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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the span margin calculator?

The span margin calculator helps traders compute the margin (capital) required for initiating a trade in the NSE equity derivatives/commodity derivatives and currency derivatives segments before actually taking the trade.

How does the span margin calculator work?

The objective of span is to identify overall risk in a portfolio of futures and options contracts for each member.

In standard pricing models, three factors most directly affect the value of an option at a given point in time:

  1. Underlying market price
  2. Volatility (variability) of underlying instrument
  3. Time to expiration

As these factors change, so too will the value of futures and options maintained within the portfolio. Span constructs scenarios of probable changes in underlying prices and volatilities in order to identify the largest loss a portfolio might suffer from one day to the next. It then
sets the margin(capital) requirement at a level sufficient to cover this one-day loss.

How is the F&O margin calculated?

You can use the link to see F&O calculation –
All you have to do is select the exchange, segment, ticker, whether you want to buy or sell and quantity. After you fill in the details and click on add you will see the required margin (capital) for initiating the trade.

What are margins in equity?

In equity the margins are called leverage. You are allowed to buy stocks by paying a marginal amount of the actual value. On Upstox, from 20th September 2021 onwards, you can now place intraday orders with up to 5x* leverage on all NSE 500 stocks!

What’s changed? Earlier we offered up to 5x leverage only on equity stocks listed under the F&O segment, but now you can avail up to 5x leverage to place intraday orders on all NSE 500 stocks.

*Please note: Leverages are subject to change without prior notice at Upstox’s discretion.

What is the upfront margin?

Upfront margins means depositing initial margins upfront on the trading day if you wish to trade in any of the registered segment/s.

The following shall be continued to be considered as upfront margin:

  1. Funds available in the trading ledger with Upstox
  2. Shares pledged* in favour of Upstox as collateral for margin purposes (only for POA clients)

*A change is this system shall become applicable in the near future. Clients shall be
appropriately informed about such change in advance.

What is the exposure margin?

The exposure margin is the margin blocked over and above the SPAN to cushion for any MTM losses. Both the SPAN and exposure margins are specified by the exchange. So at the time of initiating a futures trade, the client has to adhere to the initial margin requirement. The entire initial margin (SPAN + Exposure) is blocked by the exchange.

What is the value at risk margin?

Value at risk (VaR) margin is a measure of risk. It is used to estimate the probability of loss of value of a share or a portfolio, based on the statistical analysis of historical price trends and volatilities. To arrive at VaR margin, three important parameters are considered.

  1. Confidence level
  2. Time horizon
  3. Estimate of loss

VaR margin is published by the exchanges multiple times during the day, based on
the movement in price of a stock.

What is the extreme loss margin?

The extreme loss margin aims at covering the losses that could occur outside the coverage of VaR margins.

What is a ticker?

A ticker is a symbol, a unique combination of letters and numbers that represent a particular stock. Fox example, ticker for Reliance is RIL

What is net premium margin?

The net option premium is the total amount a trader will pay for selling one or more options and at the same time purchasing others. The combination can include any number of puts and calls and their respective position in each.

This calculator is meant to be used for indicative purposes only. It is designed to assist you in determining the appropriate amount of prospective investments. This calculator alone is not sufficient and shouldn’t be used for the development or implementation of any investment strategy. Upstox does not take the responsibility/liability nor does it undertake the authenticity of the figures calculated therein. Upstox makes no warranty about the accuracy of the calculators/reckoners. The examples do not claim to represent the performance of any security or investments. In view of the individual nature of tax consequences, each investor is advised to consult his/her own professional tax advisor before making any investment decisions on the basis of the results provided through the use of this calculator.