What is NEST Trader - Trading Software Platform & Charges

What is NEST Trader?

NEST trader is a trading software where orders are placed for buying/selling of listed shares on the exchange. These days all trading software offer similar features; however, a few of these features are only available on NEST.

Let’s go over some of these features.

Basic Features of NEST Trader

  1. Semi-Auto Trading is available through here with the help of AmiBroker or Ninja Trader
  2. It has a feature to run real-time time data by exporting it to excel.
  3. It can be operated from any part of the world!
  4. NEST plus provides a plugin to use charts. This is a free tool but NEST Plus also has various paid packages which includes technical and news based features. These features can be executed on the platform.

What else is available?

It also gives the customer the ability to check how much SPAN margin is available for NFO Expiry contracts by giving the customer the calculation required to check the margin. This facility is greatly beneficial for those who want to check on how much is initial margin is required on a real time basis for positional and intraday trades.
Another tool that it offers are VWAP statistics. These statistics help fetch the minute by minute OHLC with the value weighted average prices.
NEST Trader also allows you to open Option chains where Calls and Puts of a single script with all possible strike prices for a single expiry can be seen visible on a single screen. Buys and Sells of options are directly possible through this option chain.
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