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  • Promoters
    60.79 %
  • Foreign institutions-FII
    7.17 %
  • Other domestic institutions
    3.31 %
  • Retail and other
    24.75 %
  • Mutual Funds
    3.98 %

Bajaj Finserv overview

Bajaj Finserv Limited (BFS) is a holding company for financial services. Individuals and corporations may avail of the firm's consumer financing, SME credit, commercial loan, insurance, as well as wealth management services and products. Consumer durable loans, personal loans, small company loans, loans against shares and property, construction equipment loans, two-wheeler financing, three-wheeler financing, and advisory and investment planning solutions are among the products, the company offers.
Bajaj Finserv also offers infrastructure finance with an emphasis on roads, telecommunications, electricity, railways and ports. It provides life insurance, medical insurance, vehicle insurance, property insurance, travel insurance, and business insurance. In India, the corporation works through subsidiaries as well as branch offices. Bajaj Finserv is based in Pune, India.

Bajaj Finserv journey

Here is a timeline of Bajaj Finserv’s journey:
  • 2007: Starts Bajaj Finserv on April 30 as a separate corporation from Bajaj Auto Ltd, focusing only on the firm's financial services sector.
  • 2009: On April 20, starts Bajaj Finserv & Allianz Global Investors AG (Allianz SE's asset management division) as an agreement to establish an asset management joint-venture firm in India. On October 30, receives a go-ahead from the Indian Reserve Bank in terms of a registration certificate to continue the operations of a non-deposit-taking NBFC.
  • 2012: Bajaj Finserv effectively issues 1.44 crore equity stocks to existing qualified shareholders upon a rights premise on October 17, at a proportion of one equity stock for every ten equity shares owned on the date of record.
  • 2017: The wholly-owned subsidiary of Bajaj Financial Holdings Limited reinforces new business strategies for undertaking activities on digital and online platforms to augment the operation of the firm's subsidiaries. Thus, the name changes to Bajaj Finserv Direct Limited.
  • 2019: Bajaj Finserv Direct Limited, or BFSD, debuts its digital platform of 'FINSERVE MARKETS'.
  • 2020: Establishes a completely owned subsidiary known as Bajaj Finserv Health Limited.

Bajaj Finserv – Initial Public Offer (IPO)

IPO open date

2nd Aug 2010

IPO close date

5th Aug 2010

Face value

₹5 per share

Total shares


Issue size

₹297 crore

Issue type

Book-built issue IPO

Lot size


Listing date

18th Aug 2010

Listing at


Bajaj Finserv products

Bajaj Finserv offers the following products:
  • Consumer finance
  • SME finance
  • Home loan
  • Commerce lending
  • Vendor financing
  • Rural lending
  • Investment
  • Partnerships and services
Blending traditional insurance with the fast-paced, ever-changing collaborative approach, Bajaj Finance Limited has collaborated with businesses to provide strategies to its consumers. Their rural financing solutions are another major commodity. The rural lending offerings of Bajaj Finserv address two of rural consumers' least-explored financial requirements: gold loans and loans against automobiles. Their commercial lending division also provides finance to established enterprises for short-term borrowing requirements.

Bajaj Finserv stock price return in 5 years: 221.41%.

Bajaj Finserv business highlights

The balance sheet of the company stands as follows on 31st March 2022:





Financial assets

Cash and cash equivalents

₹10,148 lakh

Bank balance other than cash and cash equivalents

₹27,092 lakh

Trade receivables

₹11,927 lakh


₹71,927 lakh


₹32,383 lakh

Other financial assets

₹27,402 lakh

Total financial assets

₹1,80,916 lakh

Non-financial assets

Current tax assets (net)

₹26 lakh

Property, plant and equipment

₹ 1,529 lakh

Intangible assets

₹267 lakh

Other non-financial assets

₹280 lakh

Total non-financial assets

₹2,102 lakh

Total assets

₹1,83,019 lakh

Liabilities and equity




Financial liabilities

Trade payables 
Total outstanding dues of micro and small enterprises

₹6 lakh

Total outstanding dues of creditors other than micro and small enterprises

₹37,047 lakh

Other payables 
Total outstanding dues of micro and small enterprises 
Total outstanding dues of creditors other than micro and small enterprises

₹227 lakh

Debt securities

₹69,934 lakh

Borrowings (other than debt securities)

₹5,001 lakh

Other financial liabilities

₹855 lakh

Total financial liabilities

₹1,13,070 lakh

Non-financial liabilities

Current tax liabilities (net)

₹67 lakh


₹61 lakh

Deferred tax liabilities (net)

₹118 lakh

Other non-financial liabilities

₹169 lakh

Total non-financial liabilities

₹415 lakh


Equity share capital

₹63,165 lakh

Other equity

₹6,369 lakh

Total equity

₹69,534 lakh

Total liabilities and equity

₹1,83,019 lakh

Bajaj Finserv's performance highlights:

Here is a list of the performance highlights of Bajaj Finserv in FY2021-22:
  • The total amount of new loans issued was ₹2 crore.
  • The number of customers increased by 19% to a value of ₹6 crore.
  • The total value of assets under management or AUM grew by 29% to ₹1,97,452 crore.
  • Base AUM rose by 26% to ₹1,92,087 crore (short-term net IPO funding receivable).
  • Total revenue grew by 19% to ₹31,640 crore.
  • Net interest income (NII) increased by 27% to ₹21,892 crore.
  • At ₹7,585 crore, overall operating costs increased by 43%.
  • The ratio of Opex to NII was 34.6%.
  • The operational profit before impairment grew by 20% to ₹14,307 crore.
  • Financial instrument impairment fell by 20% to ₹4,803 crore.
  • Profit before tax or PBT grew 59% to ₹9,504 crore.
  • Profit after tax or PAT grew 59% to ₹7,028 crore.
  • The capital adequacy ratio was 27.22% as of 31st March, 2022. The adequacy was 24.75% for Tier I. Both of these were significantly over the RBI criteria.

Bajaj Finserv management:

Here is a list of the management team of Bajaj Finserv:
  • Managing Director: Rajeev Jain
  • Chief Financial Officer: Sandeep Jain
  • Chief Risk Officer: Fakhari Sarjan
  • Chief Human Resources & Administrative Officer: Anupam Sirbhaiya
  • Deputy Chief Executive Officer: Anup Saha
  • Deputy CEO: Rakesh Bhatt
  • President- Debt Management Services: Deepak Bagati
  • President - Rural Businesses, Fixed Deposits & Investments, Insurance Services & Distribution: Deepak Reddy
  • Treasurer: M M Muralidharan

Finance industry overview:

The key players of the finance-investment market in India:

S. no.

Company name

Market capitalization (BSE)

Market capitalization (NSE)


Bajaj Finserv

₹2,61,070 crore

₹2,61,031 crore



₹46,930 crore

₹46,928 crore


AB Capital

₹35,213 crore

₹35,213 crore


IIFL Finance

₹17,491 crore

₹17,460 crore



₹16,777 crore

₹16,736 crore

Industry growth prospects

In 2022, the overall revenue amount in the finance area is expected to be ₹43 crore. Total revenue is estimated to rise at a 10.62% yearly rate (CAGR), ending in a total marketplace volume of ₹65 crore by 2026.

Bajaj Finserv growth prospects

The company's median revenue increase over the last ten years is 27.6%.

Risks and concerns

  • The stock is now trading at a rate of 3.86 times the price-to-book value as of Dec-19-2022, but it had recorded an all-time high of 7.7 times on 27th September 2021.
  • Over the previous three years (FY 19-20, FY 20-21 and FY 21-22), the company has had a poor equity return of around 12.5%.
  • Dividend distribution has been modest over the previous three years (FY 19-20, FY 20-21 and FY 21-22), at around 1.61% of earnings.


KFIN Technologies Private Limited
Ph: +91-40-67162222
Address: Selenium Building, Tower B, Plot No. 31 & 32
Financial District, Nanakramguda, Serilingampally
Hyderabad, Rangareddi, Telangana India – 500 032.

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