Digital Seva Portal - CSC, Login, Registration, & Scheme

Relevance, Significance, And Scope of The Digital Seva Portal

Common Service Centre, or the CSC, is a digital platform that helps people with zero or limited internet access to perform various functions and avail of several services. You can also obtain certificates or government documents from this platform.

You can get access to these services by paying a small amount and bypassing the method of visiting authorities, standing in long queues, and making offline payments. This platform makes the functioning of common individuals extremely quick, error-free, accessible, and cost-effective.

The CSC platforms also allow individuals who are Indian citizens and above the age of 18 to apply for various government programs. Individuals can open a Common Service centre or Sewa Kendra, and every village or town has a CSC centre. You can register online for the Digital Seva CSC Portal, which includes registering as a VLE - Village Level Entrepreneur.

Different Types of Digital Seva Portal Registrations

You can go ahead with the Digital Seva Portal registration using the following methods:

  • Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE)
  • Through RDDs or the Rural Development Departments
  • Through Self-help groups

Structure of the CSC Scheme

The structure of the CSC scheme can be categorised into three core areas:

  1. SDAs or the State Designed Authority are responsible for managing, planning, exercising, and executing the CSC services all over the state.
  2. SCAs or the Service Center Agency (SCA) are responsible for setting up the CSC Centers across all locations and deciding the right placement of the centre.
    They also play a vital role in promoting CSC services in rural and remote areas. They generally carry out various campaigns and programs to promote CSC services at the village, local, and state levels.
  3. VLEs, or the Village Level Entrepreneurs, are the CSC Digital Seva Portal operators. Their core objective is to ensure that there is at least one Digital Seva Portal CSC in every gram panchayat. SCAs or private companies are responsible for hiring VLEs at the State Level to take the position.
    SCAs ensure to keep the eligibility requirements minimal for VLEs as they want a maximum number of volunteers to participate and enrol themselves as VLEs. The more VLEs in every location, the higher the success rate of the CSC Digital Seva Portal Scheme would be.

Objectives of the Digital Seva Portal CSC              

Give below are some of the goals and objectives of the CSC Digital Seva Portal Scheme:

  1. Establishing a network of self-sustaining Digital Seva CSC Portals in a minimum of 2.5 lakh Gram Panchayats, India.
  2. Promoting rural entrepreneurship.
  3. Sharing maximum commission with the VLEs and ensuring their sustainability.
  4. Encouraging women to be VLEs.
  5. Offering a wide and exclusive range of G2C e-services from a single platform.
  6. Serving the private sector on several grounds.
  7. Promoting Government initiated social welfare programs.
  8. Creating new rural jobs.

Digital Seva Portal Registration Eligibility Criteria

The Digital Seva Portal registration comes with any charge and can be done by anyone. However, you must certainly meet the conditions as the eligibility criteria, which are stated below:

  • You must be a citizen of India.
  • You must be a minimum of 18 years old.
  • You must have completed your 10th class.
  • You should be residing in the specific region for opening the CSC Digital Seva Portal in that particular area.
  • To register as a VLE, you must have completed the TEC - Telecentre Entrepreneur Course (TEC).
  • If you are enrolling in a self-help group (SHG), you would need an enrollment code that reflects your selection as an SHG.

Requirements to Open the Digital Seva CSC Portal            

In addition to the above-mentioned eligibility criteria, individuals can open the Digital Seva Portal CSC by meeting the following conditions:

  1. You must have a pre-owned space that is easily accessible to the region's people.
  2. You must install KIOSK services which will be operational from 8 in the morning to 8 in the evening.
  3. Your centre should be well-equipped to meet all the end-user requirements and to provide all necessary services.
  4. You must appoint centre managers who would need to ensure that the KIOSK is operating easily and that all services are effectively delivered.
  5. You would need the following equipment, which is mandatory for every Digital Seva CSC Portal centre:
  • Two or more computers equipped with a licensed operating system
  • 1 GB RAM with 500 GB hard drive and other high-end specifications
  • Printer
  • Digital camera
  • Scanner

How to Get the Digital Seva Portal Registration?

For the Digital Seva Portal registration process, you must have all your documents handy, and you should fulfil the eligibility criteria as given above.

If you have a space with all the equipment mentioned above, you can apply for the Digital Seva Portal registration by following the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: You must visit the official Digital Seva CSC Portal and click on CSC registration.

Step 2: Go to the VLE registration tab and click on 'Click here to Register.

Step 3: You would need to make the necessary selection. You can select CSC VLE if you are an individual or for other options as stated in the list and depending on your format. You need to enter the TEC certificate number, which can be retrieved from the same portal.

Step 4 – Enter your details, like your mobile number and email ID, fill in the captcha, and click on submit.

Step 5 – You will get an OTP on your registered mobile number, which needs to be filled in the space given.

Step 6 – You will need to enter details like your name, age, gender, category, location, rural or urban, OTP, and captcha. Then you can submit the page.

Step 7 – You would be required to fill in certain intricate details like the longitude and latitude of your location, your address, banking details, photographs, etc.

Step 8 – Read all the terms and conditions carefully and tick the box before proceeding with the application.

Step 9 – After you click next, you will be given an 'Application form reference ID', which you must note or save for future references. You will get an acknowledgment email to confirm your Digital Seva Portal registration.

Step 10 – Your application will be sent to the nearest District Manager of CSC, who will either do an online or physical verification of your centre before marking their approval.

What Is the Procedure for Checking Digital Seva Portal Registration Status?

Follow these steps to know the status of Digital Seva Portal registration:

Step 1: You must visit the official Digital Seva CSC Portal and enter the Application Reference ID.

Step 2 – To find the Application Reference ID, you can check the confirmation email, fill in the captcha and click on submit.

Step 3 – Your Digital Seva Portal registration status will be displayed.

Suppose the Digital Seva Portal registration has been approved. In that case, you will soon get your Digital Seva Portal login details on your mobile number through an SMS or email, and you can reset the password to start using the platform and providing the required services.

What is the Digital Seva Portal Login Procedure?

When you receive the username and password details after your Digital Seva Portal registration has been approved, you must follow these steps:

Step 1: You must visit the official Digital Seva CSC Portal and click on the Digital Seva Portal login.

Step 2 – You must enter your email, username, and password and then click on sign-in to access the CSC Digital Seva Portal dashboard and start providing the relevant services.

What is the Procedure for the CSC VLE Registration?

For the CSC VLE Registration, you need a TEC certificate, after which you can follow these steps:

Step 1: You must visit the official Digital Seva CSC Portal and go to the 'VLE Registration' register tab.

Step 2: Choose 'CSC VLE' and enter your TEC certificate number.

Step 3: Enter your mobile number and CAPTCHA code, then click Submit.

Step 4: Enter all your details like name, age, category, location, qualifications, address, and bank account details, as asked in the application form, and then click Next.

Step 5: Upload your documents, like your PAN card, Aadhar Card, CSC photograph, Voter ID, etc., and then click Next.

Step 6: Complete the application by filling out other details and clicking Submit.

You can follow the same procedure for RDD CSC Digital Seva Portal registration.

What Are the Basic Services That the Csc Digital Seva Portal Offers?

The Digital Seva CSC Portal offers several services in various areas of the country, and some of them can be described below:

Digital Seva Portal Banking Services

Promoting a cashless economy by enrolling 100,000 citizens and activating 25 lakhs of small and medium businesses under the program. In rural areas, banking services, including Kisan credit cards and borrower lending, are provided through CSC Digital Seva Portal.

These are connected to about 42 public and private service sectors related to the banking and pension sectors for:

  • RAP (Rural Authorized Person) registration
  • Basic banking course
  • Life Insurance Policy (LIC)
  • Pension Services
  • PIN pad device payment service
  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 account opening
  • Deposit contributions, and more.

Digital Seva CSC Portal Aadhaar Services

Mobile updates and additional functionality under the Apna CSC portal include updating mobile phone and email identities.

Any VLE with a biometric device can update or add a citizen's mobile number and email id to the Aadhaar database within 72 hours. The other Digital Seva Portal services include:

  • Aadhar Mobile Update
  • E-KYC details printout
  • Update demographics
  • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) printout of Aadhar card
  • Finger recognition

CSC Portal Seva Government Services

The CSC Portal Seva portal provides various Government-related services like:

  • Insurance, E-Nagrik & E- district services
  • Telemedicine services
  • E-courts and judgment services
  • Pension services
  • Passport related services
  • Services related to the Water bill and electricity bill
  • NIOS registration-related services
  • Aadhar-related and Electoral services
  • PAN card-related services
  • Digitise India services

Digital Seva CSC Portal Services for the Agricultural sector

The CSC Agri platform concentrates on the agriculture sector and is primarily focused on farmers' needs and improvements.

FPOs - Farmer Producer Organisations and VLEs - Village Level Entrepreneurs buy different brands of farm equipment and produce, rent and lease farm equipment, conduct soil surveys, sell produce, provide remote advice on agricultural and livestock products, and provide various financing options to the individuals associated with this sector.

Some of the services offered in this sectors are:

  • Integration of 1000 FPOs, and the goal is to get 6000 FPOs.
  • Collaborate with multiple brands for seeds, fertilisers, pesticides, and other agricultural inputs.
  • Provide block-level sail testing grounds for farmers.
  • EPashu Chikitsa provides remote animal counseling.
  • Agricultural telephone consultation by Krishi Vigyan Kendra will be provided.
  • MOVR - Mobile Overview Report application for renting moulding machines and farm equipment.
  • A line of credit is provided for farmers.

Providing digital in the most remote areas related to:

  • Digital Literacy incorporates a computer course for ASHA and Anganwadi accredited distribution card holders to improve their IT skills.
  • Incorporates an investor awareness program for rural citizens in India and his NABARD financial education program.
  • Promotes adult Literacy by Tara Akshar through this service.
  • NIOS Services for registration of students, open schools, exam fee payments, and result declarations.
  • NIELIT Services and MKCL services for specific and technical courses in the digital mode.

Digital Seva Portal also offers stream services such as digital payment of utility bills and registration and management of new power lines.

This a Government approved Digital Seva Portal CSC service that comes under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology and Skill India. This service aims to empower rural and urban individuals with economic and educational potential by providing basic utility, financial, agricultural, and education services.

Some of the core services provided under the Digital Seva Portal CSC are:

  • Telemedicine for online doctor advice to supplement it when necessary.
  • Patients can seek Allopathic, Ayurvedic, Homeopathic, and Veterinary advice provide.
  • Diagnosis services such as blood sugar, blood pressure, hemoglobin, pregnancy, and dengue.
  • Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Jan Aushadhi Pariyojana, through Jan Austadhi Kendra, provides quality medicines at affordable prices to the masses. This reduces healthcare budgets by providing affordable, high-quality medicines and expert advice.

CSC can also provide insurance through Licensed Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLE). Some unique features include life, vehicle, crop, health, and accident insurance.

You can book tickets for public and private bus companies across India, including other services like:

  • Darshan reservation
  • Flight booking and reservation of bus and train tickets

Other Services of Digital Seva Portal CSC

Other services include farmer Registration, recruitment notices for the Indian Navy, Army, and Air Force, intimation and accessibility to file income tax returns, and availability of VLE manuals in English and Hindi.


The CSC Digital Seva Portal is a beneficial initiative taken by the Government of India towards digitalisation. Today, there are more than 4 lakh CSC Portal Seva centres in India. These centres strive to help every citizen and provide every service.

The Digital Seva Portal CSC's motive is also to provide job opportunities and allow people to gain maximum benefits using free and accurate access to information from government programs. If the goals of Digital Seva CSC Portal services are thoroughly followed, then one day, India can truly become a 100-digital platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of CSC?

CSCs are Common Services Centres placed in remote or rural areas to cater to the important services to the locals and individuals with limited or no internet access.

How can people register for the CSC Digital Seva Portal?

They can visit the official website of the CSC Digital Seva Portal and register for the CSC Portal Seva services. They also must provide relevant documents for the necessary verification.

What are the documents or details that the user needs to input for Digital Seva Portal registration?

To open an account on the Digital Seva CSC Portal, individuals need to register using their mobile number, name, gender, personal details, and email ID and upload documents like Aadhar cards or their PAN Cards.

What is the meaning of a Self-Help Group?

A Self-Help Group is a unit or an association of 10 – 20 individuals who volunteer to help people in a particular area. They work together towards the upliftment of the member and participate in various village events of the region.

For Digital Seva Portal registration, what are the minimum educational qualifications required?

The minimum educational qualifications required for Digital Seva Portal registration are that the individual needs to pass their 10th standard examination.

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