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We're proud to announce that RKSV has taken a giant leap forward and is now Upstox.

Mutual Funds: Now available for free on Upstox

Traders – we’re excited to announce the launch of our ¬†Upstox MF platform. You can now buy mutual funds at no cost with your Upstox account as long as you have a Demat account with us.

Benefits of investing in Mutual Funds

MFs offer a wide variety of advantages over traditional stocks. Let’s list out a few of them here.

Built in Diversification

Spread your wealth across many asset classes without much work. Composed of many securities, MFs naturally come with less risk than stocks. Therefore, it protects you from a large loss arising from a single stock.

Managed by professionals

Leave the hard work of picking the right mix of stocks to the experts. Fund managers work day and night to select the best stocks for each fund. Additionally, they have research teams helping them identify new opportunities. Focus on selecting the right MF that helps you achieve your goals.

Why you should invest in Mutual Funds with Upstox

  • No paperwork required

    Investing in mutual funds is easy if you already have a Demat account with us. A separate MF account has already been created for you at no cost. In addition to your Securities account, you can also deposit money towards your MF account. If you don’t have an Upstox account yet, get a free account ¬†today without printing or signing a form.

  • Over 2000 MFs to choose from

    Take your pick. Select equity funds if you’re looking for growth. Or tax saving schemes that keep more money in your pocket. There are also sector wise funds that target areas such as IT, Banks, Pharma.

  • Invest for Free

    Because investing should be free and accessible for everyone. There are no brokerage charges for investing with Upstox. In addition to zero brokerage for delivery trades, there are no charges to buying any mutual fund with Upstox.

So start building wealth today by investing with the Upstox MF platform!

  • Amit

    MFs offered on Upstox platform would be “Direct” option or “Regular” option?

    • Shrini Viswanath

      Hey Amit,

      We’re routing through a distributor for v1. You could still save money as there’s no monthly fee. Our technology talks directly with the exchange without any middle-men. Removing the distributor is not a difficult task and can be done quite easily.

      • Parag Jain

        So you are offering Mutual funds Regular plan ?

        • Shrini Viswanath

          Yes we do

  • Jayakumar J

    Unable to submit the consent form after logging in.

    • Shrini Viswanath

      Hi Mr Jayakumar,

      Can you send your UCC ID to support@rksv.in and we’ll take a look?

  • Harish

    There should not be saprate space to add money before investing. Mf investment should be linked to trading ledger as I can use money as margin after selling mf or I could buy mf from money laying in trading ledger

    • Shrini Viswanath

      Got your suggestion, will work on it to see what we can do.

  • Krishna Murti

    When You Will Launch Direct Mutual Funds in all Scheme.

    • Shrini Viswanath

      Hey Krishna,

      Looking to do it soon. Will launch SIPs soon

  • pgradadia

    I have purchased tax saving mutual fund using your application. But upstox support nor mutual fund application has any way to get tax saving statement. when contacted support they give different excuse that amc will provide that statement or you can use demat account statement. And support not even give the timeline by which i can get statement. Unfortunately if this is the situation, i regret my decision on putting trust on upstox and probably if i have to invest my money using mutual fund then i have to choose some other way.

    • Shrini Viswanath

      Will get it done by Monday afternoon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      • pgradadia

        Thanks. finally i received it. Will it going forward remain similar process to get statement or i will able to get it from upstox application ? I understand it is beta product and this may not be in your priority.

    • Shyam

      We have sent the statement to your registered email. Please check

      • pgradadia

        nope i have not received yet

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