AU Small Finance Bank Savings Account Interest Rate

A savings account is a safe way to store money, and you can earn attractive interest on it. Operating it is pretty hassle-free. AU Small Finance Bank is India's largest small finance bank that offers various AU small finance bank savings account interest rate on different types of savings account depending on the diverse needs of users.

Lets find out about the various types of savings accounts that this bank offers.

Have A Look At AU Small Finance Bank Savings Account Interest Rates

In order to cater to your needs, this bank provides different types of savings accounts and diverse interest rates. On a savings account balance of less than ₹1 lakh, this bank offers an interest rate of 3.50%. However, the AU Small Finance Bank savings account interest rate is 5% for balances upto ₹10 lakh, and a favourable interest rate of 6% on savings account balances from ₹ 10 lakhs to less than ₹ 25 lakhs.

On savings bank account balances from ₹25 lakhs to ₹1 crore, you can earn interest at a rate of 7% p.a. simultaneously, for account balances from ₹1 crore to less than ₹10 crore, this bank offers an attractive interest of 7.25%. 

These interest rates on savings accounts are calculated daily and paid on a monthly basis.

Types of AU Small Finance Bank Savings Account- Features and Benefits

AU Small Finance Bank savings accounts are designed for all individuals. So, whether you are a senior citizen, woman, student, or employed professional, you can get savings account for yourself. Let's find different types of savings accounts offered by this bank.

  1.     AU Salary Account

For the majority of working individual, a salary account is their primary savings account. This type of savings account provides better benefits to salaried customers getting their salary credited to this account. Additionally, it comes with certain benefits and features.

  • You can get a complimentary Visa Debit Card with enhanced insurance coverage. It also offers 1000+ offers and discounts across leading brands in India.
  • There is no minimum balance for this savings account.
  • Lastly, one can enjoy paperless banking without using a deposit slip.

  1.     AU Senior Citizen Savings Account

This savings account is tailored to meet all senior citizens' needs. Senior citizens can earn the highest AU Small Finance Bank savings account interest rate with monthly interest payouts and other additional benefits, including:

  • They can enjoy services from extended banking hours.
  • Avail of a flat 50% discount on locker rentals where they can keep their gold, documents, and other variables in a safe and secure manner.
  • They can earn an additional interest rate of 0.5% on their FD investments.

  1.     AU Digital Savings Account

With AU Small Finance Bank, you can open a savings account promptly with video KYC. To offer a superior and hassle-free banking experience AU Small Finance Bank provides a zero-balance savings account that is effortless, fast and timesaving. Any individuals residing in India aged 18 years and above with all required KYC documents can open digital savings account with AU Small Finance Bank in a simplified way. 

  1.     AU Women Account

This savings account is designed specifically for women who desire to build a financially secure future for their loved ones. This comes with additional benefits and possesses some distinct features:

  • Individuals can enjoy extended banking hours.
  • They can enjoy monthly interest payouts on their hard-earned money.

  1.     AU ABHI Account

In the world of digitalisation, you can open a saving account virtually without any hitch. Apart from being convenient, this bank hosts various benefits.

  • It is a zero-balance saving account.
  • One can enjoy free unlimited IMPS/NEFT/RTGS fund transfers.
  • Enjoy flawless and effortless transactions using a virtual RuPay debit card.

  1.     AU Student Account

For a student, it is crucial to understand the importance of financial stability and develop the habit of following financial discipline. As a student, you can easily open a student’s account. However, to avail of this specific savings account, the educational institution must be affiliated with AU Small Finance Bank. Some other features of this account are:

  • For cash withdrawals, students can get complimentary access to other bank ATMs.
  • They can enjoy high AU Small Finance Bank savings account interest rates and monthly interest payouts.
  • Women also get a RuPay Platinum Debit card, insurance coverage, and other exciting benefits.
  • They can opt for the highest interest-bearing FD to earn guaranteed highest returns.

Apart from this, AU Small Finance Bank also offer other types of savings account, such as:

  • AU Kids Account
  • BSBDA Savings Account
  • AU Institution Account, and 
  • AU NRI Account

Furthermore, to open a savings account with AU Small Finance Bank, you need to provide the following documents.

  • Passport size photograph
  • Employment confirmation certificate or any other employment certificate from HR (appointment letter, salary slips, etc.), in case of salary account
  • Duly filled application form.
  • Proof of identity such as an Aadhaar card, driving license, and Indian or Foreign passport for NRI account.
  • Address proof like telephone bill, driving license, Aadhaar card, and Indian or Overseas address proof for NRI account.

By opening a savings account with AU Small Finance Bank, you can avail of comprehensive services, including a Demat account, asset products, mutual funds, and others. In addition, with a high AU Small Finance Bank savings account interest rate and monthly payouts, you can earn high interest. The accessibility of paperless banking helps you to get a hassle-free and convenient banking experience.

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