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Shareholding Info
  • Promoters
    22.56 %
  • Foreign institutions-FII
    0.07 %
  • Retail and other
    77.37 %

About Urja global

Urja Global Limited is one of India’s leading renewable energy developers and operators. Urja is engaged in the design, consultancy, integration, supply, installation, commissioning & maintenance of off-grid and grid connected solar power plants. The company is approved by Channel Partners of Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Government of India.It is promoted by the promoters group from Rajasthan and operates in the renewable energy, IT & ITES, tours & travels as well as education & training sectors across the globe. It offers a variety of solar products like solar home lighting systems, solar lanterns, solar street lighting systems, rooftop systems, solar PV panels with quality and standards conforming to ISO 9001 and MNRE standards.The company focuses on rural electrification especially in hilly areas, forest regions, deserts, islands, far flung villages, unmanned locations and such other areas.

Core Activities & Products

    • E-Rickshaw: The company offers four types of electric rickshaws.
    • Batteries: The company offers three types of solar batteries, two types of e-rickshaw batteries, three types of automotive batteries and three types of inverter batteries.
    • Solar Inverter: The company offers Sine Wave inverters under this segment.
    • LED Lights: The company offers LED bulbs, street lights, flood lights, square panel lights, round panel lights, slim panel lights.
    • PV Module: The company offers three varieties of solar panels.
    • Water heater: It offers two types of water heaters.
    • Solar Lanterns
    • Power Pack
    • Home Lighting: The company provides three types of solar home lighting systems.
    • Solar Charge Controller
    • Electric Vehicles: Urja offers two types of electric scooters: E-Life and E-Zess.
The company supplied solar lanterns to CRPF in Meghalaya and AC LED Lights in the Ardh Kumbh Mela of 2016 in Haridwar. It also installed the SPV power plant at Shulabh Toilet Complex in Jharkhand and solar panels and led street lights in various gram panchayats across India.

Board of Directors

  • Whole Time Director: Mr. Yogesh Kumar Goyal
  • Managing Director: Mr. Mohan Jagdish Agarwal
  • Independent Director: Mrs. Payal Sharma
  • Independent Director: Mr. P. C. Das
  • Independent Director: Dr. Mita Sinha
  • Independent Director: Mr. Puneet Kumar Mohlay

Key Executives

  • Chief Financial Officer: Mr. Kamal Kumar Sharma
  • Company Secretary: CS Preeti Kataria
  • Chief Executive Officer: Gaurav Aggarwal


Urja was involved in major projects in Meghalaya, Haridwar, Jharkhand and various gram panchayats across India. The company has undertaken more than 1332 residential installations. Urja’s brands consist of Aeon, i-Volt and Green Sun. Aeon offers batteries for automotive applications worldwide, i-Volt is a renowned name for solar batteries in Nepal and Green Sun offers batteries for solar applications in South Africa and Nigeria. The company’s registered office and training center is located in New Delhi and its factory is located in Haryana.


For the first quarter of financial year 2023, the company recorded ₹1046.9 lakh of revenue from operations and a total profit of ₹22.33 lakh. The company is voted as the best eco friendly company for 2 years in a row. It has completed 22+ years in innovative conservation of energy and undertaken more than 100 corporate turnkey projects.


Our mission is to become the market –driven global leader in the renewable energy industry.

Future Prospects:

The company’s new vision is to implement URJA KENDRA in 2.48 Lakhs GRAM PANCHAYATS across the geography, enlightening rural life and creating sources of livelihood wherein the villagers shall be trained on time & off time at Urja Incubation Centers and Government ITI’s.

Initial Public Offering

The initial public offering of Urja Global was launched in March of 2017 and the company was listed on March 28, 2017 with a face value of 1 on the National Stock Exchange of India.

Equity Shares

Of the total 55,72,06,000 equity shares, promoter and promoter group owns 17,81,47,417 shares and the public owns 37,90,58,583 shares making up 32% and 68% respectively. Of the total 5,36,835 shareholders, 1 are promoter and promoter group and 5,36,834 are the public.

Annual Financial Summary

(in ₹lakh)
Particulars As of June 30, 2022
Revenue from operations 1046.9
Other income 33.41
Total income 1080.31
Cost of materials consumed 0
Purchases of stock-in-trade 555.4
Changes in inventories of finished goods, work-in-progress and stock-in-trade 301.42
Employee benefit expense 72.07
Finance costs 24.21
Depreciation, depletion and amortisation expense 0.67
Other Expenses
Total other expenses 104.21
Total expenses
Total profit before exceptional items and tax 22.33
Exceptional items 0
Total profit before tax 22.33
Tax expense
Current tax 0
Deferred tax 0
Total tax expenses 0
Net movement in regulatory deferral account balances related to profit or loss and the related deferred tax movement 0
Net Profit Loss for the period from continuing operations 22.33
Profit (loss) from discontinued operations before tax 0
Tax expense of discontinued operations 0
Net profit (loss) from discontinued operation after tax 0
Share of profit (loss) of associates and joint ventures accounted for using equity method 0
Total profit (loss) for period 22.33
Other comprehensive income net of taxes 0

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