Canara Bank Passbook: Download, Application, Login, Statement, & Online

A bank passbook is a physical notebook that holds information related to all banking transactions including elements like credits, debits, loans, and many more. Every bank in India provides a passbook to its customers to help them keep track of their accounts. But with the evolution of technology, many banks today also offer a digitalised version of the passbook. 

For customers of Canara Bank, Canara Bank passbook is also available in a digitalised version that you can access through the bank's mobile application. To know more about the Canara passbook, scroll down and read on further. 

What is Canara Bank Passbook?

A passbook is a traditional method of keeping track of your transactions. It provides precise information about how much amount is debited or credited and where you have spent all of your money, etc. While opening an account with Canara Bank, this financial institution will offer a banking kit that includes a passbook, debit card, chequebook, and other banking credentials.

Different components that are available in a Canara Bank passbook include:

  •       Name of the bank, its address, MICR code, IFSC code, branch address, and date of opening the account.
  •       Also, it includes the account holder's name, contact number, address, customer ID, and account type.

However, Canara Bank offers customers a digital mPassbook, which eliminates the need to visit the bank branch. It permits you to view the passbook from the comfort of your home or anywhere you prefer. This type of passbook is automatically updated whenever a transaction is completed.

How to View Canara Bank Passbook Online?

To view Canara Bank Passbook, you have to install the Canara e-Infobook app on your smart device. If you are wondering how to view the passbook using this online application, here is a step-by-step guide to follow.

Step 1: After installing the Canara e-Infobook app, available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, enter your registered mobile number for validation.

Step 2: Now accept the terms and conditions and proceed.

Step 3: Thereafter, enter your account number and choose the offline mode, to get access without a login PIN. Then, press the registration button.

Step 4: After that, you will receive an OTP on the registered mobile number. Enter the OTP to complete the registration process. 

Step 5: Enter a 5-digit login passcode and select ‘Change’. You can also log in to the Canara e-Infobook app by entering the 4-digit MPIN to view the account details and transactions.

Features of Canara Bank Passbook Application or mPassbook

Canara Bank ePassbook or mPassbook do not involve any complicated process. It is easy and convenient to use. Here is the list of major features of this passbook:

  •       It is a concise form of a physical passbook where you can find details of all account types like savings, recurring, fixed deposits and loans. 
  •       In this application, transactions are available in the bundled format where all account details and transactions are updated automatically.
  •       For the registration process, you need to first perform an OTP authentication to a registered mobile number.
  •       Through this app, you can get branch information with the ability to share by SMS/WhatsApp. It also includes details of the branch holiday. 
  •       You get an opportunity to get all loan account information and it also comes with an option to generate statements.
  •       It comes with an option of maintaining personal ledger(s) and adding personalised remarks for transactions.
  •       Unlike other banking apps, Canara Bank e-Passbook offers offline functionality. This means the app will function to some extent without any network connection or with a flaky connection.
  •       It comes with improved in-built security through Face ID /MPIN/Fingerprint lock.
  •       You can create personal expense heads, and mark passbook entries.

Advantages of Using Online Canara Bank Passbook

Here are some of the benefits of using the Canara Bank e-Passbook

  •       Aids to Track Income and Expenses

With Canara Bank mPassbook, you can track income and expenses from the convenience of your home. Moreover, with prior knowledge about your expenses and revenue, you can manage your costs better. 

  •       Real-time Update

It comes with an automatic update feature. In case of performing any transaction, you will immediately receive a notification alert. This kind of feature is comparatively useful in contrast to traditional passbooks. A traditional passbook requires you to visit the bank to update your spending or transactions.

  •       Ease of Access and Usability

Canara Bank mPassbook comes with a user-friendly interface and is readily available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You can access it anytime and anywhere, all you need to do is complete the registration process with a registered mobile number and enjoy the freedom to access it whenever and wherever you want.

  •       Tagging

It comes with a feature of tagging. With the help of this feature, you can mark the cost incurred on a specific day. You can track and review information about the purpose of spending money at a specific place and time. In this manner, you can track how much you spend each month on particular needs. Accordingly, you can estimate your costs, helping you to plan your finances beforehand. 

Final Word

With the availability of various major features, you do not have to visit the bank branch to keep track of your account activities. With the mPassbook service, you don't have to wait in a long queue every month to update your passbook. Simply access this digitalized Canara Bank passbook on your smartphone and get hassle-free banking services at any time.

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