BHIM UPI App - Customer Care Number, Full Form and How to Use

What is BHIM App Customer Care Number?

If you have any questions, you can call the customer support number on the BHIM app.

BHIM (UPI) App Customer Care Number 18001201740

The BHIM App: An Overview

BHIM is a payment solution app that uses the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) to provide simple, quick, and straightforward transactions. Using the receiver's UPI ID or by scanning the receiver's QR code with the BHIM app, the app users can send direct bank payments to anyone on the platform. BHIM app's full form is Bharat Interface for Money. 

One can access the BHIM app in 13 languages, including Bengali, Malayalam, Marathi, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Odia, apart from English. The app makes money transfers convenient by directly using the UPI ID without the hassle of cash. 

What Services Does BHIM App Allow

You can use the BHIM app for the following services: 

  • Send and receive money through UPI
  • Send and receive money using the account number and IFSC code
  • Pay bills on eCommerce websites using UPI
  • Book flight, train, or movie tickets using UPI
  • Recharge your mobile
  • Scan and pay using the QR code

Features of the BHIM app

The main features of the BHIM app are:

  • It aids in making instant money transfers

Money may be sent instantly and from anywhere to anyone using the BHIM app. The complex process of adding beneficiaries and filling out account information, such as account number, IFSC code, etc., is optional. Thus, the money transfer is quick and easy. 

  • No holidays

The best aspect of utilising the BHIM app is that you can send and receive money without difficulty, even on bank weekends and holidays, because the app functions throughout the year. 

  • Easily split bills with friends

Allows users to divide bills with friends: Users can split bills with other people using the BHIM app. You can split the cost of the bill with your pals.

  • Reminders for payments

This app's ability to help the user set up reminders for payments is another excellent feature.

How To Use The BHIM App

Step 1: Download The App And Add Your Details

  • Both Apple and Android phones support the app. Go to Google Play Store for Android devices to download the app and Apple App Store for iPhones to download the app. 
  • Once installed, choose your preferred language and select the sim registered to the bank account you want to link to the app. Proceed to complete the verification process.
  • Set a 4-digit password to secure the account.

Next, link your bank account and set a UPI pin which you will use before every transaction.

  • You must link your bank account to the BHIM app in order to send and receive money. In the BHIM app, a user can only link one account at a time. 
  • You will have to choose your bank from the list that is presented.
  • Select the account you want to link after picking the bank.
  • In the future, you can modify your associated bank account if needed.

You will successfully register an account in your name on the BHIM app by completing the above-mentioned steps. Upon completing that, you will be required to set a UPI pin to use before every transaction by providing the last 6 digits of your debit card and the expiration date. 

Step 3: Create UPI or VPA

You do not need to create a UPI or VPA separately, as one is created for you by default upon completion of account registration. However, if you want to change the VPA allotted to you, you can do so by visiting the profile section of your account. 

Once the account is created, you can send and receive payments by using the registered mobile number of the other user or their UPI ID. You can even send money to accounts without a UPI ID using MMID or IFSC codes. 

Step 4: How to Send Money

To send payments from your account, follow these steps:

  • Sign in to the BHIM app, and then select "Send."
  • Choose or type in the receiver's VPA. Make sure you have selected the right account.
  • Enter the amount you want to transfer. You can also add comments in a section and then continue.
  • Authenticate and send money by entering your UPI PIN, after which the transfer will automatically take place.

You must receive a notification for a successful transaction once the money has been transferred. 

Transfer through Scan and Pay

The BHIM app's "Scan & Pay" feature also allows users to make transfers. A QR code is used in this process, and scanning it authorises the transaction.

People can follow the steps listed below to send/receive money using this method:

  • On the app's homepage on the recipient's phone, select the "Profile" tab.
  • Choose the "QR code" option. It will open the code given to the recipient's account.
  • Select the "Scan & Pay" option from the menu from the sender's account.
  • Enter the transfer amount after scanning the QR code.
  • Enter the UPI pin for authenticating the transaction.
  • Once the payment processing completes, you will get an acknowledgement.

The app allows transactions across 30+ banks in India. It allows users to send money to those who have the BHIM app installed and those who don't. It is quickly emerging as the go-to method for secure and hassle-free money transfers.

 Step 4: How to Receive Money

To be on the receiving end of money transfers through the BHIM app, use the following steps:

  1. After signing in, select the 'Receive' option on the BHIM app on your phone.
  2. It will send a money request to the sender to pay the mentioned amount. After choosing the VPA of the recipient and the desired amount, click "submit." 
  3. The remitter will receive a notification, and they might choose to accept or reject the request.

Transaction Limit on BHIM

BHIM app does not allow for a transaction of more than ₹10,000 at once. Moreover, there is a transaction limit of ₹20,000 for transfers within 24 hours. However, no extra charges are levied for any transactions.

BHIM App Customer Care

If you still face issues working through the app, the BHIM app can answer questions or complaints. All you need to do is call the BHIM app customer care number 18001201740.

To submit a complaint through the app itself:

  • Find the transaction history by selecting the "raise a complaint" option.
  • Choose the transaction that you want to complain about.
  • Following your transaction selection, you will be presented with two choices: "Raise Concern" and "Call the Bank." You can select the most appropriate option for your concern, and your problem will be dealt with immediately.


What is the eligibility for using the BHIM app?

Minors holding joint accounts or those below 15 years of age are not eligible to use the BHIM app.

Can you use BHIM to transact money from foreign countries?

You can use the app while travelling but can only transact through Indian bank accounts.

Can I request a refund if the money has been transferred to the wrong account?

You must be careful when finalising the account for a money transfer. BHIM transfers money instantly; therefore, it is impossible to reverse it once the transaction has been made. However, if a wrong transaction has been made, you can send a collect request mentioning that the money was sent wrongly. 

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