How to Activate Axis Bank Mobile Banking - Login & Registration

In the era of digitalization, mobile banking has made our life easier by adding convenience to our financial operation execution. Axis Bank has introduced mobile banking services with 100+ features catering to the varied banking needs of its vast customer base. With Axis Bank mobile banking facility, you can conveniently access accounts, pay bills, transfer funds, etc., on the go.

To know the in and out of Axis Bank's mobile banking facility and how to onboard it, check out the following sections.

Features of Axis Bank Mobile Banking

To provide a hassle-free banking experience to customers Axis Bank’s mobile banking service comes with different features, including:

  •         Pay credit card bills or any utility bills instantly
  •         Shop online through credit card and earn attractive cashback and discounts
  •         The "Near me" option will allow you to search nearby ATMs, Axis Bank branches, dining offers and many more.
  •         Get alerts for debit and credit card transactions, fund transfers, and a lot more to keep a check on the account balance.
  •         Earn Axis Edge Reward points
  •         Track your Demat investments and can also view the Demat summary.
  •         Update changes in personal details and many more.

Top Advantages of Axis Bank Mobile Banking

Axis mobile banking facilitates its customers to have complete control over their personal finances. Apart from providing convenience and easy transactions, here are several notable benefits that every Axis Bank customer must know:

  •         Get Update Alerts

With Axis Bank mobile banking, you can receive simple and easy-to-read updates. This includes information related to completed and upcoming bill payments. As a result, with prior knowledge about your bill payments, you can avoid late payment fees and eliminate penalties like EMI bounce charges, penal interest, etc. This also enables you to stay stress-free.

  •         Hassle-free Bill Payments

With the mobile banking facility, you can easily make bill payments without any hassle. This application comes with reminders for recharge, bill payments or RD payments so that you do not miss any dues.

  •         Security

It provides an additional level of authentication while conducting any transactions. Customers always get an app-based notification or SMS alert after making every transaction, allowing you to stay updated at all times.

However, if your phone is ever stolen or misplaced, your account data remains safe and secure as if an incorrect PIN is provided for a consecutive time, the PIN is blocked by Axis Bank.

  •         Easy Accessibility

Through Axis Bank mobile banking there is no need to queue up  at the bank branch or ATM to  keep track of your account. Without travelling to the bank's branches or ATM you can get access to several services from anywhere in the world at any time.

  •         Free of Charge

Among all the other perks extended by Axis bank mobile banking, zero additional charges is one of the notable ones. This mobile banking app is readily available on the internet platforms like Google Play Store and Apple App store. You can simply download the app and fill in the required login credential to access them. Also, there are no restrictions on their usage; you can use it as many times as you want.

Steps to Register for Mobile Banking for Axis Bank

For Axis Bank mobile banking registration, it is imperative to first register your mobile with the bank. After mobile number registration follows the simple steps to activate mobile banking services.

Step 1: Download the mobile banking app of Axis Bank and click on the ‘Log in’ option. Thereafter you will receive an SMS verification.

Step 2: After verification, your Axis Bank Mobile Banking app will get activated instantly.

Step 3: Then, enter your name and set mPIN as per your preference, adhering to the bank’s policy to complete the registration.

Step 4: After setting the password, your will need to authenticate yourself first by providing your debit card details or internet banking login ID and password.

Step 5: Accordingly you can choose your own mode of authentication

Step 6: Lastly provide all necessary details and you will get to use this app seamlessly and carry out all necessary banking tasks through the service.

Steps for Axis Bank Mobile Banking Login

This mobile banking app comes with a user-friendly interface. To log in to Axis Bank's mobile banking app, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the mobile banking of Axis Bank from the Google Play Store or Apple app store.
  2. Now click on the log-in button. However, if you are a new user, you need to complete the registration process first.
  3. If you are an existing customer enter your login credentials and start to explore the application.

Steps to Change Axis Bank mPIN

mPIN stands for Mobile Banking Personal Identification Number. It is 4 digit secret code that is considered crucial to secure all sorts of transactions. Here are the steps that you must follow to change the mPIN without any hassle.

  1. Open the Axis Bank mobile banking app and go to the ‘Setting’ menu.
  2. Now select the ‘Change mPIN’ option and enter the current one with the new mPIN.
  3. Now, log in to the mobile banking app with the current new mPIN number.

Additionally, if you forget the mPIN and are unable to log in to this app, you can open your Axis Bank mobile app and visit the login page. Then select the "Forget mPIN" option and set up the code as per your convenience. As per the experts, it is necessary to change the mPIN code at regular intervals for improved security.

Final Word

Following the digital retail banking roadmap Axis Bank offers superior, simple and secured financial solutions to the fast-evolving NextGen. Keeping convenience in mind, the Axis Bank mobile banking facility has been designed to offer easy access of financial services across all mobile devices and allows every individual seamless transaction.

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