All You Need to Know About HDFC SMS Banking

HDFC Bank, or Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited, is the largest wholly-owned subsidiary of HDFC in terms of assets. Headquartered in Mumbai and with around 6000+ branches across roughly 3000 cities in India, it offers a plethora of banking and finance solutions. This includes loans (auto, two-wheeler, personal, consumer durable, against property), credit cards, wholesale and retail banking, and so on.

Recently, HDFC adopted the culture of SMS Banking and introduced this new feature to better its game of convenience. With HDFC SMS Banking, people can now avail of banking services via text messages within seconds. Be it requesting account statements, accessing fixed deposits, or details of any bill. A myriad of banking functions can be performed using this quick and secure feature.

This article aims to offer a detailed walkthrough of HDFC’s latest SMS Banking service — its working, benefits, and registration. But first, let’s understand the basics of SMS banking in general.

What Is SMS Banking? 

SMS Banking falls under the category of Mobile Banking. It’s a service provided usually by banks and financial institutions for exchanging text messages with their customers and catering to their needs. These messages might be notifications, fraud alerts, information requested by the users, and so on. 

There are primarily two types of SMS Banking messages — push and pull. The former point to the messages sent out by the bank or the institution on its own to the customer. For example, marketing ads, updates, and OTPs.

The other category (pull) includes the messages shared by the bank upon the request of the customer. For instance, if you want to know the status of a check, you can send a text message (usually a predefined code) to the bank. This, in turn, generates a response from the bank within seconds.

How Does HDFC SMS Banking Work? 

HDFC SMS Banking requires minimal communication and is time efficient. You must send a specific keyword as a text message to 5676712 to carry out a task. Within seconds you’ll receive the enquired information as a response! Run by an AI at the backend, the program is regularly updated to avoid discrepancies and inconvenience to the users.

You’ll have to register your account to access this feature. There are various methods to get started (discussed later in this article). Once done, you can make a range of requests via text and save yourself time and effort. Moreover, you will also automatically sign up for updates on personalised offers, the latest products and features, alerts, important notifications, etc.

Eligibility Criteria for SMS Banking

The eligibility criteria for initiating SMS Banking aren’t tricky or highly demanding. You need to ensure that:

  • You have either a Savings, Current, or Fixed Deposit account with HDFC Bank.
  • You have a stable mobile phone connection, with national or international roaming if required by your telecom operator.

Benefits of HDFC SMS Banking 

HDFC SMS Banking is a boon to its customers. Given below are some ways it benefits them:

1. Convenience At No Extra Cost

You don’t have to make any additional purchases to avail of this service. Your messages will be charged at the standard SMS rates mentioned by your telecom operator.

2. Available 24/7

You can make an HDFC Bank SMS balance enquiry or any other irrespective of time and place. This service is available for NRIs as well. Hence, you can make a request from anywhere in the world, even on a day off.

3. Numerous Possible Enquiries

HDFC SMS Banking provides you with a diverse range of functions that can be performed to access information. Be it requesting a chequebook, regenerating IPIN, or even finding the keyword list of specific keywords for such tasks. HDFC has you covered!

Services Provided Through SMS Banking 

Below is the complete list of services offered by HDFC SMS Banking.

  • View the current balance of your account(s)
  • Have the latest account statement emailed
  • Go through a quick “Mini Statement” on your phone via SMS that includes the last three transactions of your account
  • Request for a new chequebook
  • Stop the payment of an issued cheque
  • Track and find out the current status of a cheque issued at your end
  • See the details of your utility bills paid through your account
  • Send a request to regenerate an IPIN (internet banking password)
  • Get the keyword/code list with their functions to access HDFC SMS Banking 

Wondering how to get the customer ID of HDFC Bank through SMS? Or simply how to check your HDFC Bank balance via SMS? Here are all the functions listed, along with their keywords and additional information:

Function Keyword Response Received/ Additional Information
To check the balance (of a single account) In the case of a single account:


In the case of linked accounts:

bal <last 5 digits of the account number> 

HDFC SMS Banking allows you to check the balance of all 5 linked accounts at one time in chronological order. With this feature, you can view your HDFC Bank balance in an SMS.
To request an account statement In the case of a single account:


In the case of linked accounts:

stm <last 5 digits of the account number> 

The account statement will be sent via email. The oldest date in this shall be when you last requested the statement. You can also view the customer ID on the first page of the account statement.
To display mini statement In the case of a single account:


In the case of linked accounts:

txn <last 5 digits of the account number> 

This will show the last three transactions, i.e., debits or credits.
To request a chequebook In the case of a single account:


In the case of linked accounts:

chq <last 5 digits of the account number> 

You will receive the chequebook via mail.
To stop a cheque stp <6 digit cheque number> This will stop your issued cheque from being processed for payment.
To know your cheque’s current status cst <6 digit cheque number> Tells the status of the cheque (whether it has been paid or stopped) issued by you.
To find details of a bill bil Displays the details of electricity and telephone bills through SMS
To regenerate IPIN ipin Regenerates IPIN and sends it across via mail. A confirmed receipt of the same will be sent to you.
To enquire about fixed deposits fdq This code provides you with the details of your fixed deposits (up to 5 accounts), including principal amount, interest rates, and maturity date and amount.
To change your primary account new < 14-digit account number> In case of multiple accounts, you can use this feature to change your primary one. 
To get access to the keyword list help  Displays the list of specific keywords or codes of HDFC SMS Banking service along with their respective functions.

How to Register for HDFC SMS Banking?

Presently, HDFC has granted four different methods to its customers for initiating registration for the SMS Banking service. You can choose either of them depending upon your ease. 

These are explained below:

1. Via SMS

The first way to get started requires dropping a text message which can be completed within seconds. Type REGISTER <customer ID> <last 5 digits of your account number> and send it to 5676712 from your registered mobile number.

2. Through NetBanking

Log into your HDFC NetBanking using your customer ID and IPIN (internet banking password). Click open “SMS Banking Registration” and enter the required particulars.


3. Using an ATM

If either of the first two methods doesn’t suit you, go to the nearest HDFC ATM and enter your PIN. Select the “More Options” tab on the homepage and register your number for Mobile/SMS Banking. Finally, click “Confirm”.

4. Visiting Your Branch

Last but not least, you can also fill out a physical application form for SMS Banking services by visiting your branch. Here are the links to these forms:

  • For an Individual
  • For Corporate

Requesting Information via Hdfc Toll-Free Number

In case you want to check your balance via SMS, but without registering for SMS Banking services, you can always call HDFC's toll-free number. Here are the different numbers according to the functions they perform:

  1. Account Balance – 1800-270-3333
  2. Mini Statement – 1800-270-3355
  3. Chequebook Request – 1800-270-3366
  4. Account Statement – 1800-270-3377

HDFC SMS Banking for Joint Account Holders 

If availing SMS Banking services as an HDFC joint account holder, remember that only the primary account holder will be considered. Hence, you will be able to perform the functions listed in the table above using their registered phone number.

What Not to Share via HDFC SMS Banking? 

The Terms and Conditions of HDFC SMS Banking throw light upon content that must not be shared with the bank via this service under any circumstance. It includes:

  • Personal or sensitive data like name, address, gender, credentials, etc.
  • Anything obscene, immoral, vulgar, unethical, etc.
  • Confidential information
  • Content that encourages crime or violates any applicable law in India
  • Breach of copyrights or intellectual of the third party

In case such content is found to be shared with the bank, HDFC holds the right to remove or delete these submissions made by the sender.

Updating Registered Mobile Number for HDFC SMS Banking 

Whether you’ve lost your old number, deactivated it, or simply want to switch to a new one. You can easily change your registered mobile number to continue SMS Banking services. All you have to do is de-register your old number and send a registration request for a new one.

Here are the steps to achieve the same:

  1. Visit your nearest HDFC branch and talk to them regarding the de-registration of your lost/old number. 
  2. Once the process is complete, you can:
  • Fill out a fresh form for registration of your new number
  • Open NetBanking and finish the task under “SMS Banking Registration”


SMS Banking has come a long way from what it used to be. Today, it can be seen as a more secure, reliable, and safer method to carry out simple transactional and non-transactional tasks effortlessly. Without mandating the need for the internet, users can easily and quickly access this feature from anywhere around the globe.

HDFC’s SMS Banking aims to offer a “great way to have your bank account at your fingertips.” By sending short and easy-to-remember keywords to 5676612, you can monitor your account, make requests, cancel cheques and even regenerate IPIN from the comfort of your home. 

Free of cost and error compared to making calls via phone banking and missing out on half of the things the operator says. SMS Banking is also available for NRIs. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long should I wait for the SMS Banking registration to be complete? 

If you’re registering via SMS, Netbanking or ATM, the procedure gets completed within seconds, a couple of minutes at the most. However, if you opt to fill out the application and drop it at your nearest branch, it might take 4-5 working days. 

Will I be informed when my SMS Banking registration process is complete?

Yes. Once registered, you will receive the following SMS:

“Successfully registered!~Your account no. ending with 'XXXX' is set as the default account for HDFC Bank SMS Banking services. Check our Terms and Conditions - for further details.~To get your account balance, SMS your query to 7308080808.~Please call on 1860-267-6161 for further assistance.”

Do I need a PIN to avail of SMS Banking?

No, you do not require any PIN or password to access SMS Banking. All you need is your registered mobile number to send predefined codes or keywords to the bank for performing a task. 

How many cheques can I stop at a time?

Currently, HDFC provides the facility to stop one cheque at a time using SMS Banking. 

Can I make use of HDFC SMS Banking outside of India?

Yes. HDFC SMS Banking can be easily accessed from anywhere in the world at any time, given that you have national or international roaming on your registered mobile number.

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