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Company overview

Financial performance


Market cap

Market Cap Switch₹32,909 Crs





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₹7,574.25 - ₹5,049.55

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₹6,300.00 - ₹6,439.95

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₹2,343.05 - ₹9,756.85



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Revenue (12m)

₹268 Crs

Tata Investment Corporation

Tata Investment Corporation Limited (TICL) is an Indian non-banking financial company (NBFC) primarily invested in long-term asset investments like equity shares and securities linked to equity. Tata Investment Corporation Limited, headquartered in Mumbai, began its journey in 1937 under the name The Investment Corporation of India.

TICL was founded by Tata Sons Private Limited. Its mission is to strengthen the growth of small and mid-sized enterprises by injecting them with the necessary capital and sharing its expert insight. In February 2008, the company became a subsidiary of Tata Sons. Along with other Tata entities, Tata Sons collectively holds around 73.38% of the paid-up capital of Tata Investment Corporation Limited.

For many years since its foundation, the company strengthened the growth of small and mid-sized enterprises. This effort by TICL led to the establishment of several well-known companies decades ago such as Associated Bearing Co Limited (now SKF Bearings (India) Limited), Ceat Tyres Limited (now Ceat Limited) and National Rayon Corporation.

The year 1998 marked an important moment for Tata Investment as it launched its IPO and got listed on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and BSE.

The market capitalisation of Tata Investment is over ₹29,000 crore as of February 1, 2024. Tata Investment share price has gained over 430% in three years.

Business operations

Tata Investment Corporation Limited's primary operation strategically places long-term investments in various forms, from shares in listed and unlisted companies to debt instruments, mutual funds and other securities. Operating under the umbrella of Tata Sons Private Limited, it garners its income through dividends, interest and the capital gains accrued from these long-term investments.

Its investment portfolio is a testament to diversity, spreading across multiple sectors such as automotive, banking, cement, chemicals, construction, consumer goods, healthcare, IT, metals, mining, real estate and telecommunication.

During the fiscal year 2022-23, Tata Investment sold some of its assets optimally and reallocated its capital to other types of assets. This period saw a significant increase in dividend income, jumping from ₹127.64 crore in the previous fiscal year to ₹187.87 crore.

The company has invested in a total of 85 companies, with 62 being publicly listed (quoted) and 23 being privately held (unquoted), as of March 31, 2023.

Tata Investment also manages Simto Investment Company Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary registered as an NBFC with the Reserve Bank of India. TICL manages Simto's portfolio by capitalising on short-term market fluctuations. The financial year 2022-23 saw Simto's resources strengthened through an equity infusion of ₹150 crore in compulsorily convertible preference shares and ₹250 crore via commercial paper issuance.

Tata Asset Management Private Limited, Tata Trustee Company Private Limited and Amalgamated Plantations Private Limited are three of Tata Investment Corporation Limited's associated companies.

Financial Highlights

– The total revenue from operations of Tata Investment Corporation stood at ₹277 crore for FY23, as against the previous financial year's ₹253.7 crore. – The profit after tax (PAT) for FY 2022-23 stood at ₹251.75 crore, which was ₹214.5 crore in the previous financial year. – The earnings per share (EPS) was ₹47.78 in FY 22-23. It was ₹42.34 in FY22.

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Promoters (73.38%)

Mutual Funds (0.07%)

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