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Godrej Consumer Products Limited overview

Godrej Consumer Products Limited (GCPL) is an India-based consumer goods company. The company is a part of Godrej Group and was established in 2001. GCPL is headquartered in Mumbai.

GCPL has operations in over 90 countries and has 1.2 billion customers. The company generates almost 80% of its revenue from India, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Nigeria.

GCPL is a fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) manufacturer, marketer and distributor. The company has a portfolio of 30 brands belonging to hair care, home care and personal care verticals. GCPL’s top 10 brands account for almost 70% of its revenue. These brands are Good Knight, Darling, Godrej No.1, HIT, Cinthol, Godrej Expert, Ezee, Stella, Mitu and AER.

GCPL journey

Key milestones since inception are as follows -
  • 2001: GCPL is established as a part of Godrej Soaps Limited’s demerger.
  • 2005: GCPL buys Keyline Brands Limited, a personal care brand in the United Kingdom.
  • 2008: GCPL rebrands its powder and liquid hair color to Godrej Expert.
  • 2010: The firm merges with Godrej Sara Lee to enter the household insecticides market. GCPL also enters Indonesian and Argentinian markets with home and personal care products.
  • 2015: GCPL secures a position on the CDP India Climate Disclosure Leadership Index 2015 as an Indian leader for climate change transparency.
  • 2016: The company is awarded the Porter Prize 2016 by the Institute for Competitiveness, India for creating shared value.
  • 2017: GCPL issues 1:1 bonus shares to its investors.
  • 2021: GCPL partners with Zoomcar, Zomato and Shop Kirana for direct delivery of essentials to distributors, retailers and consumers.
  • 2022: GCPL stock price increases by 22,041.46% compared to ₹4 as of 22nd June 2001.

GCPL - Initial Public Offer (IPO)

Godrej Consumer Products Limited was listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE) in 2001.

GCPL products

GCPL’s product portfolio covers two primary segments: home care and personal care.

The home care segment includes products like:

  • Household insecticides
  • Fabric care
  • Air care
  • Home hygiene

The personal care segment includes products like:

  • Personal wash and hygiene care
  • Premium beauty and professional products
  • Hair color
GCPL stock price return in 5 years: 34.74%.

GCPL business highlights

The company’s key verticals are:

GCPL key verticals

Revenue break-up (%)


Home care


Personal care


Hair care


GCPL performance highlights

3-year CAGR (revenue)


EBITDA (FY2021-22)

₹1,798 crore

Profit (FY2021-22)

₹1,421 crore

Share price return in last 3 years


ROCE (FY2021-22)


ROE (FY2021-22)


GCPL Management

  • Chairperson: Nisaba Godrej
  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO): Sudhir Sitapati
  • Chief Finance Officer (CFO): Sameer Shah

Indian FMCG industry overview

The following are the key players in the FMCG industry based on market capitalisation:


Key Players

Market capitalisation

 December 2022

 (in crore)


Hindustan Unilever Limited



Nestle India






Dabur India Limited



Godrej Consumer Products Limited


Size of the Indian FMCG industry

  • As of 2020, the Indian FMCG sector was worth around ₹9,108 crore.
  • The market size of the Indian FMCG sector is expected to reach ₹18,222 crore by 2025.

FMCG industry growth prospects

  • The FMCG sector’s revenue in India is expected to grow by 7-9% in FY2022-23.
  • e-commerce, shifting economic power, growing younger population and middle class, and demographic transitions are expected to be the key growth drivers for this sector.

GCPL growth prospects

  • In July 2022, GCPL announced its plan to implement a new approach for brand equity and product innovation for its several items.
  • The company intends to achieve double-digit revenue growth through this plan in the next few years.
  • GCPL plans to employ automation and digital technology to become leaner, more empowered and more agile.

Risks and concerns

  • The evolving marketing strategies make it difficult for FMCG organisations to meet changing customer demands.
  • High inflation and growing input costs are two of the biggest problems the sector is now facing. In the post-covid era, where supply chain disruptions and ineffective production led to a sharp increase in pricing, this has become a particularly pressing issue.
  • The high cost of FMCG goods reduces demand because consumers can no longer afford them.
  • Businesses use other tactics, such as 'shrinkflation', a popular ploy to decrease weight while maintaining the pack size and price, particularly in the smaller price ranges where price changes are obvious to the consumer.
  • The consumer demand for FMCG products may not increase significantly in the upcoming years as the global economy continues to struggle, people's earnings stay flat, and the job market continues to perform poorly.


Godrej One
4th floor, Pirojshanagar
Eastern Express Highway, Vikhroli East
Mumbai – 400079
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