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Shareholding Info
  • Promoters
    68.96 %
  • Foreign institutions-FII
    9.48 %
  • Other domestic institutions
    5.39 %
  • Retail and other
    4.38 %
  • Mutual Funds
    11.79 %

About SBI Cards

Launched in 1988, SBI Card is a joint venture of the State Bank of India and GE Capital. With its headquarters located in Gurgaon, Haryana, the company was incorporated as SBI Cards and Payment Services Private Limited (SBICPSL).GE Capital’s stake was acquired by SBI and the Carlyle Group in 2017. In 2020, SBI Card got the honour of becoming the first pure-play credit card company to be listed on the Indian stock exchange. SBI Card was launched with the objective of offering customers a multitude of value-added payment services and products. In a short span of ten months from the date of inception, the company managed to reach a credit card user base of 1 lakh customers. From there, the company has witnessed a meteoric rise. In 2002, SBI Card hit the 1 million customer mark, and within a short span of 3 years, in 2005, it crossed the milestone of 2 million credit card users.Currently possessing a user base of over 14 million credit card users, SBI Card is the country’s second-largest player in the credit card space.

Core Activities & Products

Over the years, SBI Card diversified its businesses and now offers a wide variety of credit cards. Some of them are as listed below:
  1. SBI Card Elite:This card offers a range of benefits suited to meeting a premium lifestyle. These include milestone benefits, reward points, exclusive concierge services, lounge access (domestic and international), and complimentary air tickets and gift vouchers.
  2. SBI Card PRIME:An entry-level premium card, this offers great lifestyle privileges such as complimentary membership to brands such as Vistara and Trident and ten reward points for every Rs.100 spent on dining and grocery. Additionally, the card has tied up with brands like RelianceFresh, Reliance Smart, Reliance Trendz, and BigBasket, offering accelerated reward points.
  3. SimplySAVE SBI Card:With this card, you can access great deals on movies, dining, and grocery expenditures. Additionally, you can also avail of fuel surcharge waivers across the country.
  4. SBI Signature Corporate Card:Explicitly meant for those who travel a lot on business, this card offers complimentary airport lounge access, as well as concierge services, and travel and air insurance amounting to Rs.1 Crore.
  5. SBI Platinum Corporate Card:This card comes packed with a range of benefits, such as a dynamic credit limit, daily expenditure limits, corporate level statements, and travel and air insurance. Additionally, it also offers deals from international airlines, hotels, car rental services, and even travel partners.
  6. Co-Branded Cards:In addition to those mentioned above, SBI card boasts of the largest co-brand portfolio in the credit card industry and has partnered with IRCTC, Tata, Yatra, Central, Air India, Mumbai Metro, Chennai Metro, and other banks such as Oriental Bank of Commerce, Karur Vysya Bank, and South Indian Bank, to name a few.

Board of Directors

  • Chairman: Dinesh Kumar Khara
  • Director: Swaminathan Janakiraman
  • Director: Rama Mohan Rao Amara
  • Director: Mihir Narayan Prasad Mishra
  • Independent Director: Tejendra Mohan Bhasin
  • Independent Director: Rajendra Kumar Saraf
  • Independent Director: Dinesh Kumar Mehrotra
  • Independent Director: Anuradha Shripad Nadkarni
  • Independent Director: Shriniwas Yeshwant Joshi

Key Executives

  • Managing Director and CEO: Rama Mohan Rao Amara
  • Chief Operating Officer: Richhpal Singh
  • Chief Risk Officer: Aparna Kuppuswamy
  • Chief Sales and Marketing Officer: Girish Budhiraja
  • Head – Customer Services: Manish Dewan
  • Chief People Officer: Seema Kapahi
  • Head – Internal Audit: Kamlesh Kumar Shukla
  • Head – Workforce Effectiveness: Ashok Kumar Lohmod
  • Chief Information and Digital Officer: Pradeep Khurana
  • Head – Legal: Ugen Bhutia
  • Chief Compliance Officer: Rinku Sharma
  • Head - Open Market and Corporate Sales: Amit Batra
  • Head – Operations: Monish Vohra
  • Head – Collections: Anu Gupta
  • Head – Banca Channel: Vishal Singh
  • Chief Credit Officer: Nandini Malhotra


Within 25 years of inception, SBI Card already has 14 million active credit card users, making it the second largest issuer of credit cards in the country. With a wide range of credit cards suited to meet every customer’s unique needs, SBI Card is a force to reckon with. With a firm customer-centric approach, the company stands out when it comes to branding, customer service, and product innovation.

Registered Office:

SBI Cards & Payment Services Ltd.
DLF Infinity Towers,
Tower C, 12th Floor,
Block 2, Building 3,
DLF Cyber City,
Gurgaon -122002(Haryana)


The strengths of the company that have affected the SBI Card share price and give it a competitive advantage in the market are:
  1. SBI Card is the only credit card company in the country that offers customers the option of paying bills via 14 different modes.
  2. SBI Card offers a wide range of credit cards to suit every customer’s needs, including classic cards, travel and shopping cards, corporate cards, and even exclusive co-branded cards.
  3. In FY22, the company posted strong growth while maintaining excellent credit performance with key metrics within acceptable limits. It reflected a 278bps reduction YoY in risk in the GNPA and 37bps YoY reduction in NNPA.
  4. The board declared a dividend of ₹2.5 per equity share (25%) for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2022.

CSR and Sustainability

While making waves on the business front, SBI Card is dedicated to contributing to society's effective development and upliftment. The company has the vision to work with partner agencies to ensure comprehensive development across various levels of society, ability, and geography. Keeping this in mind, SBI Card has chosen four key areas to focus its CSR activities on (a) Health (b) Skill Development (c) Education and (d) Environment.Over the last year alone, keeping the wide-ranging effects of the pandemic in mind, SBI Card undertook a wide range of initiatives further to consolidate the public health infrastructure in the country.Some of their initiatives include:
  • Establishment of Skill Centres for women – to increase employability skills
  • Employability Skill Training – for young adults on the Autism spectrum
  • Supply of Healthcare equipment and ambulances
  • Setting up a supply chain to segregate and collect plastic waste
  • Training of government schoolteachers – to improve student outcomes
  • Support for destitute elderly – food, medical care, and recreational activities
  • Establishment of primary health care clinics
  • Promotion of education of the girl child
  • Water security for villages
  • Covid-19 disaster relief – food and hygiene kits

COVID-19 Impact

The pandemic had a severe impact on all sectors in India, including the banking sector – and keeping in line with the Covid-19 regulations laid down by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), SBI Card granted a moratorium to all of its borrowers. During the first few months of the moratorium, while collections seemed to decline, in the subsequent months, they gradually started rising. When the second wave of the pandemic hit the country, intermittent lockdowns and restrictions were placed all across the country, which once again affected collections. Even though the impact was moderate as compared to the last fiscal year, asset quality witnessed a dip, with gross non-performing assets (GNPAs) increasing to 4.99% (March 31st, 2021) from 2.01% in the previous year. In July 2021, when the lockdown was lifted, the GNPAs rose to 3.36% (September 30th, 2021).

Future Prospects

The future prospects of the SBI Card include:
  1. Addition of new customers, specifically, those with a better risk profile.
  2. In the next four years, SBI Card plans to increase the percentage of high-net-worth and high-spending customers from the present 5% to 20%.
  3. By way of a better value proposition, SBI Card aims to increase customer spending by way of a better value proposition.

Did You Know!

Did you know that SBI Card is one of the first companies to migrate to the services of MasterCard, Europay, and Visa (EMV) platform? A vast majority of its portfolio has been transferred to this far superior technology.Also, if you are an active user of a credit card issued by an SBI Card, you can use the ASK ILA (Interactive Live Assistant) chatbot to manage your account. It’s easy to understand and helps gets your tasks done quicker.

Initial Public Offering

The SBI Card IPO was listed on both the NSE as well as the BSE. It was launched on the 2nd of March 2020, and a total of 13,71,93,464 shares were listed. These equity shares were offered to the public at a price of Rs.750 – Rs.755 per share.

Equity Shares

Over the last quarter of the previous financial year, SBI Card reported strong financials. The company reported a marginal dip in its total standalone income but a 22% upward increase in its total income over the previous year. Having the advantage of being the only pure-play credit card company to be listed on the market, with a much higher profit than other banks and even NBFCs, it is estimated that SBI Card will maintain its premium valuation even in the long run.
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