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We're proud to announce that RKSV has taken a giant leap forward and is now Upstox.

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I am an
looking to trade
lots of Nifty with Upstox.
I pay Rs. per lot at my current broker.
looking to trade
shares of Sun Pharma with Upstox.
I pay Rs. paisa brokerage at my current broker.
looking to buy
shares of Idea Cellular with Upstox.
I pay paisa brokerage at my current broker.

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What is delivery trading?

Delivery trading is the same as buying a stock and keeping it for longer than a day. This is the most common practice for any investor. At Upstox, investing in the stock markets is completely free. By removing cost barriers to entering the stock market, we hope to increase investor participation in the markets.

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There are no hidden charges with Upstox

At Upstox, we don't believe in charging the user hidden fees. We believe that you should not be punished for not trading in the markets. Within our agreements, there are no loopholes or clauses that force you to

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Our brokerage calculator is extremely helpful to find out what your break-even point on any trade should be and how much you can earn on your trades.

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