Citibank MMID

  • Do you need to send money on an immediate basis, at an odd hour, and on a holiday?


  • Do you need to send funds quickly, safely, and securely and all you have is a smart device with an internet connection?


  • Do you need to send funds to a beneficiary whose account details are not known to you?

What if all the above unmet needs can be simply addressed by registering your mobile number with your bank account coordinates?

The IMPS ( Immediate Payment Services)

a payment gateway allows you this service. 

Let us explore this concept in detail.

Initiated by NPCI in 2010, the IMPS platform facilitates the electronic movement of funds from one bank to another within India.

You can carry out your financial transactions in real-time, 24*7, safely, securely, and economically through this platform which can be accessed through Mobile, Internet, ATM, or  SMS mode.

To carry out a fund movement via IMPS gateway you either require:

  • MMID code and mobile number of the transacting parties or
  • Account details and beneficiary's IFSC code.

Basically, Mobile Money Identifier is a unique random 7- digit code allotted by the banks to their account holders. 

This code along with your updated registered number is linked to your account number. Of this 7-digit code, the first four coordinates represent the identity of the bank which is facilitating the IMPS service.

The person sending the money i.e. the remitter and the person receiving the money i.e. the beneficiary, both have to generate their unique code from their respective banks for the transaction to complete.

Curious to know as to how one generates this code!

Let us take an empirical example of Citibank.

  • To begin with, you need to register for mobile banking services with the bank.
  • All you need to do is to download the application form from the bank's official web portal or net banking portal.
  • Upon registration, you will be allotted a unique code.

Now to make the fund transfer, log in to the app through your phone.

  • Navigate through the menu to locate the 'Send Money/Fund Transfer tab'.
  • Now press the IMPS tab.
  • Type the beneficiary’s or the receiver's mobile coordinates, name, transfer amount, and the receiver's code. 
  • You will now have to provide your Mobile PIN (MPIN) to validate the transfer.
  • Upon verification, the money would be sent to the receiver.
  • You will then receive an SMS from your bank confirming the transfer along with the transaction number details.
  • The receiver's bank would also send an SMS to its account holder informing him/her about the transaction details.


What is the eligibility criteria for using Citibank  IMPS service?

All domestic account holders of Citibank can avail of the IMPS service, provided they have registered their updated mobile number with the bank.

What are the various channels through which I can access IMPS service?

As a Citibank customer, I can access this payment gateway through SMS, Citi mobile, or Citibank online.

What is the maximum daily threshold for transferring funds via MMID code?

The maximum daily fund transfer limit via MMID code for Citibank customers is ₹1000.

Would the fund be transferred immediately to the beneficiary's account?

Yes, this is a real-time electronic fund transfer channel. The payment would reflect in the receiver's account instantly.

In a scenario wherein the sender has typed the wrong mobile number of the beneficiary, will the fund transfer get fulfilled?

In case of an erroneous mobile number most likely the transaction will not get processed.

However, it is extremely important to double-check the receiver's details- mobile number, amount, name, and MMID before executing the transaction.

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