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Upstox API zero brokerage

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Upstox API Documentation

The Upstox API comprises a suite of RESTful APIs designed to supply the necessary data for constructing a comprehensive investment and trading platform. These APIs enable real-time order execution, user portfolio management, live market data streaming via Websockets, and more, all presented in an easily comprehensible API collection.

All requests are transmitted securely via HTTPS, and they are formatted with the 'application/json' content type. All responses are provided in JSON format, except for the instrumental API, which yields a CSV response..

To utilize these APIs, creating an application within the Developer Console is imperative, generating both an apiKey and apiSecret.You need to specify a redirect URL, which will be invoked following the login process with the auth code. Optionally, you can provide a Postback URL where you can receive live updates on order statuses.

For traders, the creation of apps can be accomplished directly from the Upstox mobile app or the desktop platform, accessible from the Apps section within the Account Tab. Head over to create an app. For businesses interested in integrating Upstox APIs, you can contact us, and we will expedite the development of a customized app to meet your specific needs.

It is strongly advised against embedding the apiSecret within your frontend application. Instead, it is recommended to establish a remote backend system responsible for managing the handshake process on behalf of the frontend app. Inadvertently disclosing the apiSecret within the frontend application could render your app susceptible to security threats and potential issues.

We also boast a thriving Upstox developer community that you can tap into to connect with like-minded Upstox API users. Here, you can inquire about API-related questions and engage with the community members.