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Shareholding Info
  • Promoters
    14.89 %
  • Foreign institutions-FII
    33.6 %
  • Other domestic institutions
    16.87 %
  • Retail and other
    16.13 %
  • Mutual Funds
    18.5 %

About Infosys

Infosys is a global leader in consulting and digital services with clients in over 50 countries. Pioneers in the global delivery model is now the first Indian IT Company to be listed on Nasdaq. In the span of 40 years, they have improvised some major changes which have made India a global destination for software services talent. Established in 1981, with more than 4 decades worth of experience managing the systems as well as the workings of global enterprises, they enable these clients with an AI powered core. The company has more than 335K employees, started with a capital of US$250, has now become a US$ 16.97 billion (LTM FY23 revenues) company with a market capitalization of approximately US$ 77.88 billion. Their employee stock options program has helped to create few of India's first salaried millionaires.

Core Activities & Products

  1. Application Development and Maintenance Services – Infosys delivers its next generation applications using their technical and deep domain knowledge, consulting capabilities and methodologies helping clients to meet their priorities.
  2. Business Process Management – Infosys provides end-to-end transformative business process management (BPM) services for clients across the globe. It helps clients to focus on business value and address their business challenges enabling clients to achieve their targets, improve efficiency, enhance effectiveness, and deliver a higher level of customer experience, using creative business excellence frameworks, ongoing productivity improvements, process reengineering, automation, and cutting-edge technology platforms.
  3. Consulting Services – The team of strategic advisors help companies operate stronger with the help of their programs. Working with market leaders across all sectors leading in innovation and guiding customers on their journey forward.
  4. Incubating Emerging Offerings – The focus of Infosys Centre for Emerging Technology Solutions mainly is on incubation on Next Gen Services by making technology capable of increasing innovation. AI & ML, Blockchain, Computer Vision, Conversational interfaces, AR-VR, Deep Learning, Advanced analytics using video, speech, are some of the current areas of incubation.

Board of Directors

  1. Mr. Salil Parekh: CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and Managing Director
  2. Mr. Nandan M Nilekani: Co-founder and Chairman of the Board
  3. Ms. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw:  Lead Independent Director
  4. Mr. D Sundaram: Independent Director
  5. Mr. Michael Gibbs: Independent Director
  6. Mr. UriLivine: Independent Director
  7. Mr. Bobby Parikh: Independent Director
  8. Ms. Chitra Nayak: Independent Director

Key Executives

  1. Mr. Salil Parekh: CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and Managing Director
  2. Mr. Nilanjan Roy: Chief Financial Officer
  3. Mr. Mohit Joshi: President
  4. Mr. Ravi Kumar S: President
  5. Mr. Krishnamurthy Shankar: Executive Vice President, Group Head, HRD
  6. Ms.InderpreetSawhney: Group General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer


Started with just $250 and 7 engineers in 1981 now has a global presence growing each year with 300,000 plus employees and operations spread over 50+ countries focusing on enterprise solutions and innovative ideas and helping in clients progress.Registered Office: No. 44, Hosur Road, Electronics City,Bengaluru


Infosys has many strengths that have an effect on its profitability,

  1. Cost Advantage–Due to a majority presence in the Indian Market and high-quality talent it is a major cost advantage as the wages in India are significantly lower.
  2. End to end business solutions – Provides a wide range of consultancy services and many more which attracts companies across all sectors.
  3. Strategic Association –To enhance its services and business solutionsInfosys has partnered with major technology and business players

CSR and Sustainability

Infosys has a ESG policy wherein their priorities are:
  1. Social: To help develop people in the communities around the business to lead a future that consists of more opportunities for them.
  2. Environmental: Save the planet through technology based solutions.
  3. Governance: To serve the stakeholders by supporting their core values.
Infosys CSR activities include:

  1. Hunger, Poverty, Malnutrition and Health: To Eradicate hunger, poverty and malnutrition, and promote preventive healthcare and sanitation and make clean drinking water available.
  2. Education: Providing special education and vocational skills to enhance employment, to the underprivileged children and women, and the differently abled, helping the academic institutions monetarily for establishing endowment funds helping students in their studies.
  3. Rural Development Project: Helping rural areas improve accessibility by improving housing, drinking water, sanitation, power and livelihoods, helping create sustainable villages.
  4. Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women: Encouraging gender equality and helping women to set up homes, hostels and day care centres for women and orphans; and old age homes for senior citizens.
  5. Environmental Sustainability: Maintaining ecological balance, protection of flora and fauna, animal welfare, agroforestry, conservation of natural resources and maintaining the quality of soil, air and water.
  6. National Heritage, Art and Culture: Protecting national heritage, art as well culture, which includes the restoration of buildings and sites of historical importance, works of art; reviving, promoting and developing traditional arts and handicrafts as well as setting up public libraries.


Recently there were some allegations that the management is trying to destabilise the economy. They have also in the past been accused of various liability claims. In India, they have been criticised for being so dependent on the foreign market.

COVID-19 Impact

The Company's main focus is on employee safety, during the pandemic they had their business continuity plan ready and ensured that the operational activities run smoothly. Apart from this, the company had no major impact due to COVID-19 outbreak.

Future Prospects

As per many media sources, the company plans to increase its work force in the year 2023. The Annual Report of 2022 of TCS had a message from the desk of the CEO's that the software major's revenues will double very soon. The strategy of the company is to grow through 4 principles which include Scale Agile Digital (Invest in digital capabilities and priority services), Drive Localization (Hire locally in markets, local training and delivery), Energise the Core (Infuse AI and Automation) and Expand Skilling (Re-skill talent pool).

Did You Know!

Started with a mere Rs 10000 in 1981 with its first Office in Mr. Raghavan's house who was the first employee also and without a computer for 2 years, and now has become a Giant IT Company. In the biggest financial scam of 1992 with only 13% unsubscribed IPO it became public. In 1999 became the first Indian Company to be listed on NASDAQ. Infosys foundation committee contributed 100 crores rupees to support efforts towards fighting COVID in India.

Initial Public Offering

Infosys launched its IPO in February, 1993 and offered around 40% of its post-offer equity capital. The aim was to raise Rs. 13 crore in Infosys share price. The IPO issue price was set at Rs. 95.

After the IPO, the company was listed on various Indian Stock Exchanges but the Infosys stock price opened at Rs. 145, and in a single day rose to Rs. 160.

Equity Shares

With a consolidated net profit of Rs. 5,360 crore in Q1FY23, the revenue of Infosys stood at Rs. 34,470 crore. The company increased the revenue guidance for FY23 to 14-16% from 13-15% in constant currency. They maintained a growth rate of 21-23% in operating margin estimates. In June 2022, the number of employees in stanza constituted 3,35,186 of which 21,171 had just been added in March, affecting the Infosys share price. In October, 1994, the company made a private placement of 5,50,000 shares at the rate of Rs. 450. These were made to Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs), Corporates and Financial Institutions (FIs). After that, during March of 1999, 20,70,000 ADSs (equivalent to 10,35,000 equity shares of par value of Rs. 10 each) were issued at $34 per ADS. This was done under the American Depositary Shares Program. The same were also listed on the NASDAQ National Market. In December, 2012, Infosys was listed on the NYSE Market.

Annual Financial Summary

12 mths12 mths12 mths12 mths12 mths
Equity Share Capital2,103.002,130.002,129.002,178.001,092.00
TOTAL SHARE CAPITAL2,103.002,130.002,129.002,178.001,092.00
Reserves and Surplus66,597.0069,029.0059,808.0060,533.0062,410.00
TOTAL RESERVES AND SURPLUS66,597.0069,029.0059,808.0060,533.0062,410.00
TOTAL SHAREHOLDERS FUNDS69,306.0071,531.0062,234.0062,711.0063,502.00
Long Term Borrowings0.
Deferred Tax Liabilities [Net]841.00511.00556.00541.00505.00
Other Long Term Liabilities4,264.004,275.003,031.00248.00208.00
Long Term Provisions0.
TOTAL NON-CURRENT LIABILITIES5,105.004,786.003,587.00789.00713.00
Short Term Borrowings0.
Trade Payables2,669.001,562.001,529.001,604.00738.00
Other Current Liabilities21,387.0015,399.0013,185.0013,321.0010,488.00
Short Term Provisions920.00661.00506.00505.00436.00
TOTAL CURRENT LIABILITIES24,976.0017,622.0015,220.0015,430.0011,662.00
TOTAL CAPITAL AND LIABILITIES99,387.0093,939.0081,041.0078,930.0075,877.00
Tangible Assets14,695.0014,365.0013,897.0010,394.009,027.00
Intangible Assets243.00234.0077.00103.00130.00
Capital Work-In-Progress411.00906.00945.001,212.001,442.00
Other Assets0.
FIXED ASSETS15,349.0015,505.0014,919.0011,709.0010,599.00
Non-Current Investments22,869.0022,118.0013,916.0012,062.0011,993.00
Deferred Tax Assets [Net]970.00955.001,429.001,114.001,128.00
Long Term Loans And Advances34.0030.00298.0016.0019.00
Other Non-Current Assets7,728.007,049.006,659.007,806.008,048.00
TOTAL NON-CURRENT ASSETS46,950.0045,657.0037,221.0032,707.0031,787.00
Current Investments5,467.002,037.004,006.006,077.005,906.00
Trade Receivables18,966.0016,394.0015,459.0013,370.0012,151.00
Cash And Cash Equivalents12,270.0017,612.0013,562.0015,551.0016,770.00
Short Term Loans And Advances219.00229.00307.001,048.00393.00
TOTAL CURRENT ASSETS52,437.0048,282.0043,820.0046,223.0044,090.00
TOTAL ASSETS99,387.0093,939.0081,041.0078,930.0075,877.00
Contingent Liabilities5,348.004,372.004,730.004,617.006,068.00
Raw Materials0.
Stores, Spares And Loose Tools0.
Trade/Other Goods0.
Capital Goods0.
Expenditure In Foreign Currency57,224.0046,433.0044,254.0039,467.0031,358.00
Dividend Remittance In Foreign Currency----------
FOB Value Of Goods101,854.0084,252.0077,974.0071,719.0060,329.00
Other Earnings----------
Bonus Equity Share Capital2,017.092,117.092,117.092,165.821,073.82
Non-Current Investments Quoted Market Value12,552.0011,507.004,048.004,374.006,045.00
Non-Current Investments Unquoted Book Value15,134.0011,003.009,490.00--6,917.00
Current Investments Quoted Market Value1,003.00713.001,101.006,131.00--
Current Investments Unquoted Book Value1,337.001,326.003,578.0012,219.005,194.00
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