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Shareholding Info
  • Foreign institutions-FII
    23.39 %
  • Other domestic institutions
    40.57 %
  • Retail and other
    35.9 %
  • Mutual Funds
    0.14 %

About Yes Bank

Yes Bank was founded in the year 2004 by Rana Kapoor and Ashok Kapoor. It is currently headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and boasts of a pan-India presence.

Since its inception, the enterprise has been a Full-Service Commercial Bank to MSME, Retail and corporate clients with a slew of products, services, and technology-driven solutions like wealth management, specialised corporate finance, working capital finance, trade and transactional services, treasury risk management, investment banking solutions, and liquidity management solutions and others to a focused clientele. As part of its market strategy, Yes Bank puts a strong focus on Development Banking, and it's evident from the work it has done in the infrastructure, microfinance, sustainability, and food & agriculture sector.

Moreover, the brand has now partnered with numerous organisations like Cash Tech, Gertner, Reuters, Wipro Intel, and others in delivering high-quality products and services. The company has a widespread branch network of over 1000 branches across 200+ cities across the country with over 1800 ATMs and counting.

Core Activities & Products

  1. Knowledge Banking: Throughout the last few years, Yes Bank has adopted a knowledge-driven approach to offer financial solutions which go beyond the traditional ways of banking. It supports the sustainable development and growth of sectors such as renewable energy, media & entertainment, manufacturing & textiles, and others.

  1. Business Banking: The brand offers a slew of services, resources, and products to small and medium businesses.

  1. Corporate Finance: It offers corporate finance solutions to several clients such as local corporates, MNCs, financial institutions, and public sector undertakings.

4. Corporate & Institutional Banking: The bank offers an array of financial and risk management solutions to MNCs, large Indian corporate groups, central, state & government bodies, and public sector entities.

  1. Investment Banking: Under this, Yes Bank offers investment banking services with expertise in mergers & acquisitions, divestitures, private equity syndication, and IPO advisory.

  1. Retail Banking: It also offers a wide range of products and services such as savings accounts, current accounts, fixed deposits, retail loans, depository services, and much more.

Board of Directors

Mr. Rama Subramaniam Gandhi, Additional Independent Director.Mr. Atul Malik, Independent Director.Ms. Rekha Murthy, Independent Director.Mr. Sharad Sharma, Independent Director.Mr. Sadashiv Srinivas Rao, Independent Director.Ms. Nandita Gurjar, Independent Director.Mr. T Keshav Kumar, Non-Executive, Non-Independent Director.Mr. Sandeep Tewari, Non-Executive, Non-Independent Director.Mr. Sanjat Kumar Khemani, Independent Director.Mr. Prashant Kumar, Interim Managing Director & CEO.

Key Executives

Ajay Rajan, Country Head.Akash Suri, Country Head.Amit Sureka, Country Head.Arun Agarwal, Country Head.Ananth Narayan Gopalakrishnan, Additional Director.Anita Pai, Chief Operating Officer.Anurag Adlakha, Chief Human Resource Officer.Sandeep Mehra, Chief Vigilance Officer.V S Radhakrishnan, Nominee Director.Niranjan Banodkar, Chief Financial Officer.Indranil Pan, Chief Economist.


Yes Bank provides an integrated banking experience through its extensive network of 1000+ branches across India, 1800 ATMs spread over 29 states, and 7 union territories. It follows the principle of 'Anywhere Banking' which means consumers can walk into any company branch and perform banking transactions, regardless of where their home branch is located.

Soon, the company plans to extend its international presence with representative branches in Singapore, London, and DIFC Dubai, and representative offices in USA and China.

Corporate office address:Yes Bank House, off Western Express Highway,Santacruz (East), Mumbai, 400055

Northern Regional Corporate Office:Yes Bank Ltd., Max Towers, Level 4,5 & 14A,Sector 16B, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301

Abu Dhabi Representative Office:Yes Bank Representative Office, 205, AL Ghaith Office Tower,Hamdan Street, PO Box 30848, Abu Dhabi UAE


The strengths of the company that have impact on the Yes Bank share price are:

  1. The cash flow from the operating activities of the organisation have taken a big leap towards the positive side. The core business activities have improved drastically and the potential for profits has been created.
  2. The business model of the bank is very diverse and includes Commercial banking, Corporate Banking & Finance, Financial Marketing, Retail Banking, Institutional Banking as well as Investment banking.
  3. The technology used by the company is high end and cutting edge for a seamless operations experience.
  4. Yes bank is one of India’s fastest growing banks and is a well recognised brand that is the recipient of both Indian and global awards. It is one of the biggest private sector banks.
  5. Their marketing strategy is very strong and they are digitally very adept, making them accessible to all.

CSR & Sustainability

The company has developed and implemented many unique and sustainable models of social intervention to create a shared value. From supporting customers with seamless banking services to creating large-scale social impact, responsibility has been a major driver of its actions. It has thus far steered its sustainable growth initiatives to drive positive impact – for the people as well as the planet.

To expand the impact of the community on ongoing social initiatives, Yes Bank is working on several projects as outlined in its CSR policies. These initiatives, launched individually by the organisation, or in association with national partners, have created a substantial impact on livelihood security, skill building among youths, and improved environmental sustainability, and energy efficiency, and occupational health & safety in the MSME sector.

Moreover, the company focuses on improving community welfare, the earth’s natural assets, and social awareness through the power of media.

Through its community welfare initiative, Yes Community, the bank has been supporting government initiatives by hosting awareness to inform people. On World Water Day 2019, Yes Bank launched a campaign called Green Good Deeds to educate students and normal citizens alike on water conservation techniques like tree plantation & energy conservation drives, climate change workshops, and others.


In 2014, the company accounts reflected loans of ₹55,633 crores, and the deposit book's data was 74,192 crores. Since then loan growth increased highly and went to 2.25 trillion as of 2019. Soon after, the asset quality of the bank also dipped. In a 2015 UBS report, a global financial service company made an analysis and found that Yes Bank assets quality had loans more than its net worth to companies that were highly unlikely to repay the loans.

While the loan amount increased at high rates, the withdrawals were also spiking on the other hand. Yet, Yes Bank continued to hand out loans to numerous large firms such as the Essel Group, Reliance, CCD, DHFL, etc. Since the mentioned companies couldn't repay the loans within a limited time frame, it started a crisis. Slowly but steadily, the bank collapsed. Soon after, a merger will the State Bank of India saved the bank from imminent danger. by acquiring a 49% stake after RBI imposed a 30-day moratorium on Yes Bank.

COVID-19 Impact

As COVID-19 hit the country and resulted in a stringent lockdown, Yes Bank embraced the digital workspace mode in a supersonic way. As consumers went digital, its products and services did too.

Future Prospects

It's been 2 years since SBI along with other private banks rescued Yes Bank after the RBI put it under strict restrictions following a weakened financial position and its inability to raise capital. Since then, the company has seen a slow but steady recovery. The bank has announced plans to set up an asset reconstruction programme.

Did You Know

In 2008, Yes Bank won the 'Most Innovative Indian Bank' at the New Economy First Annual Banking and Finance awards held in London. The company launched a digital wallet called Yes Pay, integrating with BHIM and UPI in October 2017.

Initial Public Offering

The IPO of the enterprise was released on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) in July, 2020, as well as listed on BSE, where the base Yes bank share price was set at Rs. 12 and Rs. 13 per share. The face value per Yes Bank stock price was Rs. 2 while the lot size was 1,000 shares. The issue size of shares of Rs. 2 was an aggregate of Rs. 15,000.00 crores and these were all offered for sale.

Equity Shares

The company shares have been one of the biggest losers for investors as the Yes bank share price had fallen over 95% from its peak. But, in June, 2022, the stock has done a turnabout. It gained over 30% in a single month. In August 2018, Yes bank was soaring up with a share price of Rs. 350, but post the MDs confirmation that he would not sell his shares ever, the market took a hit for the company, and the trajectory was downwards ever since. Many companies that had borrowed funds, like Anil Ambani, Daewan and more were unable to pay back their loans, leading to further losses. But mid 2022 saw a sudden and steep rise, and the reason behind this is fascinating.

The Yes bank stock price is increasing because:

  1. They announced the sale of their bad loans worth Rs. 48,000 crores in Rs. 11,100 crores.
  2. They have started raising new funds for a fresh start, gaining fresh capital to lend back into their operations.
  3. The State Bank of India invested in Yes Bank and now holds 26% stake.
  4. There is positive news of Aditya Suri looking to join the board of directors at the company.

Having said that, most investors are starting to see real potential in the Yes Bank stock price improvement. It will be a good buy, as the market is calculated to increase swiftly.

Annual Financial Summary

12 mths12 mths12 mths12 mths12 mths
Equity Share Capital5,010.995,010.982,510.09463.01460.59
TOTAL SHARE CAPITAL5,010.995,010.982,510.09463.01460.59
Revaluation Reserve0.
Reserves and Surplus28,730.8928,185.3519,216.2026,441.1925,297.69
Total Reserves and Surplus28,730.8928,185.3519,216.2026,441.1925,297.69
TOTAL SHAREHOLDERS FUNDS33,741.8833,196.3321,726.2926,904.2025,758.28
Other Liabilities and Provisions15,082.0313,450.7116,946.1817,887.6811,055.60
TOTAL CAPITAL AND LIABILITIES318,220.23273,542.77257,826.92380,826.17312,445.60
Cash and Balances with Reserve Bank of India9,067.276,812.795,943.6610,797.7411,425.75
Balances with Banks Money at Call and Short Notice37,572.3222,495.942,439.3516,091.7713,308.62
Fixed Assets2,133.132,148.531,009.09817.00832.39
Other Assets36,499.9631,873.3633,076.7122,098.0214,946.04
TOTAL ASSETS318,220.23273,542.77257,826.92380,826.17312,445.60
Number of Branches1,122.001,070.001,135.001,120.001,100.00
Number of Employees24,346.0022,270.0022,973.0021,136.0018,238.00
Capital Adequacy Ratios (%)17.4017.508.5017.0018.00
Tier 1 (%)11.6011.306.5011.0013.00
Tier 2 (%)5.806.
Gross NPA2,797.6028,609.5332,877.597,882.562,626.80
Gross NPA (%)14.0015.0017.003.001.00
Net NPA1,720.849,813.368,623.784,484.851,312.75
Net NPA (%)4.535.885.032.001.00
Net NPA To Advances (%)
Bills for Collection4,991.912,214.055,120.195,059.241,935.56
Contingent Liabilities680,146.24459,642.22458,526.09654,158.02581,829.64

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