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Shareholding Info
  • Foreign institutions-FII
    30 %
  • Other domestic institutions
    6.33 %
  • Retail and other
    50.46 %
  • Mutual Funds
    13.2 %

About Rbl Bank

RBL Bank (formerly known as The Ratnakar Bank) is one of India’s leading private sector banks with an expanding presence across the country. The company was founded in 1943 and is based in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. It offers specialized services under five business verticals namely: Corporate & Institutional Banking, Commercial Banking, Branch & Business Banking, Retail Assets and Treasury and Financial Markets Operations. It currently services over 11.30 million customers through a network of 502 branches; 1,302 business correspondent branches (of which 289 banking outlets) and 417 ATMs spread across 28 Indian states and Union Territories.
RBL Bank is listed on both NSE and BSE.

Core Activities & Products

Personal Banking: Under the personal banking segment RBL Bank offers various products and services to meet all the personal banking requirements of customers.
  • Accounts:Savings account, Doctors account, Current Accounts, Safe Deposit Lockers, Special Institutions Account all come under this category.
  • Credit Cards :The company offers 45 different types of credit cards along with exclusive facilities, value calculators, card settings and applications.
  • Fixed Deposits :It offers six types of fixed deposits with an interest rate of 7% per annum as opposed to the interest rate of 6% per annum offered for savings accounts.
  • Loans: Nine types of loans are included in this category from housing and property to education and car.
  • Insurance: The bank provides twelve types of life insurance, nine types of general insurance and three types of health insurance.
  • Investment Services: Its products in the investment category include mutual funds, alternate investment funds, portfolio management services, e-ASBA, demat services, national pension system, sovereign gold bonds, loan against security and Insurance.
  • Forex services: RBL Bank’s Forex services help customers manage foreign currency and exchange of funds with their programmes like Outward Remittance and Borderless Prepaid Forex Card.
  • Demat Account: The Bank has partnered with IIFL Securities to offer its Equity Broking products to RBL Bank customers.
NRI Banking: The bank offers NRI accounts, deposits and money transfer services with interest rates of 6.00% pa for savings accounts, 7.35% pa for fixed deposits and FX rates of 79.01.
NRI Preferred Banking: This segment includes Insignia, Aspire and Signature varieties with personalized programs, exclusive benefits and offers to suit different lifestyles.
Business Banking: It has three verticals - Business, Agri and Micro & Small business banking.
Wholesale Banking: This segment caters to the banking needs of six types of clients and offers four types of product and services.
India Startup Club: RBL Bank helps startups to start, build and grow with this specialized segment.

Board of Directors

  • Non-Executive Part Time Chairman - Prakash Chandra
  • Managing Director & CEO - R Subramaniakumar
  • Executive Director - Rajeev Ahuja
  • Independent Director - Ishan Raina
  • Non-Executive Director - Vijay Mahajan
  • Non-Executive Director - Veena Mankar
  • Independent Director - Ranjana Agarwal
  • Non-Executive Director - Vimal Bhandari
  • Non-Executive Independent Director - Dr. Somnath Ghosh
  • Non-Executive Independent Director - Chandan Sinha
  • Non-Executive Independent Director - Manjeev Singh Puri
  • Additional Director - Yogesh Dayal
  • Additional - Non-Executive Independent Director - Dr. Sivakumar Gopalan
  • Additional - Non-Executive Non Independent Director - Gopal Jain

Key Executives

  • Managing Director & CEO - R Subramaniakumar
  • Executive Director - Rajeev Ahuja
  • Head - Governance - R. Gurumurthy
  • Head - Corporate, Institutional and Transaction Banking - Brijesh Mehra
  • Head - Branch Banking - Surinder Chawla
  • Head - Strategy - Jaideep Iyer
  • Chief Risk Officer - Deepak Kumar
  • Chief Information Officer - Sankarson Banerjee
  • Head - Client Services - Sunny Uberai
  • Head - Legal - Sanker Parmeswaran
  • Chief Operations Officer - Pankaj Sharma
  • Chief Credit Officer (Wholesale) - Deepak Gaddhyan
  • Chief Compliance Officer - Prakash Gupta
  • Head - Internal Audit - R. Rajagopalan
  • Head - Domestic Markets Group - Anand Bagri
  • Head - Enterprise Risk - N. Hari Prakash
  • Chief Financial Officer - Amrut Palan
  • Chief Credit Officer - Retail - Vijay Anandh


The bank has a presence across the following business verticals:
  • Personal Banking
  • NRI Banking
  • Preferred Banking
  • Business Banking
  • Wholesale Banking
  • Startup assistance
As of 30th June 2022, the Bank has 502 bank branches and 1,302 business correspondent branches, of which 289 are banking outlets. RBL Finserve Limited (“RBL Finserve”), a 100% subsidiary of the Bank, accounts for 789 business correspondent branches.

Performance in Various Sectors:

For the first quarter of financial year 2023, the bank’s performance is as mentioned below:
  • Total Revenue grew to ₹1,641 crore
  • Net Interest Income grew 6% YOY to ₹1,028 crore
  • Other Income was down 6% YOY to ₹614 crore
  • Net Profit was ₹201 crore vs. ₹198 crore for Q4FY22
  • CASA grew 14% YOY to `28,526 crore

CSR and Sustainability:

RBL Bank has 25 implementation partners, has impacted 2,40,664 lives and accounts for 36,000 hours of volunteering. The bank focuses on education, preventive healthcare, sustainable livelihoods and women empowerment under its CSR activities.
  1. CSR Impact:
  2. Education of 16,000 lives across Haryana, Maharashtra and Karnataka.
  3. Sustainable livelihoods for 36,000 people across Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan
  4. Preventive healthcare for 1,44,000 across Maharashtra and Karnataka

CSR Vision

‘We will deliver and promote inclusive growth in the country through various focused initiatives in promoting education, preventive healthcare, women empowerment and sustainable livelihoods to catalyze growth and reduce social inequalities.’

CSR Mission

‘To be the most admired, compassionate and respected organisation delivering value to all stakeholders through equitable and inclusive growth.’

CSR Criticism

In March 2022, an unsolicited message was being circulated during the time of Ruchi Soya’s FPO urging people to make an investment. Even though there was nothing wrong with the FPO, because of this circulation, SEBI had directed Ruchi Soya Industries to offer an option to the investors to withdraw their bids if they so wanted.

CSR Objectives

  • Ensure an increased commitment at all levels in the organization to operate its business in an economically, socially and
  • environmentally sustainable manner, while recognizing the interests of all its stakeholders.
  • Directly or indirectly take up programs that benefit communities at large and results, over a period of time, in enhancing the quality of life and economic well‐being of the local populace.
  • Generate, through its CSR Projects, goodwill for RBL Bank and help reinforce a positive & socially responsible image of RBL Bank as a corporate entity.
  • Encourage alignment with Social Development Goals (SDGs) related to gender sensitivity, skill enhancement, entrepreneurship development etc.
  • CSR Projects in FY21-22 - The bank has undertaken 31 CSR projects in FY21-22.


‘To Be a 'Bank of Choice' by creating and nurturing enduring relationships through trust and respect of our customers, employees and partners.’


‘To engage and understand customer needs, provide best-in-class products & services, be responsive and quick in resolving queries - resulting in true customer delight & peace of mind.’‘To provide an enabling work culture, where career aspirations can be realized through consistent performance and demonstration of the bank’s core values & beliefs.’‘To deliver robust and cost-effective banking services that promote financial inclusion, catalyse growth and reduce social inequalities.’‘To demonstrate high corporate governance standards that protects and balances stakeholder interests in the journey to achieving short and long term business goals.’


In October 2019, the bank released its exposure to groups like CCD, Sintex, and Essel group to the extent of 1800 Cr. Then on June 11th, RBL Bank confirmed the appointment of Mr R Subramaniakumar, who is a veteran banker and RBI usually appoints veteran PSU ex-bankers to head the financial institutions in trouble.

Future Prospects

The Bank completed the issuance of US$100 million Tier 2 Notes in the first quarter of FY23 and has improved its capital adequacy. The bank now plans to focus on consolidating, leveraging and optimizing their existing platform so as to accelerate profitable growth of the balance sheet. They also plan to focus on key niche areas of cards and microfinance, while accelerating the diversification across more retail products.

Did You Know!

  • In 1970, The Bank received a license to carry on banking business in India from the Reserve Bank of India.
  • RBL Bank was initially known as Ratnakar bank and changed its name in 2014 as a brand building exercise.
  • In 2014, RBL acquired some of the Indian businesses of the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), including the banking, credit card and mortgage portfolio businesses.
  • In 2016, RBL Bank became the first Indian bank to launch Aadhaar Payment Bridge System for small ticket micro-finance loan disbursements.

Inital Public Offer

RBL Bank launched its Initial Public Offering in 2016 from August 19, 2016 to August 23, 2016. The IPO price was ₹224 to ₹225 per share at a face value of ₹10 per share and a lot size of 65 shares. The IPO’s issue size was 53,909,628 shares aggregating up to ₹1,212.97 crore divided into a fresh issue of 37,000,000 shares aggregating up to ₹832.50 crore and the remaining was the offer for sale. RBL Bank’s IPO was listed on both NSE and BSE on August 31, 2016 with a price of ₹225.

Equity Shares

RBL Bank equity shares are available on the NSE where they were listed in 2016. The total income of the company in FY22 was ₹6,367 crore which is a rise of 1% from the total income in FY21.
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