Tools to power your trades and investments: August 2023


Oppenheimer and Barbie aren’t the only BIG releases everyone’s talking about, Upstox has also released some pretty BIG features. And like always, we can’t wait to share them with you!

Let’s begin with what’s new on ‘Upstox for Traders’....

⚙️Basket Orders

Trade smarter with Upstox's basket orders feature: execute up to 20 orders for multiple stocks, futures, or options in a single go and enjoy multiple benefits:

  • Create and Save baskets with up to 20 orders, incorporating stocks, futures, options, currencies, and commodities across any segments.
  • Easily clone, modify, or delete orders within the basket as per your preferences.
  • Gain insights into live basket positions through in-depth P&L analysis.
  • Execute and track the real-time status of orders within your baskets, ensuring optimal control and convenience in your trading activities
  • No extra charges for creating a basket

How to create a basket order on Upstox?

To create a basket order on Upstox, you need to give the basket a name; select the stocks, futures, or options you want to add and specify details like price, quantity, and order type. Once you've added all your orders, confirm to place the order to send them to the exchange for execution.


⚙️BSE Sensex F&O Trading

Ready to take your F&O trades to the next level? In addition to trading in NSE’s NIFTY 50, BANK NIFTY and FIN NIFTY, you can now trade in BSE’s SENSEX on Upstox. With smaller lot sizes and expiry day on Fridays, BSE’s F&O Index contracts are an exciting proposition. Read more.


⚙️Bulk Order Cancellation 

Enhance your trading experience and save time by selecting and cancelling all open orders in just one click. Say goodbye to the hassle and effortlessly cancel orders with ease.


⚙️DDPI (Demat Debit and Pledge Instruction)

Tired of entering TPINs and OTPs to sell shares from your Demat account? Enable DDPI on Upstox. DDPI is an agreement where you allow us to facilitate the transfer of shares in your account. It’s meant for hassle-free transfer of shares. It’s a complete digital process, so no paperwork. It gives you greater control over your investments when you want to sell them! 

How to enable DDPI? 

P.S - You will be charged a one-time activation fee of ₹150 to enable DDPI on Upstox


⚙️ FII & DII Data
Now track FII (Foreign Institutional Investors) and DII (Domestic Institutional Investors) participation in the cash and F&O markets easily from our ‘Discover’ section. As FII and DII participation significantly influences market movements, by studying this data you can  make informed trading and investment decisions.


⚙️GTT on web
You asked for our GTT (Good-Till-Triggered) order type on and we’ve got it for you! Easily place GTT trades in Equity, F&O, Commodity and Currency segments along with a Stop-Loss and Profit Target feature. With GTT you can predefine your entry and exit in advance and your order will remain valid till expiry or 365 days.


⚙️Quick fixes, bug improvements, and smaller updates
We know even the smallest changes can have the biggest impact. And that’s why we’re constantly improving our app for you. Don’t miss these smaller tweaks:

  • SL orders can be modified to limit and vice versa
  • Improvements in order entries displayed on the app
  • Order Slicing now for our iOS folks too!


And it’s not just raining feature, after feature for Upstox for Traders, we’ve covered Upstox for Investors too. So as you SIP on some chai in this amazing weather, read our power-packed August Product Update for Investors too!

(The Upstox for Investor mode is a magically simplified investment experience for our customers. To switch to that mode go to Account → Enable Upstox for Investors)


⚙️Wealth Tracker
Now effortlessly sync your external Mutual Fund investments and bank accounts on Upstox and stay on top of your wealth.


⚙️365 Day Validity Limit Orders
Interested in buying or selling a stock but waiting for it to reach a certain price? With Limit orders you can pre-define your buy or sell price and once the stock reaches that price your order will be placed automatically. No need to track prices everyday or keep track of the markets, your order will be valid for 365 days!

⚙️ Improved Following Section & Holdings Tab  (Only on Android)
Just like how your favourite social media platforms allow you to see who you’re ‘Following’, Upstox lets you see which Stocks you’re following with key metrics on their performance. These metrics include Current Value, 52 week high/low, historical data and more.

Similarly, we’ve even improved the Holdings tab with these metrics - Current Value, Invested Value, Absolute Change, Day Change, % change to help you track your investments smartly!

Both these sections also have a filtering icon to help you manage these tabs better and sort through key data metrics easily.

⚙️Improved Stock SIPs
Start. Stop. Restart your Stock SIPs easily, set up an AutoSIP and view a detailed breakdown of your SIP order history!


That’s all for August, folks! We hope you enjoyed reading our updates 🙏


In case you missed out on our previous blog, here you go - July Product Updates


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