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About Container Corporation of India Limited

Container Corporation of India (CONCOR) is a transport company. It was established in March 1988 as per the Companies Act. The company started its operations in November 1989 by taking charge of seven inland container depots in Delhi, Bengaluru, Ludhiana, Coimbatore, Guwahati, Guntur and Anaparti. These inland depots were previously managed by the Indian Railways. It is a Navratna PSU under the Ministry of Railways.

The market capitalisation of Container Corporation is over ₹52,000 crore as of December 29, 2023. Container Corporation share price has gained over 115% in three years.

Business Operations

Container Corporation expanded its operations into various container logistics services including air cargo complexes, air freight stations, warehousing, logistics parks and supply chain management. The company's primary focus involves three main functions: acting as a carrier, managing terminals and operating warehouses. It possesses a fleet of more than 377 rakes, comprising 346 high-speed rakes as of March 31, 2023.

Currently, Container Corporation has a total of 42 Exim terminals (rail and road linked inland container depots and port side container terminals), with another five in the pipeline.

From its modest origins, Container Corporation has evolved into an uncontested leader in the market with a network of 59 terminals and 2 strategic tie-ups. Its commitment to growth is evident through its modern fleet of rail wagons, customer-oriented commercial practices and widespread use of information technology.

While rail transport remains the cornerstone of Container Corporation’s transportation strategy, the company also offers road services to fulfil the requirements of both international and domestic businesses.

The majority of its terminals are rail-linked, reducing congestion in ports and associated road corridors. While rail is central to their plan, some terminals are exclusively road-fed, allowing flexibility based on operational or economic factors.

Container Corporation’s current network of 61 terminals includes export-import container depots, strategic tie-ups and domestic container depots. These customs-bonded inland container depots act as dry ports, offering customs clearance directly to customers. Rail links connect most terminals to the Indian Railway network, facilitating cost-effective transportation of large volumes over extensive distances.

Container Corporation’s terminals provide diverse facilities like warehousing, container parking, repair services and office spaces. Also, as a container freight station operator, the company offers value-added services such as transit warehousing, bonded warehousing and air cargo clearance.

The company also offers a single-window facility coordinating with various agencies involved in cargo trade. It streamlines processes from customs and gateway ports to road haulers. It also offers customised packages combining road and rail services tailored to customer specifications.

CONCOR Last Mile Logistics Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary, was established in 2020 to enhance connectivity through a multi-vendor arrangement. The company aims to provide competitive rates via digital app-based services. It focuses on reducing overall logistics costs and developing a single-window solution for customers.

Financial Highlights

  • Container Corporation’s revenue from operations for FY23 stood at ₹8,169.12 crore, up 6.75% from ₹7,652.73 crore in FY22.
  • The company recorded a net profit of ₹1,173.47 crore in FY23 against ₹1,053.52 crore in FY22.
  • The earnings per share (EPS) stood at ₹19.26 in FY23 compared to ₹17.29 in the previous financial year.
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