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Margin Trading Facility

Enjoy 2X leverage on 200+ stocks

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  • Trade in top stocks with just 50% funds

  • Low cost borrowing

  • One click activation, no paperwork needed

Double your buying power with Margin Trading Facility

Let’s look at an example

  • You Pay

  • upstox Pays

  • You can buy stocks worth


How to activate Margin Trading Facility?

It’s quick, easy and a one-time process

  • STEP

    Click ‘Buy’ on any MTF applicable stock

  • STEP

    Activate Margin Trading Facility from the stock details page

  • STEP

    Read & accept the T&C

  • STEP

    Enter your OTP and done!

All you need to know about Margin Trading Facility

Limits & Charge

  • Buy stocks worth ₹25,00,000 by borrowing up to ₹12,50,000
  • Interest of ₹20/day for every slab of ₹40,000 borrowed
E.g. Interest on ₹70,000 = ₹40/day (₹20/day for the first slab of ₹40,000 + ₹20/day for the second slab of ₹30,000)
  • One-time pledging and un-pledging charges of ₹20/stock. To know more click here

Keep in Mind

  • MTF lets you borrow 50% funds to buy stocks for a limited period of 150 days only
  • Gains or losses on stocks bought via MTF could be two times than a normal order
  • As per regulatory guidelines, it is mandatory to pledge MTF Positions on the CDSL website by 9:30 PM on the same day

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Why use Margin Trading Facility?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to activate MTF every time I am using it?

No. Activating MTF is a one-time, easy and quick process. Once activated, you can use it whenever you want by switching on/off the “Get up to 50% funds from us’’ button.

What is the applicable limit under MTF?

At any given time the total amount you can avail via MTF shouldn’t exceed ₹12,50,000.

How do I return the money borrowed for MTF?

You do not need to directly return the amount borrowed. Stocks bought with MTF appear under the Positions tab (not Holdings). So, to return the amount, all you need to do is exit your ‘positions’ within 150 days.

Where will I see my MTF Positions?

All MTF Positions will be visible under the Positions tab, labelled as MTF on the Upstox platform.

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