Tools to power your trades and investments: October 2023


It’s the month of ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup! We’re as excited as you to see our Boys in Blue bring home the mighty cup! While Team India shows its magic on ground, our product team has shown theirs for the month of October on the ground of Upstox for traders and investors. 


What’s new on Upstox Pro for Traders? Let’s begin with some major updates.

⚙️Affordable Options 

We understand that every trader has a unique risk appetite and budget. That's why we've introduced Affordable Options, offering two budget-friendly categories:

  • Options ₹5000: These are ideal for budget-conscious traders, this category offers a curated selection of Index and Stock options, each priced at  ₹5000 or less per contract. It's the perfect way to enter the world of options trading without a significant financial commitment.
  • Options ₹10,000: If you have a bit more flexibility in your trading budget, this category is designed just for you. Explore a diverse range of Index and Stock options, all priced at  ₹10,000 or less per contract.

Remember that none of these options contracts are recommendatory in nature. Always do your research, consider your financial situation, and trade responsibly.


⚙️Basket Order (Web)

Trade smarter with Upstox's basket orders feature now available on our Pro Web platform! Execute up to 20 orders for multiple stocks, futures, or options in a single go and enjoy multiple benefits. To create a basket order on Upstox, give the basket a name; select the stocks, futures, or options you want to add and specify details like price, quantity, and order type. Once you've added all your orders, confirm to place the order to send them to the exchange for execution.


⚙️Open positions on Option Chain 

Traders can now see their active positions on the Option Chain itself and can exit or add to their positions without having to go to a separate Orders Tab. It is truly the only option you’ll ever need!


While minor updates may seem, well, minor! We at Upstox believe in having an eye for detail. So here are some minor updates that are good to know!


⚙️Pro Learn - A dedicated learning section where you can upskill via webinars, courses, and more! This feature is also available on ‘Upstox for Investors’. Learn. Trade or Invest. Repeat.

⚙️Faster matching of GTT by TBT - GTT price matching engine now reads LTP from Tick-by-Tick data which is the most accurate compared to Snapshot data. Chances of missing a trigger are now negibile.

⚙️New indicators on ChartIQ (android) - We’ve released 4 most asked indicators on Chart IQ:

  • Central Pivot Range (CPR) 
  • RSI Divergence 
  • MACD Divergence 
  • Stochastic RSI 

These indicators are currently available on Android, iOS and Pro web platforms.

⚙️Instant toggle segments on scrip details and order entry - You can now instantly toggle between BSE/ NSE to view LTP and other details of symbols listed in both Exchanges. This will help traders  to make a better trading decision with regards to where to trade.


What’s new on the Upstox for Investors?


⚙️New portfolio section for Gold Investments

Investors will now be able to track their Gold portfolio through a separate section on the homepage. Sovereign Gold Bonds are one of the best ways to invest in gold. They’re Government securities denominated in grams of gold, a great and safe alternative to holding physical gold.


⚙️Events Calendar 

The Events Calendar will help you keep a track of recently declared and upcoming results and corporate actions such as dividends, stock splits, bonus, rights issue. Easily filter events related to your portfolio/following list. 

For some of the events, you’ll find actionable content such as news related to the event. 

For corporate actions, you’ll be able to find all the important information related to the event such as the last date to buy the stock to be eligible for the dividend, dividend value etc.


⚙️Wealth Tracker for Stocks

With our Wealth Tracker, you can now track your Stock investments with other brokers on the Upstox app. This will help you keep a track of all your investments on one app! 


⚙️Stock charts 

We’ve introduced Candlestick charts to better track your prices on the Invest mode! 


With all these powerful tools now in your hands, our aim is to enhance your experience and make investing and trading a lot more intuitive and wholesome!


What more would you like us to add to Upstox Pro? Tell us on our Community

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