Bank of India Mobile Banking & How to Activate: Login, Registration, & App

The introduction of digitisation has completely transformed the way banks operate today. Digitalising most banking operations has made banking hassle-free. In this regard, Bank of India mobile banking service facilitates various banking services including, fund transfer, checking balance, etc., without visiting the bank branch or ATM. The Bank of India mobile banking possesses various features that will make banking hassle-free and convenient.

If you want to know how to avail of this service conveniently and execute all your financial operations, please read on. 

Features of Mobile Banking In Bank of India

Bank of India offers different banking services through numerous mobile apps, and each of them has unique features. This includes BOI mobile BOI BHIM Aadhaar, BOI Credit Control, BOI Billpay, BHIM BOI UPI and BOI Card Shield. Now let's consider a brief list of features that BOI mobile banking possesses.

  •       BOI mobile banking enables you to download the passbook in the application. Through the mPassbook facility, you can download a statement copy of the bank account in a PDF or any other format without any hitch.
  •       By making it simple to keep track of the balance of the deposit account, BOI has gone a step further. Through the Bank of India mobile banking service, you can easily check the account, anytime and anywhere.
  •       BOI mobile banking facility has made life easier for customers by adding the convenience of checking the outstanding amount of the loan. Additionally, one can view all necessary details like the loan amount, the repayment period, and the loan interest rate.

What are the Steps to Register Mobile Banking For Bank of India?

Mobile banking app usually comes with a simple user-friendly interface, which is easy to use. So if you are planning to execute your financial operation through BOI mobile banking, it is imperative to do BOI mobile banking registration. Here is the step-by-step guide to registering for mobile banking.

  1. First, download the BOI mobile application from Apple App Store or Google Play store.
  2. After the application welcomes you, kindly click on the ‘Next’ button and on the redirected page select the ‘Proceed’ option.
  3. Thereafter verify your mobile number and you will receive an SMS for verification.
  4. After clicking on the ‘Proceed’ option create a User ID and set a 6-digit PIN for login and click on the ‘Submit’ option.
  5. Register by clicking on the ‘Funds transfer’ or ‘View only’ option. In the case of the ‘View only’ facility select the customer ID from the drop-down menu.
  6. Thereafter, fill in all details of the debit card and click on the ‘Submit’ option. 
  7. Then, you will receive an OTP on the registered mobile number. Now click on the ‘Verify’ option.
  8. Finally, you can sign in and start using this mobile banking app.

What are the Steps to Use the Bank of India Mobile App?

Mentioned below are the steps for using a Bank of India mobile app that every customer must know:

  1. Simply download the BOI mobile app and start BOI mobile banking registration.
  2. After that, log in to the application, by entering your login credentials such as customer ID or user ID and PIN. You can also log in through your registered mobile number.
  3. After providing all the necessary details click on ‘Login’. Then you can click on the ‘My Account’ option to check your bank account details. You will get brief information about the transaction done, available account balance, statement, etc.
  4. You can accordingly mark the most used transaction details as ‘Favourite’, to get access to a transaction.
  5. Now, click on the ‘mPassbook’ option to obtain your transaction details.
  6. You can also select the ‘Locator’ option to locate the address of the nearest bank branch and ATM.  

Benefits of Bank of India Mobile Banking

With Bank of India mobile banking, you have ready access to a host of banking functions that are offered by the bank. Unlike a bank branch, BOI mobile banking provides access to banking services at all times. Apart from this, you can enjoy other benefits as well. This includes:

  •       With this online application, you can easily locate the nearest ATM and bank branch. You can avail of this feature in an unfamiliar neighbourhood or different city.
  •       Using this banking app you can track all your expenses. This app will enable you to review and manage upcoming spending, more conveniently. Through the auto-payment service, you can easily pay your utility bills, EMIs, and other monthly obligations. Therefore you can avoid late payment fees and keep up with your loan repayments.
  •       A debit card or credit card has its own special features. However, any loss or theft of these cards involves a risk of exposing the bank account details of users. Thankfully with the help of BOI mobile banking, you can easily block the credit card or debit card directly. Upon completion of this action, you will receive a card block confirmation in no time. 

Final Thoughts

Bank of India mobile banking comes in handy as you can access various banking services in just a few clicks at one go. However, for safety purposes, it is necessary to use a banking PIN during each transaction. It is important to keep your ID, password, and PIN safe to safeguard the mobile banking app from any unauthorised access. 

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