PNB Passbook - mPassbook: App Download, Login, & Online

PNB Passbook & mPassbook: Components, Purposes, and More 

The savings account of PNB comes with the option of online banking facilities. Today PNB bank account holders can easily check their bank account statements through the dedicated banking app. But if you are looking for a conventional approach, you might consider checking account statements from the PNB passbook.

It is a paper book that holds information of the account holder about financial activity taking place through their accounts. To have a detailed idea about the PNB passbook, check out the following sections.

Components of the PNB Passbook

PNB passbook is included in the bank's welcome kit for those who open an account with this financial institution. This merely offers a record of your transactions in detail. Different components that are available in the PNB passbook are as follows:

  •       Account holder's name, address, contact number, account number, customer ID, and scheme ID.
  •       Bank's name, branch address, IFSC, details of the account nominee, and date of opening the account.

After the first page, all other pages remain empty, in which all your transaction details will be printed. Typically, these pages are divided into different sections. This includes balance, credit, debit, particulars transaction id, and date. 

Purpose of PNB Passbook

Mentioned below is the list of purposes for using a PNB passbook that every account holder must know.

  1. One of the primary purposes of a PNB passbook is to provide the history of account transactions. It keeps a record of all your account statements by printing all information in the booklet, including the amount credited and debited, the date of the transaction, and the current balance available in the account. 
  2. Besides offering precise transaction statements, this book also lets you track and monitor the cash flow of your bank account. Consequently, if you have multiple bank accounts, tracking and monitoring them will enable you to manage them effectively. Prior access to your transaction history will enable you to strategize and plan your savings better.

How to View PNB Passbook Online?

In the era of digitalisation, PNB account holders can easily check their passbooks online via the PNB mPassbook facility. It is a digital version of a physical passbook where you can easily check the account statement through the mobile application of Punjab National Bank. Following are the steps to use this online tool.

Step 1: Log in to your PNB account through PNB mobile banking and click on mPassbook section.

Step 2: After opening the mPassbook, fill in the necessary information like account number, date and time. It is important to note that the date-to-date difference cannot be greater than 365 days.

Step 3: The screen will display all your transaction details for the selected period.

Step 4: Lastly click on the download option and save the file of your account statement.

What are the Features of the PNB mPassbook?

Here is a list of some of the key features of this application.

  •       MPIN-Based Login

Through a 4-digit secret code, you can now easily log in to the banking app. This facility allows customers to log in with the bank without any hassle, saving the trouble of having to remember usernames and passwords. 

  •       Customer ID-Based Registration

With the help of the customer ID Based registration feature, you can view multiple account details at once.  

  •       Detailed Account Statements

On PNB mPassbook, you can view both mini and detailed statements of your bank account. Moreover, with PNB mPassbook, you can conveniently view the transaction history of different account types like Savings, Overdraft, Current, and Recurring. 

  •       Direct Email

mPassbook app comes with a facility where customers can directly send their detailed account statement to their registered email account with just a few clicks.

  •       Download and Save the Statement Promptly

With PNB mPassbook you can save and download the detailed statement to your mobile devices without having to scan the traditional passbooks. It is simple and convenient to view and download account information at any time and from any location.

What are the Benefits of Using PNB mPassbook?

Here are some of the notable advantages of using a PNB mPassbook:

  •       Time-Saving and Convenient 

PNB's mPassbook facility was introduced to offer convenience to their customers. With PNB mPassbook customers can access information about their recent transactions at any time and from any place without any hassle. Today, you can avoid standing in a long queue and conveniently retrieve information on the latest transaction on your mobile phone anytime. 

  •       Safe and Secure

Another prominent benefit of using the mPassbook is that it is technologically secure. This signifies that nobody can access the mPassbook app without the 4-digit secret code or MPIN. 

  •       Free to Use

Alongside all the other perks extended by PNB mPassbook, not including any additional charges is one of the notable ones. The mPassbook application is readily available on the internet. Also, there are no restrictions on its usage and one can use it as many times as he/she wants.

Requirements of PNB mPassbook

To use PNB mPassbook it is imperative to meet the following requirement.

  •       Individuals must be customers of PNB with registered mobile numbers.
  •       Individuals must have an Android with a 5.1 version and above or an IOS mobile phone with version 9 and above. 

Final Word

PNB passbook is a useful tool that helps an individual to keep a track of his/her deposits and withdrawal. It provides methods for updating daily transactions. You can also keep your banking credentials secure through the mPassbook application.

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