Tools to power your trades and investments: April 2024


It’s a Happy New [Financial] Year 🥳 We hope that the new FY will be even more exciting for all the traders and investors out there. On that note, we are excited to bring you the new features for the month of April.

💜 Latest releases for Investors:

Personal Loans
Your cash crunch can now be resolved with hassle-free personal loans. We have added personal loans on Upstox that are collateral-free and get approved in just 5 minutes!


💜 And now, we're excited to announce our upcoming release:

Life, Health and General Insurance
Discover personalised insurance products tailored to suit your needs and budget, including Life, Health, and General insurance and secure your future.

Fixed Deposits 

We are bringing a wide range of Fixed Deposit options with different tenures, interest rates, lock-in periods, lenders and risk profiles. You will be able to access everything about Fixed Deposits in a simplified manner and start investing without a new bank account.

Goal-based Investing

Be it your dream to explore the world or to retire early, planning for life goals will soon be much easier. We are bringing Goal-based Investing for a convenient and measurable way of tracking your goals.

Wealth Score

Soon, you will be able to find out if your finances including -  investments, tax savings, insurance, emergencies are in order. You will also get solutions on how you can stay on top of your finances at all times.


💜 Major updates for Traders:

Continuous Futures (Pro Web + TradingView)

Futures analysis is now seamless with Continuous Futures contracts. Linking individual futures with varying expiry dates, they help in analysing long-term trends and eliminate the need to switch between contracts.


💜 Minor updates for traders:

Trailing Stop-Loss (iOS and Pro Web)

Stop-Loss that dynamically adjusts with the market is now available on iOS and Upstox Pro Web. You can place either a regular order with Trailing Stop-Loss or a GTT Trailing Stop-Loss order valid till execution.


Heatmap for FINNIFTY & MIDCAP NIFTY Futures (Pro Web)

Heatmaps for these indices are also added on Upstox Pro Web to help you understand how different stocks are performing relative to each other.



👉If you’re using old Upstox app (blue): The new features are only available on the new Upstox app. Once you download the new app, login with your registered mobile number → Go to ‘Accounts’ tab at the bottom of the screen →Switch the toggle button to ‘Upstox Pro’ from the top of the screen.
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👉 If you’re already using new Upstox app (purple): Directly go to ‘Accounts’ tab at the bottom of the screen. Switch the toggle button to ‘Upstox Pro’ from the top of the screen.
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