SBI Bank Balance Enquiry Toll Free Number and How to Check

What is the SBI Balance Check Toll-Free Number?

SBI Balance Enquiry Customer Care Number for Missed Call: 09223766666
State Bank of India Balance Enquiry Toll-Free Number: 09223766666

Millions of Indians use the State Bank of India as their primary savings account. The company makes many financial products and services, including credit cards, savings accounts, loans, and more. But it's in everyone's best interest to monitor their savings account balances regularly. Several options exist for checking an SBI account balance. Learn several methods presented here for checking your SBI savings account balance. There are several options, and it's simple to check your balance. This includes online banking, a toll-free number, and sending and receiving text messages and missed calls via phone. This article will examine how you can view your SBI account balance.

1. Check SBI balance using missed call:

With SBI's missed call service, you can check your account balance and get a brief statement anytime. A text message with the information has been sent from the bank. This is helpful if you don't have internet access or your SMS or data plan has run out. Here's how to use the missed call feature to check your SBI balance:

  • First, register your phone number:
  • In order to use SBI's missed call banking service, you must first register your mobile number with your bank account.
  • Please send your REG account number to 09223766666 through text message.
  • Whether or not your phone number was successfully added, you will receive a confirmation message through text message.

Upon verification, the service will be activated for your use. Unless you want to go through the hassle of visiting your Branch to change your phone number, you should do it online.

2. Please dial the toll-free number:

If you cannot use the online banking service, you can always phone the toll-free number to get your account balance. To check your bank account balance, dial 1800-1234 and follow the voice prompts. Keep in mind that you can only use this service from the cellphone number you have on file.

3. SMS Service for Checking Your SBI Account Balance:

Customers of the State Bank of India (SBI) can sign up for the SMS service by providing their mobile phone number and then using that number to get an instant balance update on their SBI account. Please see below for details on how to sign up for the same.

To register your account, please message REG (space) Account Number to 9223766666.

The SBI will confirm your mobile number by sending an SMS to it. Mini statements, requests for new chequebooks, electronic statements, interest certificates for student and home loans, and more can all be generated via the SBI's SMS service.

4. Through mobile banking:

You can view your account balance from your mobile device if you have signed up for SBI's mobile banking service. It is necessary to install the bank's mobile banking app to use the mobile banking service. Choose "Enquiry services" from the "Main Menu" after you have logged in. Choose "Balance Enquiry" from the "Enquiry Services" menu, then pick the account from which you want to see the balance and enter the associated MPIN. Select "Confirm" from the menu that appears. You'll receive a message displaying your account's balance as you specify.

5. Checking Your SBI Card Balance:

Credit card customers with an SBI account can utilize the SMS service to get account details such as their current amount and payment due date. You can get information about your account by sending a text message to 5676791, including your credit and cash limits, the status of your last payment, a summary of your reward points, the option to sign up for electronic statements, and the ability to request a duplicate statement. Be sure to send an SMS in the format BAL XXXX to check your balance.


SMS Format

Balance enquiry


Available credit and cash limit


Block your lost or stolen card


Last payment status


Reward point summary


Subscribe to e-statement


Request for duplicate statement


(Statement Month in MM)

6. Checking Your SBI Account Balance Online:

Registered users of SBI net banking can access their accounts with the appropriate login credentials and use various financial services, including balance inquiries. You can do so much more than see your account balance by following these steps:

  • In order to access your online banking with SBI, please visit the login page and enter your user id and password.
  • After signing in, navigate to the "Account" tab to view your current balance and other account information. Money lent, money transferred, and other financial specifics.

7. You Can Check Your SBI Account Balance at Any ATM:

If you have an account with SBI, you can access your funds at any SBI ATM by following these instructions and using your SBI ATM/debit card:

  • Put in your SBI card at the ATM.
  • Access your bank account using the PIN you selected (4 digits).
  • Select the option "Balance Enquiry."
  • Verify your remaining balance and complete the transaction.

You can view the most recent ten transactions by selecting the "Mini Statement" option. Additionally, receipts detailing the previous ten transactions can be printed. You can use an ATM from any financial bank to see your balance. Remember that RBI has set a cap on fee-free withdrawals you can make using your ATM card. The bank also counts checking your balance as a transaction. Any further withdrawals will incur a fee when your monthly allotment of free withdrawals is used up. Remember that the limit applies to all ATM use, not only those from SBI. It is suggested to check SBI Balance online for this reason. All other transactions, including cash withdrawals, PIN generating, etc., exclusively utilize SBI ATMs. The SBI bank balance check number will provide access to your account balance, or you can check it online. Customers with an account with SBI will find these to be both economical and convenient.

8. Enquire About Your SBI Account Balance Using Your SBI Passbook:

  • When customers open an account at the State Bank of India, they are given a passbook.
  • Maintaining an accurate passbook that reflects all customer transactions is the responsibility of each customer.
  • Customers can verify their balances and view recent credit and debit transactions by visiting a branch and requesting an updated passbook.
  • People are still behind the technological curve in banking, and many have yet to master mobile or online banking. This service is, therefore, still offered by the bank.

9. Enquire SBI USSD Number for Checking Account Balance:

The SBI account balance can be checked using USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data). Here's what you need to do:

  • Send an SMS with the word "MBSREG" to the number (092) 223-4000 or (567676) to begin the registration process. In the SMS sent to your verified mobile number, your User ID and the default MPIN will be included.
  • Dial *595# and choose the appropriate menu item after entering your User ID.
  • You should select Option 1 by pressing the "Answer" button. Click "balance inquiry" to see your current SBI account balance and "mini statement" to see the most recent transactions.
  • After entering the MPIN, click the "Send" button.


Checking your account balance frequently will help you detect any unwanted activity on your account before it causes severe damage. Your monthly statement is another excellent tool for budgeting and keeping tabs on your spending. You may design a budget each month if you monitor your spending, savings, and balance. In addition, none of those above-mentioned SBI services incur fees for account balance inquiries. However, there is a monthly cap on free transactions that can be made outside of financial transactions using the ATM service.

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