Bank of Baroda (BOB) Account Balance Check & How to Check by Number, SMS, & Online

All about Bank of Baroda Account Balance Check

 Bank of Baroda is a well-known name in the financial sector of the country. This bank provides financial services and products to more than 132 million customers across India, making it the fourth-largest nationalised bank in the nation. BoB provides a wide range of services and products, including personal and corporate banking, credit cards, loans, and BOB savings accounts, among others.

If you are a BoB customer looking to learn about Bank of Baroda account balance check then go through the detailed guide below. 

Ways to Check Bank of Baroda Account Balance 

One of the most frequent actions that bank account holders perform is to check their account balances. There are several different reasons for this. The following methods are available to Bank of Baroda customers for checking their account balances:

  1. BOB Internet banking 
  2. Missed Call Balance Check 
  3. SMS Banking
  4. Toll-free number for the BoB Mini Statement and Passbook
  5. Mobile Banking
  6. Checking BoB Balance via ATM

Find out the detailed step-wise guide for the methods, below. 

Check Bank of Baroda Account Balance via Net Banking

You must register to net banking services before using the net banking service. Retail and business net banking customers are the two categories. You need to sign up as a retail user. To sign up for BoB net banking services, follow these steps: 

  1. Download the retail user application form on the Bank of Baroda website. You can also pick one up at the nearby BoB branch.
  2. Fill out the application and sign it. 
  3. Drop the application at the home branch. 
  4. You will receive a net banking username and password on the provided Email ID once your application has been processed.
  5. You need to reset the password to start using the net banking facility. 

Check Bank of Baroda Account Balance via Missed Call 

If you are a customer of the Bank of Baroda, you can use their missed call service. Ring 8468001111 from the registered mobile number to begin. Your account balance will be provided to you by SMS from the bank.

No matter where you are, as a Bank of Baroda customer you can access this free service to check the account balance at any time. You can use this missed call service to check the balance of any of these Bank of Baroda accounts:

  •       Savings account 
  •       Cash Credit Account 
  •       Overdraft Account 
  •       Current Account 

Customers of Bank of Baroda can use this service up to 3 times daily. 

Check Bank of Baroda Account Balance via SMS Banking

BoB provides a number of services through its SMS banking facility. You can get mini statements, chequebook details, and more in addition to balance checking through SMS facility. You can perform Bank of Baroda balance check by following the instructions below:

  1. You should enter “BAL <space>” the last 4 digits of your account number.
  2. Send the message to 8422009988.
  3. You will receive an SMS with the latest account information. 
  4. You should send the SMS via the phone number registered with the bank. 

If your phone number hasn't been registered, you'll need to go to the local branch and fill out an application to get the phone number linked to your account.

Check Bank of Baroda Account Balance via Mini Statement

You can check the account's most recent five transactions by looking at a mini statement. The Bank of Baroda mini statement can be accessed in one of two convenient ways:

  •       Put the debit card into the ATM slot at any bank's or BoB's ATM that is nearby. Your mini statement will print after you choose the mini statement option and enter the 4-digit PIN.


  •       Text MINI <space> the last four digits of the account number to 8468001122 from your registered phone number.

Check Bank of Baroda Account Balance via Mobile Banking

The Bank of Baroda M-Connect app has been upgraded and replaced by the World Mobile Banking app. The new app offers customers a wider range of capabilities and a more aesthetically pleasing interface.

You can link your savings account, PPF account, cash credit account, current account, and overdraft account using the program.

You can also check your account balance, download account statements, transfer funds between your accounts, and make third-party payments.

Check Bank of Baroda Account Balance via ATM 

You can go to a nearby ATM to check your Bank of Baroda balance. Insert the debit card that is linked with your account, select ‘Balance Check’ and you will be able to see the available balance.

How is Bank of Baroda Account Balance Check Useful? 

Here are some benefits and why you should check Bank of Baroda account balance

  •       You get free access to this service.
  •       You have the option of checking your Bank of Baroda balance offline or online.
  •       You can keep count of each transaction that has taken place in your account.
  •       It is easier to detect and report any errors with your account balance, financial fraud, and other problems.

Final Word 

You can do your Bank of Baroda account balance check through any of the methods discussed in the above sections. If you need any further assistance, feel free to reach out to customer care or visit the nearest BoB branch. 

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