PNB Balance Enquiry Toll Free Number and How to Check

Check PNB Bank Balance by Toll-free Number

1800 180 2223 (Toll-free)

Punjab National Bank Balance Check


The Indian banking industry has flourished since its establishment. Many public and private banks compete fiercely to provide the best financial services and acquire the most significant number of consumers. These days, convenience and attentiveness are paramount. All will love any person or organisation that can give valuable services. Concerning public sector banks, Punjab National Bank needs no introduction. For decades, it has been a reliable source of banking services for Indian citizens.

Bank customers have reported consistently positive experiences. The company routinely introduces new amenities to maintain the interest of its current clients and attract new ones. PNB clients' favourite service is the ability to check their "Account Balance" quickly and easily through several convenient channels. In order to check your PNB account balance, you can use a variety of convenient methods. 

To check your account balance with the Punjab National Bank, please dial the:

All customers of PNB who have provided the bank with a mobile phone number can use the missed call service alert. SMS messages can be sent to the bank's toll-free number, 1800 180 2222, or toll-based number, 1800 103 2222, to obtain information about a customer's account balance. They can add your mobile number to your account if you visit any of their local branches. You can check your account balance as often as you like throughout the day, and there are no limits on the number of calls you can make or the number of calls you miss. The bank has nonetheless permitted 45 minutes between responding to missed calls.

Access Your Punjab National Bank Account Balance Via the Internet:

Through online banking, you can view your current account balance. Here is a detailed breakdown of that procedure:

  • See the Internet Banking Service at Punjab National Bank.
  • Click on the login button.
  • Use your User ID, Password, Debit Card number, or mPIN to enter your Punjab National Bank Net banking account.
  • Once logged in, your Punjab National Bank account balance will be displayed on the main screen.
  • In addition, you can review a summary of your account activity, past transactions, etc.

PNB mobile banking account balance:

PNB offers several mobile apps for checking account balances and conducting various digital banking services and transactions. You may avoid a trip to the bank entirely by using these applications to complete a variety of banking tasks in the convenience of your own home. The PNB mBanking app is available for both iOS and Android. The app allows you to do a variety of banking tasks, such as checking your PNB account balance, requesting a mini statement, and transferring money. PNB mPassbook is a valuable software the bank provides for checking account balances and receiving comprehensive information. This program also allows you to store detailed statements on your mobile device.

To better serve its modern, tech-savvy client, PNB has created and is maintaining an app called PNB MobiEase. Only Android devices can run this software. You can use the app to access SMS Banking, USSD Banking, or Missed Call Banking, among other services. You won't need 4G, WiFi, or any internet connection to use these services on your Android phone.

Accessing your Punjab National Bank account via UPI:

For PNB customers using UPI apps, this is the most convenient and quick way to check your account balance:

  • Get any UPI app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  • Create an account in the app using the mobile number you have on file at the bank.
  • The next step after connecting your accounts is to create a UPI PIN. It functions similarly to an ATM PIN, so generate and maintain track of it.
  • To view your current balance, click the "Check Balance" button on the site. On the prompt, enter the UPI PIN.
  • You should be able to check your account balance. 

PNB Whatsapp Banking:

Whatsapp is a widely-used messaging program primarily for transmitting text messages. You may get the Whatsapp Banking app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Whatsapp banking is now available from Punjab National Bank, allowing customers to quickly access frequently used features like account balance inquiries, mini statements, etc. To check your account balance via Whatsapp, you'll need to add a PNB Whatsapp banking number to your phone's address book.

  • Send a hello message via Whatsapp to the PNB Whatsapp banking number (9264092640) and add us to your contacts!
  • The bank will now attempt to validate your number by emailing you a one-time password.
  • An OTP message containing the OTP must be typed and sent to the specified number.
  • If your identity has been verified, you'll be directed to a menu where you can select options for the service by dialling specific codes.
  • Just dial the number, and your account balance will be displayed on the screen.

How to Check Your Account Balance at a Punjab National Bank ATM:

  • You can use your Punjab National Bank ATM card at any Punjab National Bank ATM.
  • To use, please insert your Punjab National Bank ATM card.
  • Click the "Balance Inquiry/ Balance Check" tab.
  • The ATM screen will display your current balance.
  • A receipt or printout of your account balance is also acceptable.

Use the PNB SMS Balance Check Number for PNB Bank SMS Banking:

Customers with registered mobile numbers can use the Punjab National Bank's SMS banking service. Thanks to this service, you can check your account balance at any time of the day or night. Mini-statement inquiries, self-transfers of funds, checks' current status inquiries, and payments on checks can all be handled using SMS banking. To use this feature, you must have previously registered your mobile phone number at a local location. The bank will bill you for your SMS alert service once every three months.

Send an SMS message with the following structure to check your balance:

  • A 16-digit account number for BAL (with a blank space between the two).
  • Text 5607040 to share your thoughts.
  • For illustration, BAL 016342XXXXXXXXXX

The PNB USSD Code Banking System:

For the most part, USSD Banking gives users basic account information. This service can be used offline without an internet connection. Your mobile carrier is the one facilitating this service for you. These are the instructions for using PNB USSD Banking:

  • Dial *99# from your mobile phone, followed by the call button, to access your registered mobile number.
  • Afterwards, a dialogue box will pop up asking for your bank's PNB short name; once you've entered it, you can click the send button.
  • Just hit the transmit button after entering your MPIN.
  • When the send button is pressed, a menu listing several USSD options appears.
  • There will be an increase in banking options.
  • To send your message, go to Account balance after clicking the send button.
  • Your current bank account balance is being shown.


The Punjab National Bank (PNB) was established in 1894, making it one of India's oldest financial institutions. Its 124 years of service have earned it a level of trust and esteem that will last for millennia. The PNB provides banking services in urban and rural areas and is owned by the government. 

However, Account balance inquiries via mobile banking, UPI, ATM service, missed call banking, and net banking will not incur any fees. However, if you send an SMS, you may be subject to the usual fees associated with such messages.

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