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April 2014 Updates

RKSV logo
Our new logo

It has been a hectic month at RKSV as we try to push out new updates. First and foremost, we have rebranded our entire design and site. When we started off in 2009, our focus had been on proprietary trading. As we enter the middle of 2014, our focus has shifted squarely to investor trading and servicing retail clients. We needed a new look that identifies with the work that we do and the investors that we work for. A new logo reinvigorates our commitment to work with customers across the country and help them with any needs related to the financial markets. Our new website is completely mobile friendly and comes packed with never before seen trading tools.

TradeAcademy  - Improving Investor Awareness and Spreading Education

At RKSV, we believe that every Indian should have an opportunity to participate in the markets. Starting today, we hope to do our part in pushing that initiative by introducing free trading. For every investor across India, we are now promoting the new RKSV Dream Plan which includes 5 free trades every month. For the person who isn't sure whether investing in the stock market is for them but wants to give it some effort, this can be a great cost-effective way to learn. Statistics show that less than 15 million people invest in the stock markets in India. 15 million equates to about 2% of the entire population. Compare this to the 50% of the American population that actively invests in the Equity market.

Many may argue that there are problems with our stock market -- insider trading, high volatility, and fickle sentiments are a few examples. But the truth is, a lot of these problems can be solved by investor education and awareness. We have many traders who profitably trade in the markets because they understand how the market works, and use it towards achieving their goals. Our most successful investors walk in with the mindset that the stock market is a long term investment that requires patience and constant learning. How do we spread this knowledge to everyone in the country? That's the question we are going to try answer with our new initiative TradeAcademy. In the coming months, we are going to launch an education portal centered on investing and stock trading (there's a difference) in India.

Free Trading For Life

Starting today, we will be promoting new pricing plans at RKSV. First, and foremost, we are reducing the cost of trading through our popular low brokerage trading plans. Earlier, it used to be Rs. 25 per order traded. We have now dropped the pricing to Rs. 20 per order traded. The most important update, however, is that we are now offering 5 free trades every month for life. We want to encourage equity participation in India so we won't charge brokerage fees for your first five trades. Yes, they also apply for F&O, Currency, and MCX -- so you can sign up for all possible market segments and still be eligible to use the first five trades. This is our method to tackle high brokerage fees charged by brokers for the average investor.

Pro and Ultimate Plans

We have also introduced new Pro and Ultimate plans for the active trader. Both plans are zero brokerage plans. The Pro Plan offers more margin than the Dream Plan, and the Ultimate Plan offers more margin than the Pro Plan. For the active trader who requires more intraday leverage, this is it. In the future, we will also be offering more features to the Pro and Ultimate Plans to differentiate it from the Dream Plan. Customers, who have signed up before March 31, 2014 will be able to switch to the old Freedom Plans. However, there may be features in the Pro and Ultimate Plans that may not be available on the Freedom Plan.

And more..

We will be launching telephone PIN (TPIN) later this month to help you reach our support team faster. Our back office tool, Keystone has already been refreshed to help you set up your TPIN online.

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