• Volatility

    How do you put a price on an option? For that, you have to understand Time Value and Intrinsic value. Read all about it here.

  • Payoff and Profit Diagrams

    Did you know before executing an Options trade, you can ‘see’ all the financial outcomes of the strategy? You can even plot the point at which the trade will turn profitable! Learn how in this chapter.

  • How Pricing Works?

    What impacts the price of an option? Well, you are familiar with one half of it, i.e., price of the underlying. This chapter introduces you to the ‘X’ factor that influences option price - Volatility.

  • Historical Volatility and Implied Volatility

    Researching a trading strategy? Look back, look forward -at the data-we mean. In other words, take your cues from historical volatility and implied volatility. Read this chapter to understand these concepts.

  • Introduction to the Option Chain

    Overwhelmed by all the data around Options? Don’t be. Learn how to navigate it using the Options chain. Learn the ropes here.

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