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Company overview

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Market Cap Switch₹6,551 Crs





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₹1,748.50 - ₹1,165.70

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₹3,446 Crs

GMM Pfaudler

GMM Pfaudler is the leading producer of glass-lined equipment and engineering equipment in the country. It is a global leader for its corrosion-resistant technologies, systems and services catered to industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, food and energy. Founded in 1962 by Jethabhai V Patel, the company is headquartered in Karamsad, Gujarat.

The beginnings of GMM Pfaudler were humble. It started in 1884 when Casper Pfaudler, a German brewmaster in New York, invented a glass-lined steel process for vacuum fermentation of beer. GMM Pfaudler, established in 1962, initially as Gujarat Machinery Manufacturers became a joint venture with Pfaudler Inc. in 1987. By 1999, Pfaudler Inc. owned a 51% stake, renaming the company to GMM Pfaudler Limited.

GMM Pfaudler acquired the majority stake in the global Pfaudler Group in 2021. It is now a leading provider of corrosion-resistant technologies for chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and energy industries.

The market capitalisation of GMM Pfaudler is over ₹7,000 crore as of January 5, 2024. GMM Pfaudler share price has gained over 25% in the last three years.

Business operations

GMM Pfaudler's product portfolio includes glass-lined equipment, wiped film evaporators, agitated nutsche filters, high-efficiency mixing systems and PTFE-lined equipment. It also manufactures and supplies various structural steel works, industrial machinery, and glass-lined chemical vessels and storage tanks.

The company's fluoro polymer division makes many PTFE products like Teflon envelope gaskets, nozzle liners, bushes and control system pipes. The company is also involved in the production of mixing systems, chemical processing equipment and filtration/separation equipment.

GMM Pfaudler’s operations are run by experts across four continents, operating within 16 manufacturing facilities worldwide. The company serves the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage and oil and gas industries.

Its technologies and solutions have been installed in over 80 countries across six continents, representing a global presence reaching 100%. With a workforce of over 1,800 employees worldwide, GMM Pfaudler ensures round-the-clock service. It operates through 27 local entities and has 16 manufacturing facilities strategically positioned across the globe.

GMM Pfaudler has witnessed many milestones since its foundation. For example, the company began producing glass-lined equipment, acquiring technology from Hampart, Hungary in 1969. It added five wind turbine generators in Gujarat in 95-96, taking the total turbine count to nine. The combined power generation capacity stood at 1800 kW.

Following many achievements, National Oilwell Varco Inc. became the ultimate holding company of GMM Pfaudler in 2013. Project Shakti was launched in 2018. The year witnessed a new natural gas furnace. Two new companies, Interseal and Normag, joined the group.

A new factory in Vatva, Gujarat, began operations in 2021-22 and new furnaces in India, Brazil and the US were established.

GMM Pfaudler acquired 100% of Mixel France SAS in February 2023 and introduced a corrosion-resistant reactor sampling system and new chemical industry drying tech.

Financial highlights

GMM Pfaudler's revenue from operations for FY23 stood at ₹3,177.55 crore, up 25% from ₹2,540.57 crore in FY22. The net profit after tax for FY23 was ₹213.50 crore compared to ₹75.36 crore during the previous year. In FY23, the earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) increased to ₹431.15 crore from the previous year's ₹283.87 crore. The company's earnings per share (EPS) stood at ₹37.52 in FY23 compared to ₹19.39 in the previous financial year.

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