YES Bank Savings Account: Features, Types and Interest Rates

A savings account allows you to deposit money and earn interest at fixed rates. Apart from this, savings account also comes with various attractive features and benefits. It offers an array of savings accounts where you can enjoy attractive Yes Bank savings account interest rates. You can access your savings account through its ATMs and branches across the nation.

This blog covers a detailed guide on Yes Bank savings account.

About Yes Bank Savings Account

Yes Bank offers its customers a range of savings accounts with attractive interest rates to meet their banking needs. This bank is currently offering a guaranteed savings account interest rate of 4% on daily savings accounts of up to ₹1 lakh. However, for more than ₹1 lakh to ₹10 lakhs Yes Bank savings account interest rate is 4.25%. On savings account for balance more than ₹10 lakhs and up to ₹1 crore this financial institution offers a 4.75% interest rate and 5% for deposits between ₹1 crore to ₹25 crore.

You can open a savings bank account through two channels- offline and online. So, accordingly, you can choose a savings account that suits your need.

  •         Online Savings Account

A savings bank account inculcates and encourages the habit of savings, especially for salaried employees. Accordingly, helping these customers to cope with the hasty fast-paced life, Yes Bank designed a savings account that can be opened online from the convenience of your home, office or any other location.

Opening a digital savings account is effortless, secure, and fast. This account hosts certain other benefits like exciting boarding offers, virtual debit cards, and attractive interest rates. Here is the list of benefits one can avail of through a digital savings account:

  •       You can open this account instantly via Aadhaar-based eKYC.
  •       You can get a 24*7 online fund transfer facility and bill payment through free IMPS NEFT, RTGS, and UPI facility
  •       Unlimited free transactions at Yes Bank ATMs
  •       You can transfer money straightaway with free IMPS facility
  •       Easy account accessibility anytime, anywhere through digital channels such as Yes ROBOT, Yes Mobile, Yes Online, and WhatsApp banking.
  •       You can open a fully operative or limited account with restricted transactions.
  •       Enjoy exclusive offers on Lockers and Demat account openings.
  • Eligibility: All individuals residing in India can open this savings account with Yes Bank.

You can opt for three types of accounts- Savings Account Pro, Savings Account Pro Plus and Savings Account PRO. 

  • Offline Savings Account

You can open a Yes Bank savings account at the closest branch if you are not comfortable with online account opening. Here is some of the type of savings account:

  1. Smart Salary Advantage Savings Account

This account is designed to meet various banking requirements. Here you can get a wide range of benefits such as:

  • Tax-free interest income of up to ₹10000 on a savings account.
  • Quarterly payout of savings account
  • Enjoy Titanium Debit Card up to a limit of ₹50,000 for daily international and ATM withdrawals.
  • Zero minimum balance requirement.
  • Free Titanium Debit Card with access to 25 million merchants and 1.25 million ATMs across India.

Eligibility Criteria: To open this savings account, you need to provide letterhead confirming that you are an employee or that a particular company has an existing relationship with Yes Bank.

  1. Yes Family

You can open an account for your entire family and link them together, enjoying the flexibility of maintaining the balance. This savings account offers multiple benefits that include:

  • No debit card annual fee from 2nd year onwards.
  • Free-demand draft insurance with defined limits through net banking and branch.
  • You will get a free personalised chequebook at the time of opening this account.
  • You can enjoy free RTGS/NEFT payment through net banking.

Eligibility: All individuals residing in India can open this account.

  1. Yes Honour

It is a customised saving account specially designed for State Government, Central Government, and PSU employees. Employees can get attractive Yes Bank savings account interest rates and premium benefits to make their banking experience hassle-free and convenient.

  • Quarterly payout of savings account.
  • One can enjoy a zero-balance savings account.
  • Get a debit card with purchase, lost card liability protection, and other discounts and offers.
  • Tax-free interest income up to ₹10000 on a savings account.

Eligibility: Any individuals employed with Central and State Government as well as Public Sector Units can avail of this account. 

  1. My First Yes Account

This savings account is made for minors, helping them learn different banking aspects. Here, Yes Bank savings account interest rate can be up to 6.25% p.a. However, some other additional benefits one can get include:

  • Free personalised Under Guardian chequebook.
  • The AQB (Average Quarterly Balance) requirement is ₹2500 only.
  • Parents can set the cash withdrawal limit on debit cards for their children. For instance, they can set a withdrawal limit of ₹2,000 or ₹ 5,000 accordingly.
  • Free NEFT/RTGS payment facility with net banking.

Eligibility Criteria: To open this kind of savings account for your child, they must be below 18 years. However, parents or guardians must hold an account with Yes Bank. In the scenario of the guardians or parents not having a Yes Bank savings account, the bank can open both accounts simultaneously. 

Apart from this, Yes Bank offers other types of savings accounts, such as:

  • Yes First for Women
  • Smart Salary Executive Account
  • Yes Vijay
  • 3 – In – 1 Savings Account, and many more.

To open the savings accounts stated above, you must submit address and identity proof according to bank regulations and have a mobile number linked with your Aadhaar card.

Final Word

Yes Bank savings account is designed for all individuals, including senior citizens, defence personnel, minors and women. You can enjoy the highest Yes Bank savings account interest rate of up to 6.25% p.a. with multiple benefits and greater banking privileges. So choose from a range of exclusive Yes Bank savings account that best suits your banking needs.

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