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Company overview

Financial performance


Market cap

Market Cap Switch₹2,64,426 Crs





Circuit range

₹820.95 - ₹547.35

Day range

₹658.45 - ₹690.00

Year range

₹350.80 - ₹712.60



Avg. traded


Revenue (12m)

₹4,01,785 Crs

Tata Motors DVR A Ord

Tata Motors Limited is the second largest automobile company in India. The company is primarily engaged in the design, production and sale of a diverse range of automotive vehicles. The company also produces engines for both industrial and marine purposes.

Tata Motors DVR shares, categorised as voting rights shares with differential terms compared to ordinary shares, belong to Tata Motors Limited. These shares are publicly listed on stock exchanges and were initially introduced by the company in 2008.

The market capitalisation of Tata Motors DVR Limited is stood at over ₹27,300 crore as of January 25, 2024. Tata Motors DVR share price has gained more than 385% in the last three years.

Tata Motors

Founded in 1945, Tata Motors Limited is a part of the Tata Group. The company manufactures a diverse range of automotive vehicles including passenger cars, trucks, vans, coaches, buses, luxury cars, sports cars and construction equipment. Tata Motors is the world's fourth-largest truck manufacturer and the second-largest bus manufacturer.

As of 2023, Tata Motors held a 12.3% market share in India, making it the second-largest car manufacturer in the country.

Tata Motors operates globally with a network of subsidiaries in countries such as the UK, South Korea, South Africa, China, Brazil, Austria and Slovakia.

Difference between Tata Motors DVR and Tata Motors

Voting shares are the shares that grant stockholders the privilege to participate in the company’s decision making process. The shares can have higher or lower voting rights, which is not available for ordinary equity shares. As per regulatory norms in India, DVR shares provide lower voting rights compared to ordinary shares.

The issuance of DVR shares is typically aimed at raising equity capital without altering the company's management structure or diluting control. The introduction of DVR shares primarily expands the investor base in the company. These shares are issued at a discounted price which ensures an increased likelihood of raising sufficient capital.

Differential Voting Rights (DVRs) can be distinguished from ordinary shares in two ways. The first is regarding voting rights. Section 47 of the Companies Act 2013 states that a member of a company who is limited by its shares has the right to vote on every resolution related to the company.

In the case of Tata DVR shares, the company provides lower voting rights compared to ordinary shares. Tata Motor DVRs has a 10% voting right in contrast to an ordinary Tata Motor share.

The second difference is in terms of dividends. Tata DVR shares offer a higher dividend premium to offset the reduced voting rights. This is done to attract small and retail shareholders who do not actively participate in the voting process. Tata DVR has consistently declared dividends over the years, with the dividend percentage being around 10-20%.

Tata Motors Limited became the first Indian company to issue DVR shares in 2008. This was done to raise capital for the acquisition of Jaguar Land Rover.

Financial Highlights

The company’s consolidated revenue stood at ₹3,45,966 crore, in FY23, up 24.2% compared to ₹2,78,453 crore in FY22. The net profit in FY23 stood at ₹2,353 crore compared to a loss of ₹11,234 crore in FY22. In FY23, the earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) increased to ₹13,283 crore from ₹2,308 crore in FY22. The company's earnings per share (EPS) stood at ₹6.29 in FY23 compared to ₹(-29.88) in FY22.

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Promoters (7.67%)

Mutual Funds (17.84%)

Retail and other (39.65%)

Foreign institutions-FII (30.84%)

Other domestic institutions (4%)

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