  4. The enterprise is at the top of the pyramid when it comes to the Electric Vehicle charging stations, having already installed 961 charging stations.
 As mentioned earlier, the Tata Power stock price has shot up 70% in the last 30 days alone and if we take a year into account, the rise has been 314%.

Annual Financial Summary

12 mths12 mths12 mths12 mths12 mths
Equity Share Capital319.56319.56270.50270.50270.50
TOTAL SHARE CAPITAL319.56319.56270.50270.50270.50
Reserves and Surplus10,560.2416,559.0013,491.4713,919.1012,718.03
TOTAL RESERVES AND SURPLUS10,560.2416,559.0013,491.4713,919.1012,718.03
TOTAL SHAREHOLDERS FUNDS10,879.8016,878.5613,761.9714,189.6012,988.53
Long Term Borrowings18,087.9713,168.529,825.338,749.728,123.84
Deferred Tax Liabilities [Net]0.00135.36307.25583.49235.99
Other Long Term Liabilities3,325.33377.51412.97249.05312.23
Long Term Provisions274.00261.38222.46195.55182.10
TOTAL NON-CURRENT LIABILITIES21,687.3013,942.7710,768.019,777.818,854.16
Short Term Borrowings6,620.415,595.706,212.316,731.804,326.46
Trade Payables4,079.891,137.001,001.871,102.141,105.68
Other Current Liabilities3,841.413,789.554,310.304,818.497,711.80
Short Term Provisions44.5925.3762.0214.7415.44
TOTAL CURRENT LIABILITIES14,586.3010,547.6211,586.5012,667.1713,159.38
TOTAL CAPITAL AND LIABILITIES47,153.4042,868.9537,616.4838,134.5836,502.07
Tangible Assets23,708.538,200.757,974.077,545.967,873.55
Intangible Assets37.4355.3962.2283.8993.18
Capital Work-In-Progress965.15285.45402.87368.10418.78
Other Assets0.
FIXED ASSETS24,711.118,541.598,439.167,997.958,385.51
Non-Current Investments10,711.3826,128.4021,327.2021,270.7718,382.45
Deferred Tax Assets [Net]
Long Term Loans And Advances453.17490.1842.1051.3522.09
Other Non-Current Assets2,605.662,463.951,920.441,788.672,043.03
TOTAL NON-CURRENT ASSETS38,731.3237,624.1231,728.9031,108.7428,833.08
Current Investments67.60240.0120.0042.0010.00
Trade Receivables1,085.51910.871,108.681,256.44972.05
Cash And Cash Equivalents78.55142.67178.9495.7958.42
Short Term Loans And Advances1,328.481,523.89550.09119.20402.25
TOTAL CURRENT ASSETS8,422.085,244.835,887.587,025.847,668.99
TOTAL ASSETS47,153.4042,868.9537,616.4838,134.5836,502.07
Contingent Liabilities4,975.3217,904.2617,148.4618,410.1418,444.68
Raw Materials0.
Stores, Spares And Loose Tools0.00706.001,070.001,222.001,087.00
Trade/Other Goods0.00706.001,070.001,222.001,087.00
Capital Goods0.
Expenditure In Foreign Currency4,678.
Dividend Remittance In Foreign Currency----------
FOB Value Of Goods4,656.00809.00125.00116.00398.00
Other Earnings----------
Bonus Equity Share Capital1.
Non-Current Investments Quoted Market Value3,089.45236.28161.01316.07185.92
Non-Current Investments Unquoted Book Value10,091.0026,090.4521,304.8621,244.9222,564.87
Current Investments Quoted Market Value----------
Current Investments Unquoted Book Value67.60240.0120.0042.0010.00
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