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About Titan

Widely hailed as one of the most trusted and preferred brands in the country, Titan Company Limited is a powerhouse in the Indian industry. The company has a diverse portfolio of products, including watches, eyewear, jewellery, bags, and fragrances. Titan is one of the companies in the Tata Group's conglomerate and has a presence in several nations. The Titan Company Limited was established in the year 1984 as a Joint Venture between the Tata Group of companies and the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation. At the onset of the company's foray into business, it was named Titan Watches Limited, with the primary manufacturing facility established in Hosur in Tamil Nadu. In 1993, Titan Watches Limited was renamed Titan Industries Limited. This rebranding marked the beginning of a new and diversified product portfolio for the company. The following year, the jewellery brand of Titan Industries, named Tanishq, was launched. And the progress and scaling of the company continued in 1998 with the launch of FastTrack, a brand dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of accessories.During a journey of more than three decades, Titan has established itself as a brand that values customers and delivers excellent quality in its products and services. As of 2022, Titan is the largest manufacturer of branded jewellery in India. The company reported a Total Revenue of Rs. 29,033 crores in the financial year 2021-22 and a Net Profit of Rs. 2,169 crores.

Core Activities & Products

The business of Titan Company Limited is spread across four main divisions, namely, Watches and Wearables, Jewellery, Eyewear, and New Business Division, which includes the company's latest and planned expansion verticals.
  1. Watches and Wearables:The journey of Titan Company Limited had begun with the manufacture of watches, and the vertical remains an integral part of the company's overall portfolio. Titan is recognised as the fifth largest manufacturer of watches across the globe. With its watch manufacturing facilities in Hosur and assembly plants in the northern part of the country, the company continues to redefine quality, elegance, and design in its meticulously crafted timepieces. Here are the flagship watch ranges offered by Titan Company Limited:
    • Titan Edge
    • Titan Raga
    • Titan HTSE
    • Titan Nebula
    • Titan Helios
    • Zoop
    • FastTrack
    • Sonata
  2. Jewellery:Established in the year 1994 as the jewellery arm of Titan, Tanishq has established its position as the country's premier branded jewellery entity. Renowned for its emphasis on intricate craftsmanship and adherence to high standards of quality, Tanishq offers a wide array of jewellery, ranging from the antique to the modern. Tanishq is a major contributor to the aggregate revenue of Titan Company Limited and registered total retail sales to the tune of Rs. 10,000 crores in the previous fiscal year. The flagship collections from Tanishq's curated portfolio include:
    • Jodha Akbar
    • INARA
    • Ganga
    • Taj
    • IVA
    • Divine Chants
    • Glam Gold
    • Mia
    • Zoya
    • CaratLane
  3. Eyewear:After successful forays into the watchmaking and jewellery businesses, the Titan Company Limited ventured into a new vertical, namely, Eyewear. As a result, Titan Eye+ came into existence. By collaborating with Sankara Nethralaya, Titan Eye+ has incorporated design and optical excellence alike in its range of products. Titan Eye+ is renowned for its transparent pricing, the offer of free insurance on spectacles, high quality, and elegant design.
  4. New Business Division:
    Taneira:The New Business Division of Titan Company Limited is focused on the company's future horizons. The division has overseen the launch of the company's youngest brand, Taneira. Since early 2017, Taneira has been offering exquisite collections of handlooms inspired by the heritage and traditions of various parts of the country. Some of the major collections of Taneira are as follows:
    • Mugas (inspired by the handlooms of Assam)
    • Ikats (designs centred around the handlooms from Gujarat)
    • Tussars (handlooms designs from Bhagalpur)
    At the Taneira Store, you can choose from a collection of more than 3,500 sarees, stoles, and dupattas, to name a few.
  5. SKINN:Another new business vertical of Titan Company Limited is SKINN. The brand is an amalgamation of the best fragrances from different parts of the world and one of the most trusted brand names in the country - The House of Tata. SKINN by Titan offers fragrances that have been designed in-house in collaboration with six of the most celebrated perfumers in the world, including Michel Girard and Fabrice Pellegrin.
    Presently, the product portfolio of SKINN includes the following six fragrances in the EDP format:
    • SKINN Extreme

The Board of Directors of the Titan Company Limited

The members of the Board of Directors of Titan Company Limited are as follows:
  • Chairman: Mr. S. Krishnan
  • Managing Director: Mr. C. K. Venkatraman
  • Vice Chairman: Mr. N. N. Tata
  • Director: Ms. Jayashree Muralidharan
  • Independent Director: Mr. Ashwin Puri
  • Independent Director: Mr. B Santhanam
  • Independent Director: Mr. Pradyumna Vyas
  • Independent Director: Dr. Mohansankar Sivaprakasam
  • Independent Director: Ms. Sindhu Gangadharan
  • Independent Director: Mr. Sandeep Singhal
  • Executive Non-independent Director: Mr. Bhaskar Bhat

The Key Executives of the Titan Company Limited

The key executives of Titan Company are as follows:
  • Managing Director: Mr. C. K. Venkatraman
  • Chief Financial Officer: Mr. Ashok Sonthalia
  • Chief People Officer: Mr. Swadesh Behera
  • General Counsel and Company Secretary: Mr. Dinesh Shetty
  • Chief Executive Officer (Watches and Wearables Division): Mrs. Suparna Mitra
  • Chief Executive Officer (Jewellery Division): Mr. Ajoy Chawla
  • Chief Executive Officer (Eyewear): Mr. Saumen Bhaumik
  • Executive Director: Sumant Bhargavan
  • Executive Director: Rajiv Tandon
  • Chief Financial Officer: Supratim Dutta
  • Food Business: Hemant Malik
  • Corporate Affairs: Anil Rajput
  • Agri & IT Businesses: S. Sivakumar
  • ITD, MAB & Start-Up Cell: Sandeep Kaul
  • Secretary: R. K. Singhi


The Titan Company Limited has a robust presence in the Indian market across the Watches and Wearables, Jewellery, and Eyewear verticals. The company has established The World of Titan and Titan Eye+ stores across the length and breadth of the country, along with flagship Tanishq stores. The company manufactures around 15 million watches every year and has sold more than 150 million timepieces in 32 different nations.

The Registered Office of the Titan Company Limited

The registered office of the Titan Company Limited is located at the following address:Titan Company Limited 3, Sipcot Industrial Complex, Hosur - 635126, Tamil Nadu. 

The Strengths of the Titan Company Limited:

With the Tata name backing it, Titan is celebrated as a trustworthy brand. From watches to eyewear and jewellery, every vertical of the company has attained a strong position in the market. Here are the key strengths of Titan Company Limited that have enabled the company to reach newer heights with each year of its operations.
  1. Brand equity: The foremost strength of Titan Company Limited is its substantial brand equity which translates into sales and revenue.
  2. Quality standards: Titan is renowned for its commitment to high-quality standards, which is one of the major factors attracting new and old customers alike to the brand.
  3. Innovation: Titan Company Limited has been consistently driven towards innovation, a fact that is evident in their collaborations and the resultant products.
  4. Customer Service: One of the greatest strengths of Titan Company Limited is its commitment to delivering excellent customer service. If you want your watch to be repaired, all you have to do is head over to the nearest “The World of Titan” store.
  5. Distribution Network: The widespread supply chain of Titan Company Limited has enabled it to deliver high-quality products to customers across verticals. From manufacturing to marketing and distribution, the company boasts a comprehensive infrastructure.

CSR and Sustainability

The Titan Company Limited has displayed a strong commitment to its Corporate Social Responsibility. The company aims to enhance social development through its collaborations and operations. To this end, Titan has established a Community Development Forum, which features a 240-strong team of volunteers. The major community development activities of the company are centred around the following causes:
  1. Lending support to orphanages in India
  2. Enhancing awareness on HIV and AIDS
  3. Encouraging the adoption of villages
  4. Providing livelihood to women living in rural areas
  5. Elimination of child labour
  6. Community Rehabilitation
  7. Programmes for environmental protection
  8. Efforts for Tsunami relief
The Titan Company Limited has, through its CSR initiatives and philanthropic actions, positively affected the lives of more than 6,000 people. The CSR efforts of the company have been recognised through several awards, including the 'President of India's Award' for efforts to provide employment to the specially-abled. In addition to this, the company has also received the 'Mother Teresa Award' and the 'Helen Keller Award'. Some of the major Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives of the company are:
  • Titan Township
  • Karigar Parks
  • Titan School and Titan Foundation for Education
  • Titan Kanya


The last financial year (21-22) started with the widespread second wave of Covid-19. This caused a big dent in the decorative business in India and hampered the recovery being attempted by the group. Apprehensions were rising regarding the year, seeing a drop in urban and rural demand as low as the 1st year of Covid. However, the end of the second wave saw a rise in optimism in consumers and a rise in market demands. This was evident in the annual officials which showed a volume growth of 31% and a value growth of 36% for the year.

Future Prospects

The Titan Company Limited is committed to integrating sustainable practices in all facets of its operations and strategies. This includes ensuring that worker safety is maintained at all the plants and outlets of the company. One of the ways through which the company aims to be a sustainable enterprise is with innovation as well as the adoption of green practices, including recycling and reuse. Presently, Titan Company Limited supports 26 water schemes in different villages in India. The Himmotthan Society of the company has established Self Help Groups to drive tree plantation programmes. Furthermore, the company has assisted the establishment of Common Service Centres under Project Utthan. These centres are meant to provide comprehensive assistance to the people living in their respective target areas, including financial inclusion.

COVID-19 Impact

No sector or company could entirely escape the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, and Titan Company Limited is no exception. The company ceased its operations a week before the initiation of the first nationwide lockdown on March 25 2020. The operations of the company resumed in May 2020 but with reduced capacity and employee presence. With production being restricted at various times during the multiple rounds of lockdowns, the company witnessed a decline in output. Furthermore, the constraints on the demand side resulted in lower sales. With the gradual withdrawal of lockdown measures, the company has slowly but steadily resumed the path of growth.

The Future Prospects of the Titan Company Limited

The future prospects of Titan Company Limited emphasise building on its existing strengths as well as expanding its product portfolio. Here are the major highlights of the company's future plans.
  • Titan Company Limited is targeting a 250% growth in its jewellery business over the course of the next five years.
  • Over the following three years, the company has plans to open 600 new stores spread across 300 different cities.
  • The company has plans to increase the Points of Sale for its Mia brand by twofold.
  • During the fiscal year 2022-23, the company is targeting a 40% growth in its Eyewear vertical (top line).
  • On the international front, Titan Company Limited is aiming to record sales to the tune of Rs. 2,500 crores.

Did You Know?

Titan Company Limited is one of the most recognised brands in India. It is not merely the strong presence of the company that makes it a valued part of the Indian corporate ecosystem. With its wide array of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability initiatives, the company has established itself as a responsible entity. In order to fulfill the goals of the World Health Organisation's Vision 2020 Programme, Titan Company Limited has collaborated with several eye Institutes and rolled out eye care programmes in the states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Uttarakhand. The Titan Happy Eyes Vision Improvement Programme has touched the lives of more than 2.60 lakh people, including children and adults alike. The programme supports people through the provision of spectacles and medicines and the funding of eye surgeries.

Initial Public Offering

Titan Company Limited is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange. The company got listed on the NSE on 24 September 2004. Each equity share of the company carries a face value of Re. 1. The shares closed at a market price of Rs. 2,466.44 on August 25 2022 (NSE).

Equity Shares

Owing to the disruptions in production and demand over the course of the past two and a half years, the shares of Titan Company Limited have witnessed a high degree of volatility. The 52-week high price for the shares is Rs. 2,768, and the 52-week low price is Rs. 1,797. The high variance between the aforementioned prices indicates the turbulence recorded in the stock's market performance of late. However, Titan Company Limited's annual revenue growth rate for the last fiscal (33.0%) has outshone its three-year CAGR (13.16%). The present outlook on the company's shares is bullish.
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