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Shareholding Info
  • Promoters
    27.61 %
  • Foreign institutions-FII
    26.83 %
  • Other domestic institutions
    4.88 %
  • Retail and other
    12.41 %
  • Mutual Funds
    28.27 %

About PVR

PVR is a premium Multiplex Cinema Exhibition company employed in the business of Movie exhibition, distribution & production. In fact, it is the market leader in terms of screen count in India. The company brought about the multiplex revolution in India by bringing out India's first multiplex cinema in 1997. It earns revenue from in-cinema advertisements, product displays and in-cinema sale of food and beverages.PVR offers a diversified cinema viewing experience through its various formats such as ‘PVR Director’s Cut’, ‘PVR LUXE’, ‘PVR IMAX’, ‘PVR Superplex’, ‘PVR P[XL]’, ‘PVR Playhouse’, ‘PVR ECX’, ‘PVR Premiere’, ‘PVR ICON’, ‘PVR LUXE’, ‘PVR Cinemas’ and ‘PVR Utsav’. Over the years, PVR has consistently added screens, both organically and inorganically. The company has made strategic investments and acquisitions including ‘Cinemax Cinemas’ in November 2012, ‘DT Cinemas’ in May 2016 and ‘SPI Cinemas’ in August 2018.The company generates revenues from box office and non-box office activities including the revenue from Sale of Food and Beverages, advertisement income, convenience fees and the income from movie production and distribution among others.

Core Activities & Products

  • IMAX:These theaters are planned, designed and positioned with exacting theater geometry and standards to create the most intense experience.
  • 4DX :These theaters stimulate all five senses with high-tech motion seats and special effects including wind, fog, lightning, bubbles, water, rain and scent in both 2D and 3D formats.
  • Playhouse :These are unique auditoriums created for kids with colorful interiors, characters on walls, in-audi slide, playful seating and a special kids menu all apt for housing birthday parties.
  • GOLD: This is PVR’s luxury cinema format intended with a live kitchen serving a wide variety of freshly prepared foods & beverages.
  • LUXE: This segment is similar to GOLD and intended for an audience demanding luxury.
  • P(XL): These auditoriums are equipped with extra - large screens, state of the art Dual 4K or RGB laser projection systems and advanced Dolby Atmos sound to bring alive the world of heightened realism.
  • ONYX: PVR offers LED screen cinema offering a projector-less movie experience with the help of backlit cinema LED screen for a detail-rich and vivid experience.
  • Drive In Theaters: This allows viewers to sit in their car, under the stars and enjoy a movie and they can also tune into a designated radio frequency for the movie audio to be streamed right into their car.
  • Director’s Cut: This is a differentiated super luxurious cinema experience with full fledged hospitality services, a champagne bar and gourmet food along with movie themed art.
  • PVR Cares :In partnership with UFO, PVR has installed a revolutionary air sterilization device called 'UFO-Wolf AirMask'. It eliminates air-borne viruses in enclosed spaces and has allowed PVR to become India’s first chain to be fully equipped with the negative ion technology for real time indoor air sterilization.
  • V Pristine: Through V Pristine, PVR provides housekeeping & sanitization services through technology, premium products, trained manpower and best-in-class service standards.

Board of Directors

  • Chairman and Managing Director - Mr. Ajay Bijli
  • Joint Managing Director - Mr. Sanjeev Kumar
  • Independent Director - Ms. Deepa Misra Harris
  • Independent Director - Ms. Pallavi Shardul Shroff
  • Non Executive Director - Ms. Renuka Ramnath
  • Independent Director - Mr. Sanjai Vohra
  • Independent Director - Mr. Vikram Bakshi
  • Non Executive Non Independent Director - Mr. Anish Kumar Saraf
  • Independent Director - Mr. Gregory Adam Foster

Key Executives

  • Chief Executive Officer - Mr. Gautam Dutta
  • CEO - PVR Pictures and Cheif of Strategy - Mr. Kamal Gianchandani
  • Chief Financial Officer - Mr. Nitin Sood
  • Chief Growth and Strategy Officer - Mr. Pramod Arora
  • Director PVR Lanka - Mr. Renaud Palliere
  • Chief Operating Officer - Mr. Rahul Singh
  • Company Secretary and Compliance Officer - Mr. Mukesh Kumar
  • Chief Human Resource Officer - Mr. Sunil Kumar
  • Chief Information Officer - Mr. Rajat Tyagi


PVR cinemas has a presence in 66 cities across India. Currently, it operates 846 screens in 176 cinemas in 71 cities in India and Sri Lanka and offers an aggregate seating capacity of approximately 1.82 lakhs seats. Because of their acquisition and amalgamation of SPI Cinemas, it also operates ‘Escape’, ‘Sathyam’ and ‘Palazzo’which respectively added 138 screens, 32 screens and 76 screens to the company’s network.


For the first quarter of financial year 2023, PVR’s performance is as mentioned below:
  • Revenue from operations reached ₹512 crore
  • Net Loss was ₹90 crore vs. ₹478 crore for Q4FY22
  • Debt to equity ratio stood at 1:1

CSR and Sustainability:

PVR Nest is part of PVR’s CSR and endeavors to rehabilitate the Children at Risk in the nearby areas of PVR complexes. It also works to establish art as a medium of education and living amongst the urban children. PVR Nest was set up in 2006 and it believes in educating, empowering and building a collaborative society to assist India’s developmental goals. The prime stakeholders of all the programs of PVR Nest are children. The company’s investment in CSR activities is ₹4.67 crore in 2020-2021, ₹4.96 crore in 2018-2019 and ₹2.37 crore in 2017-2018.


PVR Cinemas has been criticized for high rates of food and beverages. And while the Chairman and MD of PVR Cinemas, Mr Bijli agreed, he also stated that changes cannot be made in the food and beverages rates as India is still transitioning from single screens to multiplexes and the rates have to be this high to cover these and other operational costs.

Covid 19 Impact

PVR’s business was severely affected by the Covid 19 pandemic. The company incurred a loss of ₹723 crore in FY21 after a profit of only ₹30 crore in FY20 which was a huge drop compared to the ₹173 crore of profit in the pre-pandemic year of FY19. Compared to the quarterly profit of ₹175 crore in Q1 FY20, the company’s profits have risen by 5.3% and touched ₹532 crore in Q1 FY23.

Future Prospects

In FY23, PVR has opened fourteen screens in three properties so far whereas 82 screens are currently under fitout. It is also on track to open 125 screens this year and is entering nine new cities. It’s already launched in Patiala and Rourkela with a total of 10 screens. The bulk of these properties will open in the third and fourth quarter of FY23.

Did You Know!

PVR was actually incorporated in 1995 as Priya Village Roadshow Limited and had a registered office in New Delhi. In 1995, the company was incorporated as a joint venture between Priya Village Roadshow Limited and PEPL. Then in June of 1997, it opened India's first Multiplex Cinema - PVR Anupam, a four-screen cinema, at Saket in New Delhi. This was followed by the opening of India's largest Multiplex Cinema, PVR Bangalore, with eleven screens at the Forum mall in Koramangala, Bangalore in 2004.

Initial Public Offering

PVR launched its Initial Public Offering in 2005 from December 8, 2005 to December 14, 2005. The IPO price was ₹200 to ₹240 per share at a face value of ₹10 per share and a lot size of 25 shares. The IPO’s issue size was 7,700,000 shares aggregating up to ₹173.25 crore divided into a fresh issue of 5,700,000 shares and an offer for sale of 2,000,000 equity shares. PVR’s IPO was listed on both NSE and BSE on January 4, 2006.

Equity Shares

PVR’s shares are available on the NSE where they were listed in 2006. The revenue from operations of the company in FY22 was ₹1,213 crore.

Annual Financial Summary

Amount is mentioned in ₹ lakh.
Particulars FY 2021-22 FY 2020-21
Revenue from operations 1,21,331 22,572
Other Income 31,074 47,275
Profit/Loss before Depreciation, Finance costs, Exceptional items and tax expense 41,689 14,321
Less: Depreciation/Amortisation 59,442 56,349
Profit/Loss before Finance costs, Exceptional items and tax expense -17,753 -42,028
Less: Finance costs 49,394 49,347
Profit/Loss before Exceptional items and tax expense -67,147 -91,375
Add/(less): Exceptional items - -
Profit/Loss before tax expense -67,147 -91,375
Less: Tax expense (Current/Deferred) -19,312 -19,025
Profit/loss for the year (1) -47,835 -72,350
Total Comprehensive Income/loss (2) -40 -8
Total (1)+(2) -47875 -72,358
Balance of profit/loss for earlier years -58,963 13,395
Balance Carried Forward 1,06,838 -58,963

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