What is mPassbook & How to Get Mobile Passbook: Charges, Features, & Benefits


Any person with a bank account has to have used a passbook. A savings account or current account's transactions are recorded in this book, which the bank provides. A bank employee or teller is used to manage passbooks and records the transactions in the books. The teller was required to sign in the book to attest to the bank's approval of the transactions. This did, however, provide room for human error and factual deception.

Modern passbooks were created to be easily integrated with computers to eliminate these issues. You no longer need to visit a teller to write transactions and sign the book. Banks have automated tellers that are set up to record transactions following your account information. Your account information is stored on a Bar-Code carried by modern passbooks. Place the book into the device, and it will automatically write the transactions.

However, this was only the beginning of banking process automation. The mpassbook is another novel idea that has recently gained much popularity.

Mpassbook: What is it?

Banking is becoming simpler thanks to mobile banking. You do not need to physically visit your bank for some banking transactions, such as cash withdrawals. The passbook and cash deposits may still need to be updated; however, you can now examine and update your own passbook using an mpassbook.

This is an additional function found in most banks' mobile banking applications. Enabling you to update the passbook on your own prevents you from visiting the bank branch. Using this method, you may easily keep track of your transactions on a monthly or yearly basis.

In order to make it simpler for consumers to check their mini statement, transaction information, and transaction history on mobile phones, mPassBook is a digital version of passbook.

How is a mPassbook created?

Every other bank has a mobile app in addition to Internet banking capabilities. Users can easily access the following advantages by downloading the app: 24-hour banking access.

How Do you Get Online Access To the mPassbook App?

Step 1: On your smartphone, turn on the passbook.

Step 2: Sign up for the mPassbook app.

Step 3: Open the banking application.

Mpassbook's advantages

Different banks' M-Passbooks come with a tonne of advantages.

  • Fewer Visits to the Branch: M-Passbook allows you to drastically cut down on the number of visits you must make to your branch to update the passbook. Your mobile app allows you to maintain and update your passbook from anywhere.
  • Better Track Your Income and Expenses: M Pass Book allows you to do this. This is because you will always have access to your phone and your passbook at any moment. Without worrying about leaving your passbook at home, you may plan by reviewing your prior expenses and revenue. With this, you may keep track of and manage your costs however you'd want when travelling.
  • Tagging: Most M-Passbooks have a tagging feature that allows you to annotate the expenses incurred on a particular day. You can note why you're spending money where and when you're going there. You can monitor your monthly spending on particular demands in this way. You can try to cut back on your spending without making a deliberate choice.
  • Anytime Availability:M Pass Book's ability to be accessed at any time is its main advantage. Anything that enters your phone becomes instantly accessible to you at any time. You are in complete control of when and when you access your mpassbook.
  • Offline Mode: A few mobile applications also provide M-Passbooks offline support. By doing this, you can access your updated passbook without an online connection. Be sure to update the M-Passbook to reflect your bank account's real-time status.
  • Real-Time Updates:M-Passbook provides updates in real time. Your debit card immediately notifies you whenever money is added to or deducted from it. In contrast to the standard passbook, which requires you to go to the bank to update spending or transactions from a few days ago, this function is fantastic.

The Value of Having an Up-to-Date Passbook or M-Passbook

A passbook may appear like a pointless document, yet it is unquestionably among the most significant ones produced in the contemporary era. Here are a few details that make it very obvious how crucial it is to keep your passbook or M-Passbook up to date.

  • Your passbook is the best physical evidence that you have a bank account. You may find your address, entire bank information, phone number, and clear transaction history there. Numerous other things can be done with your mpassbook
  • One of the most reliable ways to prove your identity is with this. It is acceptable as identification in several settings, including the passport office and legal proceedings. M-Passbooks must still be incorporated into the traditional banking system to be accepted as a valid form of identification or proof of residence.
  • Your passbook is useful when submitting tax returns. Anyone active in business, regardless of what kind, is aware of how crucial it is to keep their passbook up to date. Although you cannot always carry your receipts and notes with you, your passbook or M-Passbook can show you the dates you withdrew money for particular purposes. Your passbook stores all your transactions, whether small purchases or regular insurance premiums. Your m-tagging passbook's feature makes it simple to keep track of the specifics of your spending.
  • Your passbook is a reliable record of all transactions between a bank and you, and under no circumstances can it be falsified.
  • Many financial companies demand to see your bank statement before providing you with a credit card or any loan. This is so that these organisations and banks can make sure you are a qualified applicant.


Anybody could exploit your account and personal information if you lose your passbook, which can cause serious problems. Theft and other forms of financial fraud may result from this. In the case that a mpassbook is lost, you must file a police report and notify your bank right once. The process of issuing a duplicate passbook can now continue. With a mPass Book, all of this may be prevented.

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