• Are Options for You?

    Should you or shouldn’t you….trade in Options? Here’s a handy checklist to help you stack up the pros and cons before you take a ‘call’. Read this before you ’put’ your money on options. (Also find a roadmap to this course).

  • Why you should consider opting for Options?

    Did you know, you can predetermine your profit and loss by using Options strategies? There are many more benefits to trading with Options. This chapter lists them all.

  • What is a Call Option?

    Read all about Call Options which give you the right, but not the obligation, to buy an underlying security at a predefined price on a certain date.

  • What is a Put Option?

    Did you know a Put Option increases in value as the value of its underlying asset decreases! Read all about Put Options here.

  • What does going long mean?

    Super confident in your analysis of how a stock or index will move? Then, profit from it by ‘going long’ on it. Read all about ‘going long’ in this chapter.

  • What does going short mean?

    Can you sell something you do not have at the moment? With options, you can! That is the essence of ‘going short’ which is currently the hero of many movies and shows. Read all about ‘going short’ here.

  • How Options can give you an edge in trade?

    Did you know you can use Options to hedge against any losses in your equity portfolio? Yes, options is the ‘secret sauce’ that most pro traders use. Read this chapter to explore how you can use Options to give your trade an ‘edge’.

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