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RKSV NEST Trader platform


Over the weekend, we have uploaded new videos on our trading platform. For those of you who are not aware, RKSV has free trading software (called NEST) on your phone, tablet, and desktop (PC). The desktop version is, by far, the most powerful software that we offer. Outside of being able to buy and sell stocks, you can also create some advanced charts and plot beautiful indicators.

Our first set of videos are going to go over the basics. Take a look at these to learn how you can trade with NEST Trader. We will upload more videos in the coming future.

Placing an order on NEST
Viewing your margin limits
Converting positions between Intraday and Delivery

Full Playlist: on Youtube

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2 responses to “Learn about RKSV NEST Trader platform

  1. Hi,

    I opened my trading account with Upstox just couple of months ago.

    Since day 1, I am facing issue while logging-in into the trading platforms from my office network.

    I have tried all three platforms – web portal, NEST software and mobile application.

    After entering 2-factor password on web portal and mobile application, I get “session expired” message and auto logout happens. Whereas, the NEST software doesn’t start at all and gives the following error: “NEST Initialization Failed for Interactive Engine: <>”

    Also, the remote login application ‘Ammyy’, also does not work on my office network. So, literally I can’t get support from the technical support team on call. Instead, they insist me to send a mail in this regard, as lot of people has complained this and the technical R&D team has to look into it.

    I will urge the top-level technical management to look into this issue. Lot of your customers, like me, are office going and works from 9 to 5 at office. This is the same timings for trading in the stock markets of India. If I can’t access your platforms during this time, then there is no use of opening account with you. I can easily switch to other brokers, whose platform I can use for trading on office network. And yes, other broker’s platforms do work on our office network (I don’t want to take the names). So, there is some issue with your protocol/network security, because of which it is not able to go through our office network.

    Mr. Shriniwas Vishwanath sir, please fix the issue asap.


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