How to Fill DCB Bank RTGS Form

  • Do you want to make a big ticket fund transfer of ₹2 lakh and above quickly, safely, economically?
  • Do you want to make this big ticket fund transfer to the beneficiary who holds an account with another bank?
  • Wouldn't it be super convenient to you, if you could make this big ticket fund transfer, everytime ( 24*7*365), everywhere, events on bank holidays and weekends?

RTGS, (Real Time Gross Settlement System) payment gateway is the answer to your fund transfer needs.

Backed by the RBI, payments of ₹2lakh and above can be done electronically from one bank account to the other on a real time basis, 24*7*365, within a span of just 30 minutes.  

As a non- revocable payment  gateway, with no minimum threshold limit, this  facility can be availed by both retail and corporate customers by simply filling up form via internet or mobile,  free of charge or through a visit to your branch, at a nominal service charge.

Let us understand the nuances of RTGS form filling- 

Before that, let me give you a brief profile on DCB.

Development Credit Bank ( DCB) was established in 1995 as a joint-stock banking company by reconstituting Development Co-operative Bank Ltd (DCBL). DCBL began operations in 1981 and was formed  by amalgamating Ismailia Co-operative Bank Ltd with Masalawala Co-operative Bank Ltd. 

Backed by marquee  investors, AKFED (Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development)

which had co-promoted  HDFC ltd. in India in the late 1970s) and its Indian associate, Platinum Jubilee Investments, the largest shareholders, with their combined stake pegged at 14.88% (as on September 30, 2020).

Headquartered in Mumbai, DCB  has an impressive customer base of  ~10 lakh which is backed by a pan-India network of 405 branches, 112 ATMs  across an asset base of  ₹44,840 crores (FY2021).

Let us delve into the nuances of RTGS  form.

  • For starters, the bank offers this facility to all its active account holders, online and offline.
  • Login to the official web portal,
  • Navigate through the home page to download the form.
  • Fill the form with the following details:
  1.  Sender Account Details, Beneficiary      
  2.  Account Details, Beneficiary Bank    
  3.  IFSC Code and complete Amount transfer.
  • Now press 'RTGS' as the fund transfer type and move ahead.
  • Within a span of 30 minutes, the fund transfer would be fulfilled.
  • As a security layer, for payments  to a newly added beneficiary, a cooling period of 48 hours is applied, during which payments cannot be transferred to the beneficiary so as to minimise the potential errors pertaining to incorrect amount or incorrect account holder.
  • Alternatively, customers can also fill the form offline by visiting the branch.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. Will the new beneficiary be added quickly?

DCB  allows a cooling period of 48 hours, in case a new beneficiary is added.

The payment to the newly added beneficiary would get fulfilled only after the cooling period.

Q. Is it possible to revoke an RTGS transfer?

Such  transfers are non-revocable. Hence a customer should be very careful with regard to account details and amount to be transferred to the beneficiary.

Q. Is it possible  to view my past fund transfers?

Yes, you can view your transaction activities by login to the bank's web portal and navigating to the  ‘Funds Transfer History’ option.

Q. What are RTGS charges?

Amount                         Service charge*

₹2 Lakh – ₹5 Lakh         upto ₹24.50+GST

₹5 Lakh & above           upto ₹49.50+ GST

*The service charges (₹24.50 and ₹49.50 ) per transaction is capped by the RBI.

Banks may charge service fees lower than the capped amount.

Q. What are DCB RTGS timings?

As per the bank's schedule, services can be availed from:

  • Monday to Friday from 

10 AM To 3:30 PM 

  • Saturday ( excluding 2nd and 4th)  from 10 AM To 3:30 PM.

Q. Is there any maximum limit for RTGS transfer?

As per the RBI guidelines, there is no minimum threshold limit for such payments. A customer with an active account can transfer an amount as low as ₹1.

Q. What are the types of transfers permissible?

As an active account holder, i have the option to transfer funds from:

  • My DCB Bank account  to my other account with the same bank.
  • I can also transfer funds from my DCB Bank account to a third party who also has an account with DCB.
  • Lastly, I can transfer funds from my  DCB Bank account  to Non -DCB Bank account holders.

Q. Is it possible to make payment via RTGS  outside India?

As per the RBI guidelines, this payment gateway can only be accessed through banks within India.

Q. How is  RTGS fund transfer processing different from that of the National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) System?

One of the major differences between RTGS and NEFT fund transfer system is that in case of RTGS, the settlement occurs continuously, ie. on a transaction by transaction basis on real time, throughout the day. While in case of NEFT, the transactions are settled  in batches with a time lag.

Q. Can a payee initiate an RTGS enabled fund transfer for a future date?

As per RBI guidelines, such payments cannot be fulfilled on the basis of future value dated transactions.

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